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Review of Austenland: A Delightful Romantic Comedy

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Austenland is a 2013 romantic comedy film directed by Jerusha Hess, starring Keri Russell, JJ Feild, and Jennifer Coolidge. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Shannon Hale. It follows the story of Jane, a modern-day woman obsessed with the romantic world of Jane Austen, who decides to spend her life savings on a holiday to Austenland, an immersive Austen-themed resort.


Jane is a 30-something woman who is unsatisfied with her mundane life and single status. She has entirely devoted herself to the world of Jane Austen's books and longs to find her own Mr. Darcy. In an attempt to escape reality, she travels to Austenland, where she is in for a surprise. Her stay in the resort is not entirely what she expected, and her interactions with her fellow guests and the employees make her question what she has wished for her entire life.


Keri Russell delivers an outstanding performance in her role as Jane, and her chemistry with JJ Feild as Henry Nobley, an actor who plays the resort's Mr. Darcy, is palpable. Another standout performance comes from Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Elizabeth Charming, a wealthy guest who is oblivious to the decorum of the Austen era. The supporting cast adds to the humor and charm of the movie.

Overall, Austenland is a delightful romantic comedy that will appeal to Austen fans and anyone who has ever dreamed of finding their own Mr. Darcy. The movie offers a humorous take on the classic themes found in Austen's novels while also offering a reflection on our obsession with romance and the challenge of finding true love in the modern world.

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Austenland Movie

Austenland is a romantic comedy movie that follows the story of Jane Hayes, a single woman obsessed with Mr. Darcy, the character from Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice. She spends her savings on a trip to Austenland, a theme park resort that promises an immersive Jane Austen experience. The movie is directed by Jerusha Hess and was released in 2013.

The lead actress of the movie is Keri Russell, who plays Jane Hayes. Russell is a well-known American actress and has been nominated for multiple awards for her performances. Jennifer Coolidge plays Elizabeth Charming, the obnoxious fellow guest of Jane. Coolidge is also an American actress and has appeared in many popular movies and TV shows.

JJ Feild plays Mr. Henry Nobley, the aloof and charming Mr. Darcy type character who is the love interest of Jane. Feild is a British actor and has appeared in various British dramas and movies. Bret McKenzie plays Martin, the charming and funny groundskeeper who catches Jane's attention. McKenzie is a New Zealand actor, and he is also known as one half of the Grammy-winning musical comedy duo Flight of the Conchords.

The movie's writer and director, Jerusha Hess, also co-wrote Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre with her husband. Austenland is her directorial debut, which she also co-wrote with Shannon Hale, the author of the novel Austenland.

Overall, the cast and crew of Austenland did an excellent job of bringing the novel's story to life on the big screen. The charming performances of the lead actors and the beautiful English countryside scenes are a delight to watch. The movie is perfect for any fans of Jane Austen and romantic comedy movies.

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A Fun and Endearing Romantic Comedy

As a self-proclaimed Jane Austen fan, I was delighted to watch the movie Austenland. I was not disappointed, as it delivered a great mix of humor, romance, and all things Austen. Keri Russell plays a lovable but awkward Jane as she embarks on her Austenland adventure, complete with Regency-era clothing and eager suitors. The supporting cast, including Jane Seymour and JJ Feild, add to the charm of the movie. It's a perfect choice for a cozy night in with your girlfriends or a romantic movie date.

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Austen Fans Will Delight

For a movie that centers around a Jane Austen theme park, Austenland balances the themes of modern-day relationships and the classic romance of Austen's novels. Even with all the comical elements in the movie, it still delivers a heartfelt message about discovering oneself, and love - both in reality and in fiction. Fans of Austens novels might enjoy the movie even more, as it includes nods to Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, among other classics.

Not Perfect, But Still Enjoyable

While Austenland won't go down in history as a cinematic masterpiece, it's still a cute and enjoyable watch. It may not blow you away with its storyline or acting, but it has its heart in the right place and succeeds in entertaining its audience. Plus, it's a refreshing change from some of the more formulaic rom-coms out there.

In summary, Austenland is a fun and charming romantic comedy. Its lightheartedness and nods to Jane Austens novels make it a delightful watch for fans of all ages.

Analysing the Story and Plot of Austenland Movie

Austenland movie review

Austenland is a romantic comedy movie directed by Jerusha Hess and released in 2013. It is based on a novel by Shannon Hale of the same name. The movie is set in England and follows the story of Jane Hayes, a huge fan of Jane Austen, as she visits a theme park that is dedicated to the author's works to find her Mr. Darcy.

The Storyline

The story primarily focuses on Jane Hayes, who is in her thirties and is still single. She is infatuated with the idea of finding her perfect romantic partner as portrayed in Austen's novels. She visits Austenland, a park where visitors can experience their own Austen fantasy by dressing like characters from the 19th century and engaging in activities from that era.

