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Ashoka the Great (2001) - A Review of the Historical Epic

Sinopsis Film: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

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Set in ancient India, 'Ashoka the Great' portrays the life of one of India's greatest rulers, Emperor Ashoka. Released in 2001, the movie stars popular Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan as Ashoka. The movie focuses on the period between Ashoka's rise to power and his conversion to Buddhism.

The movie begins with a young Ashoka, who is the son of Emperor Bindusara. Ashoka is initially dismissed as a weakling, but he proves his worth as a warrior in a battle against a neighbouring kingdom. The movie depicts Ashoka's romance with Kaurwaki, a princess from Kalinga.

The movie takes a turn when Ashoka invades Kalinga. The war leaves a deep impact on him, and he converts to Buddhism. The rest of the movie revolves around Ashoka's attempts to spread Buddhism and his efforts to build a peaceful empire.

The movie features beautiful sets, costumes, and music. Shah Rukh Khan delivers an excellent performance as Ashoka, and he is supported by a talented ensemble cast. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences upon its release.

Overall, 'Ashoka the Great' is a well-made historical drama that offers a window into India's rich cultural and historical heritage.

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Ashoka the Great movie poster

The Cast Members

Ashoka the Great, released in 2001, is a Hindi film based on the life of the Indian emperor Ashoka. Shah Rukh Khan, who is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood, played the role of Ashoka. Kareena Kapoor, who is equally famous, portrayed the character of Kaurwaki, a princess who falls in love with Ashoka. Other prominent cast members include Danny Denzongpa, Rahul Dev, and Hrishitaa Bhatt, who played supporting roles.

The Crew

The movie was directed by Santosh Sivan, a celebrated filmmaker who is known for his unique style of storytelling. The cinematography was done by the director himself, and he received critical acclaim for his work. The music of the movie was composed by Anu Malik, who has given many hit songs to the Bollywood industry. The songs of the film, especially the ones like "Raat Ka Nasha" and "Aa Tayar Hoja", were very popular among the audiences.

The Plot

The movie tells the story of the life of Emperor Ashoka, who ruled India from 273 BC to 232 BC. It portrays his transformation from a fierce warrior to a peace-loving leader who promotes Buddhism. The film portrays a conflicted character who struggles with the consequences of his actions and tries to redeem himself. The plot is set against the backdrop of the Kalinga war, which is considered as one of the bloodiest battles in ancient history.

In conclusion, Ashoka the Great is a must-watch film for those who enjoy epic dramas. The movie is notable for its outstanding performances by the cast, breathtaking cinematography, and soulful music. Moreover, the story of Ashoka is timeless and still relevant in the present era.

Pendapat dan Review Penonton: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Movie Review

Ashoka the Great (2001) is an Indian epic historical drama film based on the life of Emperor Ashoka. The movie was directed and co-written by Santosh Sivan and stars Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. As a content writer and movie enthusiast, I have watched Ashoka the Great and here is my review.

The Plot

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The movie starts with the story of young Ashoka, who is raised as a prince but faces several challenges along the way. After becoming the Emperor, he leads a bloody reign of terror and conquest until he is forced to see the wisdom of Buddhism. The storyline is gripping and goes beyond an ordinary historical drama, with a strong emphasis on political power-play, spirituality, and personal transformation.

The Actors

Shah Rukh Khan is a notable actor in the Indian film industry, and he does justice to his role as Ashoka. He portrays the pain, struggle, and transformation of the Emperor convincingly. Apart from him, Kareena Kapoor and Ajith Kumar deliver outstanding performances, making the movie a treat for Bollywood lovers.

The Music

The movie's soundtrack was composed by Anu Malik and combines Indian classical and contemporary music. The songs complement the plot and enhance the emotional quotient of the movie. The track "Raat Ka Nasha" is a popular one among Indian audiences and was nominated for various awards.

In a nutshell, Ashoka the Great is a movie that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. It successfully captured the life of Emperor Ashoka and portrayed his journey of personal and political transformation. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves historical dramas, spirituality, and good acting.

Analysis of Story and Plot: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Ashoka the Great

Ashoka the Great is a historical drama film released in 2001, directed and written by Santosh Sivan. The movie is based on the life of Emperor Ashoka, who ruled the Maurya Dynasty from 268 to 232 BCE. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

The movie is set in the 3rd century BCE and follows the journey of young Ashoka, played by Shah Rukh Khan, as he transforms from a warrior to a monk and ultimately becomes one of the greatest and most compassionate emperors in India's history. The story also focuses on his love interest, Kaurwaki, played by Kareena Kapoor Khan, and his relationship with his mother, Queen Subhadrangi, played by Shweta Menon.

The plot of the movie is engaging and well-written. The film explores various subplots, which add depth and complexity to the story, such as the rivalry between Ashoka and his half-brother, Susima, and the intrigue and betrayal within the Maurya dynasty. The story also highlights the philosophical teachings of Buddhism and their impact on Ashoka's life.

