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Review of Mary and Max (2009) Movie

Sinopsis Film: Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie

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Mary and Max is a 2009 stop-motion animated comedy-drama film directed by Adam Elliot. The movie tells the story of an unlikely pen-pal friendship that develops between Mary Daisy Dinkle, a lonely eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max Jerry Horowitz, a middle-aged man with Asperger's Syndrome living in New York City.


The film takes the audience on a heartwarming journey as Mary and Max exchange letters over the course of two decades, sharing their joys, sorrows, and life experiences with each other. Despite living thousands of miles apart and being polar opposites, Mary and Max's friendship grows stronger with each letter.


The characters in the movie are unique and relatable, each with their quirks and flaws. Mary is an innocent and curious child who struggles to fit in with her classmates. Max is a socially awkward man with a love for chocolate and a fear of people. The secondary characters, such as Mary's dysfunctional family and Max's therapist, provide additional depth to the story.

Overall, Mary and Max is a touching and poignant film that explores themes of loneliness, friendship, mental illness, and acceptance. The animation is top-notch, and the voice acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette is excellent. The film is definitely worth watching, especially for those who enjoy quirky and heartfelt stories.

Profil Pemain dan Kru: Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie

Mary and Max (2009)

Mary and Max is an animated movie released in 2009. It was directed by Adam Elliot and produced by Melanie Coombs. The movie is about the unlikely friendship between an eight-year-old girl named Mary and a middle-aged man named Max.

The voice acting in the movie was top-notch. The character of Mary was voiced by Bethany Whitmore while the character of Max was voiced by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The two actors did a great job in bringing their respective characters to life, and their performances were integral to the success of the movie.

The movie was the first full-length feature film by the director, Adam Elliot. Elliot's previous works include award-winning short movies such as Harvie Krumpet and Cousin. Mary and Max was a departure from his previous works, as it was a longer and more complex piece of work.

The animation style used in the movie was unique and added a lot of character to the movie. The characters were depicted as clay figures, which gave them a very distinctive look. The use of color was also very effective in creating a mood and emphasizing certain themes in the movie.

In conclusion, Mary and Max is a must-watch movie for anyone who appreciates great voice acting, unique animation styles, and heartwarming stories about unlikely friendships. The movie was a labor of love for the director and the entire crew, and it shows in the final product. It is a testament to the power of animation in storytelling, and it deserves a place in everyone's movie collection.

Pendapat dan Review Penonton: Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie

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Mary and Max is a 2009 stop-motion animated film directed by Adam Elliot. The movie features the voice talents of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Collette, and Eric Bana. It tells the story of a young Australian girl named Mary who becomes pen pals with a middle-aged man in New York City named Max.

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The movie was heartwarming and beautiful, but it also had some very dark moments. The stop-motion animation was visually stunning and the voice acting was superb. I was pleasantly surprised by how much this movie touched me emotionally. It tackled some heavy topics like mental illness, loneliness, and dysfunctional families, but did so in a very sensitive and touching way.


While the movie was overall very well done, some may find the darker themes to be too heavy for a feel-good movie. It's certainly not a movie for kids, as it deals with adult themes and includes some mature language and content. The slow pace of the story may also be a turn-off for some viewers.

Final Thoughts

Mary and Max is a movie that stays with you long after watching it. It's a beautiful and poignant story about the power of friendship and connection. Although it deals with some heavy themes, there are plenty of heartwarming moments to balance it out. Overall, I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for something unique and emotionally resonant.

Analysis of Story and Plot: Review of Mary and Max (2009) Movie

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Mary and Max is a 2009 stop-motion animated film that tells the story of an eight-year-old Australian girl named Mary who becomes pen pals with a 44-year-old New Yorker man named Max. The movie tackles various themes such as mental illness, loneliness, and the importance of human connection.

