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A Review of Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Introduction Review Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

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Pulling Strings is a light-hearted Mexican-American comedy film directed by Pitipol Ybarra and released in 2013. The movie features a great cast of actors, including Laura Ramsey, Jaime Camil, and Omar Chaparro.

The plot revolves around Rachel, played by Ramsey, a young woman trying to get a visa for a trip to Mexico. She meets Alejandro, played by Camil, who helps her get the visa. They spend the night together, but Rachel disappears the next morning, leaving behind her cellphone.

Alejandro tries to return the phone, but he is mistaken for a kidnapper. The hilarious story unfolds as Alejandro does everything he can to prove his innocence and save Rachel from the real kidnappers.

The movie has a great mix of humor and heart, and the chemistry between the two leads is palpable. The supporting cast of characters, including Chaparro as Alejandro's best friend, adds to the movie's charm.

Pulling Strings is a must-watch for anyone who loves romantic comedies, light-hearted movies, and Mexican-American culture. It is an excellent movie that will have you laughing and rooting for the characters from start to finish.

Plot Summary Review: Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

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Movie Synopsis

Pulling Strings is a romantic-comedy film directed by Pitipol Ybarra, which tells the story of a Mexican Mariachi singer named, Alejandro Fernandez (Jaime Camil) and Rachel (Laura Ramsey), the U.S. Embassy Consul in Mexico City. Alejando tries to schedule a visa interview with the embassy for his daughter but faces a challenge due to his past legal issues. Meanwhile, Rachel is facing her own personal issues and they both meet at a bar. Alejandro sees this as an opportunity to get closer to Rachel to help his daughter get the visa interview with the embassy.

Movie Review

Pulling Strings is an enjoyable and light-hearted movie. It has the perfect balance of humor and drama to keep the audience engaged throughout the story. The plot is predictable, but the exceptional acting by the cast, especially Jaime Camil, Laura Ramsey, and Omar Chaparro, makes up for it. The storyline moves at a perfect pace and keeps the audience entertained from start to finish.

The movie showcases the cultural differences between Mexico and the United States in a subtle and delightful way. The film's soundtrack, which features Mexican Mariachi music blended with English pop songs, adds to the immersive experience of the film.

Overall, Pulling Strings is a charming and feel-good movie that will make you laugh and leave you with a warm heart.

Final Verdict

Pulling Strings is a must-watch movie for anyone who enjoys romantic-comedies or wants to experience the Mexican culture in an entertaining and delightful way. It's a good pick for a movie night with friends and family.

Characters and their Backgrounds Review of Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Pulling Strings movie poster

Pulling Strings (2013) is a romantic comedy film directed by Pedro Pablo Ibarra that tells the story of a Mexican Mariachi, Alejandro, and an American diplomat named Rachel. The film highlights the cultural differences between Mexico and the United States and introduces several characters whose backgrounds play an essential role in the plot.

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Alejandro's character, played by Jaime Camil, is a skilled Mariachi who is trying to obtain a visa to perform in the United States. Alejandro is a single father who is devoted to his daughter and his music career. His character represents the struggles of many Mexican immigrants who have to go through lengthy processes to obtain a visa to enter the US.

Rachel's character, played by Laura Ramsey, is a career-driven American diplomat who is preparing for her upcoming wedding. Rachel's character represents American professionalism and how it differs from the lively and passionate Mexican culture represented by Alejandro.

Additional characters such as Alejandro's friend Canicas, a street performer who dreams of being a famous musician, and Rachel's colleague, Jason, a workaholic who doesn't understand the importance of family, add complexity and diversity to the movie's plotline.

The film's diverse characters allow viewers to gain an understanding of how cultural differences can impact people's lives and how, despite these differences, people can come together to solve problems. Overall, Pulling Strings is an entertaining and heartwarming movie that highlights the importance of cultural understanding and acceptance.

Setting and location Review Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Setting and location Review Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Pulling Strings is a romantic comedy film directed by Pitipol Ybarra, which takes place in Mexico City and tells the story of Alejandro, a mariachi singer, and Rachel, an American diplomat. The movie is an amazing depiction of Mexican culture, and the location chosen for shooting is just perfect. The film showcases Mexico City's scenic beauty, its old architecture, and the colorful street markets of the city.

The stunning visuals make it easy to fall in love with the place and the people. The location is a major contributing factor in making the film a delight to watch. The movie has captured the essence of Mexico City in the best possible way. It beautifully showcases the vibrant city life and the rich cultural heritage of the place.

The scenes shot in Alejandro's neighborhood look authentic, with old buildings and narrow lanes. The film features the Mariachi Plaza, which is a famous spot for mariachi performances, and the costumes worn by the performers are attractive and colorful. The Plaza's portrayal in the movie truly captures the essence of Mariachi music.