The direction and cinematography of the movie are excellent, with breathtaking scenery and beautiful costumes that transport the viewer back to ancient India. The performances of the actors are noteworthy, particularly Shah Rukh Khan, who delivers a compelling portrayal of Ashoka's transformation. However, the film's pacing is uneven, and some scenes feel rushed while others linger for too long.

In conclusion, Ashoka the Great is a well-crafted historical drama that offers an insightful portrayal of one of India's greatest rulers. However, it is not without its flaws, and the pacing issues may deter some viewers. Overall, it is a movie worth watching for its engaging plot and stunning visuals.

Keunikan Visual dan Efek Khusus: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Visual Effects of Ashoka the Great

If you're looking for a Bollywood movie that boasts not only interesting visuals but also fantastic special effects, then you must check out Ashoka the Great. Released in 2001, this epic historical drama set during the reign of the Maurya Empire dazzles with its elaborate production design and captivating cinematography.

One unique aspect of this film's visual appeal lies in its incorporation of ancient Indian art and architecture. The use of sculptures, murals and intricate carvings on set pieces and costumes bring the ancient world to life. The attention to detail is clear in the beautiful depiction of Ashoka's palace, the bustling city, and the stunning landscapes throughout the movie.

Moreover, the film features cutting-edge special effects particularly in the war scenes. The battle in the climax uses CGI to recreate the army of thousands with precision. There are also some innovative slow-motion sequences and stunning visuals of nature. The combination of unique art styles and special effects adds a modernity to this ancient tale and brings a fresh perspective.

Overall, Ashoka the Great weaves together fascinating storytelling with impressive craftsmanship. The film is a treat for the eyes, transporting the viewer to an era of grandeur and valor.

Pesan Moral atau Tema yang Disampaikan: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Movie Review Ashoka the Great

Ashoka the Great is a 2001 Bollywood historical drama movie. The movie is based on the life of King Ashoka and his reign over the Maurya Dynasty. It depicts the transformation of the young and arrogant emperor into a wise and kind-hearted ruler after he sees the devastating effects of the Kalinga War. The movie tries to convey several moral and ethical values that are relevant even today.

Theme of the Movie

The primary theme of the movie is the transformation of an individual from an arrogant, selfish and power-hungry person into a compassionate, wise and empathetic leader. The character of King Ashoka is the epitome of this transformation. The movie highlights the importance of compassion and empathy in leadership. It also portrays that peace and harmony can only be achieved through non-violence.

Moral Values Depicted in the Movie

The movie depicts several moral values that are relevant even today. The first and foremost is the importance of empathy. King Ashoka transforms into a compassionate and empathetic leader after he realizes the gravity of his actions during the Kalinga War. The movie also highlights the importance of non-violence. King Ashoka's adoption of Buddhism and his preaching of non-violence as the way of life shows the significance of peaceful coexistence among people of diverse backgrounds.

The Relevance of the Movie in Today's Context

The movie is relevant even today, as it highlights that peace can only be achieved through non-violence. In today's world too, there is a need for compassion, empathy and peaceful coexistence. The movie also urges us to break the shackles of power and arrogance and transform ourselves into better human beings.

In conclusion, Ashoka the Great is a movie that highlights the importance of compassion, empathy, and non-violence in leadership. These values are still relevant today, and the movie urges us to adopt them. The transformation of King Ashoka is an example that shows that change is possible, and anyone can become a better human being.

Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Ashoka the Great movie poster


Ashoka the Great is a 2001 Indian epic historical drama film that depicts the life of Emperor Ashoka, who ruled India from 304 BC to 232 BC. The film was directed and co-written by Santosh Sivan and stars Shah Rukh Khan as Ashoka. The movie tells the story of Ashoka's rise to power and his transformation from a ruthless conqueror to a peaceful ruler after his conversion to Buddhism.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that the makers of the film built an entire city of Ashoka's era for the shoot? It was built over a period of six months and cost over five million dollars. The film was shot for almost two years across various locations in India, including the Himalayas.

The film was released in India and around the world in many languages, including English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. The movie was a commercial success and won several awards, including the National Film Award for Best Art Direction.

Overall, Ashoka the Great is a must-watch movie for anyone interested in Indian history and culture. It's a beautifully crafted film with excellent performances and stunning visuals. Whether you're a history buff or just looking for a good story, Ashoka the Great is definitely worth your time.

Perkembangan Karakter dalam Film: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Perkembangan Karakter dalam Film: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Ashoka the Great (2001) is a Bollywood movie directed by Santosh Sivan. The movie is based on the historical story of King Ashoka, who ruled India from 273 BC to 232 BC. It is a story of how Ashoka transforms from a ruthless king to a peace-loving ruler after witnessing the devastation caused by his own conquering armies. The movie is an excellent example of how a character development can drive a storyline.