Jane soon realizes that the experience is not as seamless as she had hoped. She finds herself stuck between two potential love interests, Mr. Henry Nobley, a brooding and uninterested gentleman, and Martin, a servant. The audience is taken on a journey as Jane discovers what true love is and who her heart really belongs to.

The Plot

The plot of the movie is a classic romantic comedy trope that is well-executed and captivating. The storyline is not overly complex, making it an easy watch. The movie focuses on character development rather than an extensive plotline. The characters are well developed, likable, and have their unique personalities.

Additionally, the film's setting is stunning, and the costume design is beautifully crafted. The theme park setting is well executed and adds a layer of charm to the movie.

Overall, Austenland is a light-hearted romantic comedy that is enjoyable to watch. While it may not have a groundbreaking plot, it does have a well-told story and well-fleshed-out characters. It is a good film to watch if you are in the mood for something easy and uplifting.

Visual Uniqueness and Special Effects: Austenland Movie Reviews

Austenland Movie Reviews

Austenland is a romantic comedy movie directed by Jerusha Hess that takes its viewers on a journey of whimsy and daydreams. The movie follows the story of Jane Hayes (Keri Russell), who is a diehard Jane Austen fan, and her adventure at a Jane Austen theme park in England. Austenland is a movie that boasts of its visual uniqueness and special effects that altogether contribute to creating an immersive experience for the viewers.

The sets, costumes, and visual style of the movie are all exceptionally distinctive. Each shot of Austenland is designed to showcase the opulent, elegant, and luxurious Victorian period, with rich details included in every frame. The vibrant and lush surroundings also make it hard not to be engrossed in the cinema screen.

The special effects of Austenland add to its charm and magic. The movie has a perfect mix of practical and computer-generated effects, which create a seamless experience for the viewers. The visual effects used in the film's end had the exact amount of fantasy and whimsy required to leave the viewers satisfied.

In conclusion, Austenland sets itself apart from numerous romantic comedies with its visual uniqueness and special effects. From the intricate details of the sets and the costumes to the perfect mix of practical and computer-generated effects, the movie offers a charming and immersive experience. Its visuals and effects make it an incredible movie to watch for people who seek to get lost in the fairy tale aspects of life.

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Movie Austenland

A charming film with a message about the importance of authenticity

Austenland is a romantic-comedy film that delivers a subtle but meaningful message about the importance of authentic connections in our lives. The movie follows Jane Hayes, a woman obsessed with the world of Jane Austen novels, as she takes a vacation to an Austen-themed park in England. While there, she meets a range of eccentric characters, including a handsome actor who flirts with her relentlessly.

Throughout the movie, we see Jane grapple with the question of whether the world of Austenland is real or simply an elaborate act put on for tourists. Ultimately, she realizes that she wants something that is genuine and authentic, even if it's less glamorous than the fantasy she had envisioned. This message is reinforced in the film's satisfying conclusion, which sees Jane finally accepting herself and finding love with someone who appreciates her for who she is.

Don't be afraid to embrace your true self

Another important theme in Austenland is the idea of embracing one's true self. Jane struggled with feeling like an outsider due to her love of Austen novels, but over the course of the movie, she learns to celebrate her quirks and interests. This message is an important one for viewers of all ages, as it reminds us that authenticity is a key component of happiness.

Love comes in many forms

Finally, Austenland also provides a message about the many different forms that love can take. While romance is a key theme in the film, we also see examples of the love between friends and family members. This broader definition of love is a refreshing change from many romantic-comedies that focus solely on the leads' romantic relationships.

In conclusion, Austenland is a charming and heartwarming film that delivers several important messages about authenticity, self-acceptance, and the different forms that love can take. Its messages are delivered with subtlety and nuance, making it a must-watch for anyone looking for a lighthearted but meaningful film.

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Movie Austenland

Austenland is a romantic comedy movie that was released in 2013. The film is based on a novel by Shannon Hale with the same title. It is a witty and charming story that takes the audience on a nostalgic trip to the 19th century England. The film received positive reviews from moviegoers and critics alike.

The lead role of Jane Hayes was played by Keri Russell, who is known for her performances in various TV shows and movies. Jane is an ardent fan of Jane Austen and her romantic novels, particularly Pride and Prejudice. She spends her life savings on a trip to a resort in England called Austenland, where she hopes to experience Austen's world firsthand.

The movie's main focus is on Jane's journey as she navigates through the rituals and romance of a period drama, where everyone is dressed in Georgian clothing and speaks in a posh manner. The film had stunning cinematography that captured the beautiful landscapes and manors of England. It also had a great supporting cast, which included Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Seymour.

Overall, Austenland is a fun and light-hearted movie that transports its viewers to a magical world of period romance. The film showcases many of Jane Austen's themes of love, class, and societal expectations, while also being an enjoyable and engaging watch for all audiences. If you love Jane Austen and romantic comedies, then Austenland is definitely worth a watch!