The movie also takes the audience to the stunning countryside of Mexico. The lush green forests, beautiful landscapes, and the small towns are shown in their true colors. The scenes shot in Xochimilco, a popular tourist spot famous for its canals, are a delight to watch.

Overall, the location and setting of Pulling Strings give the film its unique identity. The beauty of Mexico City makes it an attractive destination for filmmakers, and it is evident from the movie's stunning shots. It is an excellent blend of humor and romance, and its picturesque locations make it a must-watch for travel buffs.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review: Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Pulling Strings

Pulling Strings is a romantic comedy movie released in 2013. The movie follows the story of Rachel, a young girl attending a party in Mexico when she is robbed. Alejandro, a local mariachi, helps her out and they end up spending the night together. What follows is a cliché, but heart-warming tale of two people from different worlds falling in love. While the acting and plot seem mediocre at best, the cinematography and visual effects in the movie are noteworthy.

The use of colors is vibrant in Pulling Strings. The movie makes great use of the rich Mexican culture and its lively surroundings. The camera work is superb, capturing the essence of the city’s charm, including its iconic buildings and mesmerizing landscapes. The music is well-executed and it perfectly blends with the cinematography, adding to the movie’s overall appeal.

The director deserves praise for using visual effects to enhance the movie’s narrative. There are a few scenes where the use of visual effects really stand out. For instance, during a passionate kiss between the two leads, the camera zooms out to reveal a view of the entire city. This scene is brilliantly crafted, creating an impactful moment in the movie that is both visually stunning and emotionally satisfying.

In conclusion, while Pulling Strings may not be the most innovative romantic comedy out there, it is certainly worth watching for its impressive cinematography and well-executed visual effects. The movie transports the audience to a magical world while also telling a compelling story of love and redemption.

Sound and Music Review of Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Sound and Music Review Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

The Background

Pulling Strings is a charming romantic comedy released in 2013. Directed by Pitipol Ybarra, the movie follows Alejandro, a charming mariachi singer, who falls in love with Rachel, an American diplomat on the verge of taking a new job in New York.

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack features a lively selection of traditional Mexican music and contemporary pop. The Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, one of the most popular mariachi groups in Mexico, recorded most of the instrumental music, while the pop songs were performed by a group of talented Latin American artists.

The Verdict

The music plays a big part in Pulling Strings, helping to set the mood and tone of each scene. The mariachi music, in particular, brings a vibrant and colorful feel to the movie. The pop songs provide a fun and playful contrast to the traditional music, making the soundtrack a perfect blend of old and new.

In conclusion, the music and sound in Pulling Strings brilliantly captures the essence of Mexico and sets the tone for the romantic comedy. Whether you're a fan of mariachi music or not, the infectious rhythms and upbeat melodies will have you tapping your feet and humming along. If you haven't seen Pulling Strings yet, give it a watch and let the music carry you away.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Themes and messages conveyed Review Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Pulling Strings is a romantic-comedy movie that released in 2013. The story focuses on Rachel, an American diplomat who seeks help from Alejandro, a mariachi singer, to help save her job and ensure her daughter gets into a good school. The film is a beautiful blend of romance, music, and comedy with a meaningful message. The movie’s central theme is the culture clash between Mexico and the United States.

One of the significant messages conveyed in Pulling Strings is the idea of cultural differences and acceptance. The film features the characters from different backgrounds coming together and forming relationships despite their culture clash. The story brings to the audience the importance of embracing diversity and respecting cultural differences.

Another message conveyed in the movie is that everything is possible if you have the right attitude and determination. The characters in Pulling Strings demonstrate an unyielding spirit to overcome the challenges that come their way. The movie is a reminder that with determination and positivity, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

The themes in Pulling Strings also revolve around family values and love. The movie portrays how families and relationships can endure obstacles and come out stronger. Furthermore, the film illustrates the importance of following one’s passion and remaining true to oneself.

In conclusion, Pulling Strings is a masterpiece that brings out some crucial messages and themes. The film is not only entertaining but also enlightening. Its themes of cross-cultural understanding, determination, family values, and love make it relevant and relatable to audiences worldwide.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Movie Review

Pulling Strings is a romantic comedy film released in 2013, directed by Pedro Pablo Ibarra. The movie tells the story of a struggling mariachi singer named Alejandro Fernandez who meets a diplomat named Rachel at a Mexico City embassy. The critical reception and reviews for the film were mixed but leaned towards the positive side.

One of the strongest aspects of the film that critics pointed out was the charming on-screen chemistry between the lead actors, Jaime Camil and Laura Ramsey. The Hollywood Reporter described their pairing as "winning" and "charismatic," while Variety praised their "easygoing chemistry."