The plot of the film is well-structured and flows smoothly from start to finish. The story is narrated by Barry Humphries, who also voices some of the characters in the film. The characters are well-developed and unique, with Max portrayed as an eccentric middle-aged man with Asperger's syndrome and Mary as a curious and imaginative girl who deals with neglect and abandonment.

The film's story deals with complex issues like emotional trauma and mental illness in a sensitive and caring manner. It explores the complexities of human relationships and the importance of empathy and understanding. The film's use of stop-motion animation adds to the surreal tone of the film and allows for creative and imaginative storytelling.

Overall, Mary and Max is a beautifully crafted film that effectively combines humor and heart to tell a touching story about two unlikely pen pals. The film's well-crafted plot, character development, and use of animation make it a must-watch for those who appreciate thought-provoking cinema.

Keunikan Visual dan Efek Khusus: Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie

Mary and Max Movie Poster

Visuals and Animation

Mary and Max, a stop-motion animated film, has a unique visual style with a muted color palette that complements the melancholic tone of the story. The film's creators used tactile materials, such as clay and foam, to bring the characters to life.

Aside from the charming character designs, what stands out is the intricate attention to detail in the sets and props. Each item has a backstory and personality, adding depth to the film's world.

Special Effects

While the film doesn't heavily rely on special effects, it uses them effectively to enhance the story's themes. For example, when Max is experiencing an anxiety attack, the animation becomes more chaotic and frenzied to show his internal turmoil.

The use of lighting is also notable, using shadows and silhouettes to create a somber mood that matches the story's serious themes.

Mary and Max is a visually stunning film with a unique animation style that perfectly complements the story. The subtle use of special effects adds to the overall viewing experience, elevating the film beyond just a simple animated story.

Pesan Moral atau Tema yang Disampaikan Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie Image

Mary and Max (2009) Movie: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship

Mary and Max is a stop-motion animated movie that tells a heartwarming and poignant story of a long-distance friendship between an eight-year-old Australian girl named Mary Daisy Dinkle and a middle-aged New Yorker named Max Jerry Horowitz, who has Asperger's syndrome. The movie explores themes of loneliness, friendship, mental illness, communication, and acceptance.

One of the main themes that the movie tackles is the power of friendship. Mary and Max's friendship may be unconventional, but it is beautiful and inspiring. They support each other through their struggles and provide comfort and companionship despite the distance and their differences. Their friendship shows that age, nationality, and mental health are not barriers to true friendship.

Another theme that the movie highlights is the importance of communication. Both Mary and Max struggle with communicating with others and expressing their feelings and thoughts. However, through their letters, they learn to open up and share their innermost selves, which strengthens their bond. The movie shows that communication is essential in building and maintaining relationships.

Lastly, the movie touches on the issue of mental illness, particularly Asperger's syndrome. Max's character is portrayed realistically and sensitively, showing the challenges that come with living with the condition. The movie sheds light on the struggles of people with mental health issues and emphasizes the importance of acceptance and understanding.

In conclusion, Mary and Max is a touching movie that delivers essential messages on the power of friendship, communication, and acceptance. It teaches us that true friendship knows no boundaries and shows us the beauty of human connection. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates heartwarming stories and memorable characters.

Sejarah dan Fakta Menarik tentang Film: Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie

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Mary and Max adalah film animasi drama hitam yang dirilis pada tahun 2009. Film ini diproduksi di Australia dan disutradarai oleh Adam Elliot. Film ini dipilih sebagai pembuka di Festival Film Animasi Internasional Annecy pada tahun 2009.

Fakta Menarik

Film Mary and Max dibuat melalui teknik stop-motion dengan karakter bertekstur claymation. Film ini memenangkan beberapa penghargaan, termasuk "Best Animated Feature" di Asia Pacific Screen Award dan "Best Animated Feature Film" di Anugerah Film Australia tahun 2009.

Cerita film ini mengikuti hubungan persahabatan antara Mary, seorang gadis berusia delapan tahun dari Australia, dan Max, seorang pria dewasa dengan Asperger yang tinggal di New York City. Film ini juga menyinggung topik-topik kesehatan mental, kesepian, kecanduan, dan persahabatan.