Character Development

The character of Ashoka is played by Shah Rukh Khan, who delivers an outstanding performance. In the beginning, Ashoka is shown as a cruel and ambitious warrior who wants to conquer the world. However, after falling in love with Kaurwaki, a Princess from Kalinga, his priorities start to change. The turning point comes when Ashoka realizes the true cost of his conquests after brutally defeating the Kalinga army. The sheer number of casualties, the sight of dead bodies, and the cries of the survivors leave a deep impact on Ashoka's psyche.

Impact of Character Development on Storyline

The change in Ashoka's character is the driving force behind the storyline. It is his transformation from a conqueror to a propagator of peace that makes the movie so poignant. The character development is done so effectively that viewers can actually feel the pain and guilt that Ashoka goes through. The emotional scenes where he is struggling with himself to find inner peace are truly heart-wrenching.

In conclusion, Ashoka the Great is a masterpiece that showcases the power of character development. It teaches us that no matter how ambitious or ruthless a person may be, there is always room for change. The movie delivers a powerful message that echoes through time and is relevant even today. If you're looking for a movie that has a solid storyline, excellent acting, and a strong message, then Ashoka the Great should be on your watchlist.

Musik dan Soundtrack: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Movie Review

The Film and Its Music

In 2001, the historical epic film "Ashoka the Great" was released, which tells the story of the Indian emperor Ashoka and his journey towards Buddhism. The film, directed by Santosh Sivan, received critical acclaim for its attention to detail, stunning visuals and performances. The soundtrack of this film was composed by Anu Malik, and it excels in giving life to the film.

The Soundtrack

The music of the film is a perfect blend of traditional Indian and modern orchestration. The opening song "Raat Ka Nasha" is a melodious duet that simply mesmerizes the listeners. The song "Thare Rahiyo" is another beautiful composition, with its heart-warming lyrics and soulful melody. The film's title track "Ashoka Theme" adds to the overall grandeur of the film. The music captures the essence of the story and the emotions of the characters. It is one of the highlights of the film.

The Verdict

Overall, the music and soundtrack of "Ashoka the Great" complement the film perfectly. Anu Malik brilliantly captures the essence of the story and conveys the emotions through his melodies and orchestrations. The music is memorable and elevates the viewing experience. "Ashoka the Great" is a historical masterpiece, and the music adds an extra layer of excellence to it.

In conclusion, the music and soundtrack of "Ashoka the Great" are exceptional. The film is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates historical epics and beautiful compositions.

Pengaruh Film pada Industri Film dan Masyarakat: Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

Pengaruh Film pada Industri Film dan Masyarakat Reviews Movie Ashoka the Great (2001)

The Film's Impact on the Industry

The film industry is continually evolving, and the impact of a movie, including Ashoka the Great, on its producers, cast, and crew is significant. This biographical adventure film by Santosh Sivan, produced by Shahrukh Khan, stars Shahrukh Khan himself along with Kareena Kapoor in leading roles. The film reflects on Emperor Ashoka's life and the Kalinga War. Its visuals and locations, cinematography, and VFX were stunning and received critical acclaim. The film's success opened the door for greater investment in Indian films that lead to more significant business growth for the industry.

The Film's Impact on Society

The impact of the film on society is equally important. The film's storyline and depiction of Emperor Ashoka's transformation from a ruthless ruler to a spiritual leader had a profound impact on viewers. It promoted the message of unity and peace across different religions and cultures. Moreover, the film created awareness of the life and contribution of Emperor Ashoka to Indian history and culture, influencing the younger generations. It promotes the growth of nationalism and a feeling of pride in one's heritage, which is critical in today's globalized world.

The Bottom Line

Ashoka the Great was a game-changer in Indian cinema, and its impact is still relevant today. The movie's impact on the industry and society is testament to the power of cinema in influencing people's thoughts, emotions, and perspectives. Its portrayal of history and art inspired many. The film helped take Indian cinema to new heights and set the bar for future films to be produced. It remains a classic and is recommended to anyone who is looking for a well-made film with a message.

Ashoka the Great (2001) Movie Review: A Masterpiece of Indian History

Ashoka the Great is an Indian historical drama film that depicts the life story of Emperor Ashoka, who ruled India during the Maurya dynasty. The film takes the viewers on a journey back in time, where they witness the rise of one of the most powerful leaders of all time.

The director, Santosh Sivan, has done an amazing job in bringing Ashoka's story to life on the big screen. The movie is a visual masterpiece, filled with stunning cinematography, elaborate costumes, and intricate sets. The actors, led by the charismatic Shah Rukh Khan, deliver unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

What makes this movie truly special is its ability to capture the spirit of ancient India and its culture. It sheds light on the social, political, and religious aspects of Indian society during that period, making it not only an entertaining film but also an educational experience.

If you're a fan of historical dramas or are simply looking for an engaging and inspiring story, Ashoka the Great is a must-watch movie. It's a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll and leave you feeling both enlightened and entertained.

So, do yourself a favor and give Ashoka the Great a chance. You won't regret it!

Thank you for reading this review. Please share this with your friends and family to spread the word about this amazing movie. Until next time, goodbye!

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