Another aspect of the film that received praise was its relatable and heartwarming story. Despite its predictable nature, critics noted that the film's heart made it an enjoyable watch. The Chicago Sun-Times called it a "warm and good-looking movie" that "embraces its formula."

However, some reviewers felt that the film's script lacked depth and intelligent humor. The Los Angeles Times stated that it "falls short when it comes to sharp, smart writing," and The New York Times criticized its "formulaic and forgettable" plot.

Overall, Pulling Strings may not be a groundbreaking film, but it delivers an entertaining watch with its endearing story and chemistry between its lead actors. It's a good choice for a light-hearted movie night in.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review: Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review: Pulling Strings (2013) Movie

If you're looking for a comedy with heart, then Pulling Strings is definitely worth watching. Directed by Pitipol Ybarra, the movie tells the story of Rachel (Laura Ramsey), an uptight diplomat who is stuck in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead celebrations. When she loses her passport, she turns to Alejandro (Jaime Camil), a mariachi singer, for help. Despite their vastly different backgrounds, they find themselves drawn to each other.

When it comes to box office performance, Pulling Strings did reasonably well. Produced on a budget of approximately $5 million, it grossed $5.5 million in the US and Mexico combined. While this may not seem like a huge box office success, it's important to remember that romantic comedies, especially those without big-name stars, often have modest box office returns.

As for awards, Pulling Strings was definitely a winner. At the 2014 Imagen Awards, which celebrate positive portrayals of Latinos in entertainment, the movie was nominated for three awards and won two: Best Supporting Actor (Omar Chaparro) and Best Actress (Laura Ramsey). This is a testament to the movie's strength in showcasing Latin American talent both in front of and behind the camera.

Overall, Pulling Strings is a fun, lighthearted movie that is perfect for a movie night with friends. While it may not have shattered box office records, it's clear that it made an impression on audiences and critics alike. With its sweet storyline and talented cast, it's easy to see why it won awards.

Review on Pulling Strings Movie

Pulling Strings Movie Review

Plot Summary

Pulling Strings is a Mexican-American comedy movie that tells the story of a Mexican Mariachi, Alejandro, who falls for a corporate executive from America named Rachel. After spending a night together, Rachel misplaces her phone, causing inconvenience for her professional life, which depends on it. Alejandro decides to help her find it, leading them to embark on a crazy adventure. Along the way, they confront extortionists, corrupt cops, and other unexpected obstacles.

Cinematography and Acting

The movie is visually stunning, showcasing beautiful shots of Mexico City and the colorful Mariachi costumes. The performances are impressive, especially from the lead actors, Jaime Camil as Alejandro and Laura Ramsey as Rachel. Their dynamic and chemistry on-screen provide genuine entertainment and heartfelt moments.

Final Verdict

Overall, Pulling Strings is an enjoyable, light-hearted romantic comedy with an unforgettable soundtrack. It is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends or a date night. The movie's running time of 111 minutes seems perfect, and the pacing keeps the audience engaged throughout. The storyline proves that love knows no bounds and that sometimes all that's needed to solve a problem is a helping hand from an unexpected ally.

In conclusion, Pulling Strings is a movie worth watching for anyone who loves romance, comedy, and music. It offers laughter, heartwarming moments, and a beautiful message of unity between two cultures. So grab some snacks, turn on the subtitles, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Movie Review: Pulling Strings (2013)

If you're in the mood for a lighthearted romantic comedy with a cultural twist, you might want to check out Pulling Strings. This movie, released in 2013, is directed by Pitipol Ybarra and stars Jaime Camil and Laura Ramsey. It's a fun and engaging film that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

The story follows Alejandro (Jaime Camil), a mariachi singer from Mexico City who is trying to obtain a visa to visit his daughter in the United States. When his visa gets denied, he decides to take matters into his own hands and seeks help from Rachel (Laura Ramsey), an embassy employee who recently celebrated her birthday at one of his performances. Rachel reluctantly agrees to assist Alejandro and the two end up spending a magical night together.

The film is full of laughs, awkward situations, and cultural clashes that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The chemistry between Camil and Ramsey is palpable, and they both deliver solid performances. The supporting cast is also great, especially Renata Ybarra who plays Alejandro's daughter.

While Pulling Strings may not be a groundbreaking movie, it's definitely worth a watch if you want to unwind and have a good laugh. The soundtrack is also excellent, featuring a mix of traditional mariachi music and modern pop songs.

In conclusion, Pulling Strings is a charming romantic comedy that will transport you to Mexico City and make you fall in love with its music and culture. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

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