Character Development in Film: Reviews Movie Austenland

Perkembangan Karakter dalam Film Reviews Movie Austenland

One of the most important aspects of a good movie is how the characters develop throughout the film. Austenland, a romantic comedy released in 2013, is a great example of a movie that shows strong character development.

The film follows Jane Hayes, played by Keri Russell, who is obsessed with the works of Jane Austen and desperately wants to find her own Mr. Darcy. She spends her life savings on a trip to a Jane Austen-themed resort in England and finds herself caught up in a love triangle between two very different men.

Throughout the movie, Jane begins to realize that her obsession with finding the perfect romance is causing her to overlook the realities of life. She learns that true love doesn't necessarily come in the form of a perfect, romantic dream but can be found in unexpected places.

The supporting characters in Austenland also undergo significant growth, particularly Jane's rival, Miss Elizabeth Charming. Initially, Miss Charming is portrayed as a shallow and manipulative character, but as the film progresses, it becomes clear that she too is searching for something more meaningful than surface-level perfection.

Overall, Austenland is a fun and charming movie that not only delivers on romance and comedy but also provides a genuine exploration of character growth and development. It's definitely worth a watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming and entertaining film.

Musik dan Soundtrack Reviews Movie Austenland

Musik dan Soundtrack Reviews Movie Austenland

If you're a fan of romantic comedies and enjoy a good British period piece, Austenland is a movie you should check out. One of the standout features of the film is its music and soundtrack. From the very beginning, the music sets the tone and transports you to a different time and place.

The soundtrack is a perfect blend of classical compositions and modern adaptations. It features beautiful pieces by Mozart and Beethoven, as well as contemporary covers of songs by The Bangles and Rick Springfield. The music is used to enhance the romantic tone of the story and bring a sense of nostalgia and longing.

The score, composed by Ilan Eshkeri, is also a highlight. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of the movie and complements the on-screen actions. The sweeping orchestral pieces are majestic and romantic, while the more playful tracks add a sense of whimsy and fun.

Overall, the music and soundtrack of Austenland are a perfect match for the movie's charming and romantic story. They transport you to a different time and place, and add to the overall enjoyment of the film.

Pengaruh Film pada Industri Film dan Masyarakat: Reviews Movie Austenland

Movie Camera

Movies are an essential part of our lives as they not only entertain us but also influence us. They have an enormous impact on the film industry and society. Every year, dozens of movies are released to the public, and some create a great wave of impact on both the industry and people's lives. In this article, we'll review a movie titled Austenland and discuss its impact on the film industry and society.

The Movie: Austenland

Austenland is a romantic comedy film released in 2013. It follows the journey of a woman named Jane who is obsessed with the character Mr. Darcy from the novel Pride and Prejudice. She spends her life savings to go to a Jane Austen-themed resort in England, hoping to find her own Mr. Darcy. The movie features a star-studded cast, including Keri Russell, JJ Feild, and Jennifer Coolidge. The film was directed by Jerusha Hess and produced by Stephenie Meyer.

Impact on the Film Industry

Austenland had a limited release and did not perform exceptionally well at the box office. However, the movie left an impact on the film industry. The film industry saw a rise in the production of romantic comedies based on novels and started to invest more in this genre. Prior to Austenland's release, it was rare to see Hollywood backing low-budget romantic comedies based on novels, but the success of this movie opened up new avenues in the film industry.

Impact on Society

Austenland also left an impact on society. The movie is an ode to Jane Austen's world of romance and etiquette, and it introduced the world to the concept of theme-based resorts. After the release of Austenland, there was a surge in the number of people interested in visiting these theme-based resorts, not just in England but around the globe. The movie also highlighted the importance of following one's passion, no matter how unconventional it may seem, and inspired many individuals to pursue their interests.

In conclusion, Austenland is an entertaining movie that left a lasting impact on the film industry and society. It paved the way for more low-budget romantic comedies based on novels and introduced the concept of theme-based resorts to the world. The movie also emphasized the importance of following one's passion and inspired many individuals to do the same.

Austenland: A Romantic Comedy That Will Make You Believe in Love

Are you tired of the same old romantic comedies that fail to bring forth any emotion or excitement? Look no further than Austenland, a feel-good movie that will have you laughing, swooning and reminiscing of the days gone by.

Austenland is a heartwarming story of a Jane Austen-obsessed woman in her thirties who decides to spend her life savings on a trip to an Austen-themed resort. As she immerses herself in the romantic and charming surroundings of the English countryside estate, she finds herself torn between two gentlemen, leaving her to decipher reality from fantasy.

The delightful performances of Keri Russell and JJ Feild brought levity and depth to the storyline, while also showcasing the magical ambiance and poetic lines of Jane Austen. The impeccable direction and pacing by Jerusha Hess kept the story moving along without feeling static or rushed.

Austenland is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good romantic comedy, but also for those in need of a little escapism from reality. Its a film that reminds us that we are never too old to believe in love and the power of happily ever afters.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and tissues, and indulge in the romance and charm of Austenland. You wont regret it!

Until next time, happy watching!

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