Keunikan dalam film ini juga terletak pada pengisi suara karakternya. Philip Seymour Hoffman, aktor yang sudah dikenal dengan perannya di berbagai film Hollywood, memberikan suaranya untuk karakter Max sementara Toni Collette, aktris asal Australia, memberikan suaranya untuk karakter Mary.

Dalam keseluruhan, Mary and Max adalah film animasi yang menarik dengan tema yang dalam dan diarahkan dengan baik.

Dengan teknik animasi yang penuh kreativitas dan tema yang menggugah hati, Mary and Max menjadikan sebuah karya yang diapresiasi oleh khalayak animasi. Film ini tetap menghibur, walaupun menyinggung topik-topik peka dan sensitif. Buat kalian yang ingin merasakan pengalaman menonton film animasi yang menyentuh, Mary and Max adalah pilihan yang sangat pantas.

Perkembangan Karakter dalam Film: Mary and Max (2009)

Mary and Max

Mary and Max is a 2009 stop-motion animated film written and directed by Adam Elliot. The movie tells the unusual friendship between Mary Dinkle, an eight-year-old girl from Melbourne, Australia, and Max Horowitz, a 44-year-old man with Asperger's syndrome living in New York City. The movie has a slow-paced beginning, but the narrative becomes emotionally and maturely charged as the two characters develop throughout the plot.

Character Development

One of the strengths of Mary and Max is character development, especially how Mary and Max evolve throughout the movie. Mary is presented as a lonely and curious girl who questions why she is different from her peers. Her relationship with Max provides her answers, knowledge, and emotional growth. Mary starts as a naive and innocent girl but matures as she starts dealing with conflicts, betrayal, and loss in her life. Max, on the other hand, is portrayed as a lonely and socially inept adult who finds difficulty in social situations. As their friendship grows, Max transforms from a nervous and isolated character into a compassionate and empathetic individual.


The movie tackles several themes, including mental health, friendship, and loneliness. The relationship between Mary and Max highlights the importance of communication, acceptance, and understanding in cultivating meaningful connections. It also shows how society dictates who is socially acceptable, leaving those who do not meet these expectations isolated and ostracized. Additionally, it highlights the stigma associated with mental health and the challenges individuals with mental illness face.

In conclusion, Mary and Max is a remarkable movie that presents how two isolated individuals develop an unlikely friendship and grow through their interactions. Through great characters, themes, and storytelling, Mary and Max leave a lasting impression on viewers. This movie is a beautiful culmination of artistic expression, human emotion, and social commentary, and it is a must-watch for everyone seeking to experience a unique and poignant film.

Mary and Max (2009): An Exceptional Film with Great Soundtrack

Mary and Max (2009) soundtrack

Mary and Max is a 2009 movie from Australia that tells the story of a young girl, Mary, and her unlikely friendship with an older man named Max, who lives in New York. One of the many remarkable things about this movie is its soundtrack, which perfectly complements the mood of the film. The music is composed by Dale Cornelius, and it's a mix of different genres, ranging from jazz to folk music.

The soundtrack of Mary and Max is one of the best I've ever heard in a movie. It's so good that it can stand alone as a separate work of art. The music adds depth and emotion to the film, making the viewer feel more connected to the story. For example, the use of jazz music in the film's opening sequence perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness and longing that Mary experiences.

One of my favorite things about the soundtrack is the way it incorporates Max's character into the music. For example, the use of the harmonica in several of the songs is a nod to Max's love for the instrument. This attention to detail is what sets the soundtrack of Mary and Max apart from others.

Overall, Mary and Max is an exceptional film, and its soundtrack is a huge part of what makes it so memorable. The music perfectly captures the emotions of the characters and the film's themes, making it one of the best movie soundtracks I've ever heard. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Pengaruh Film pada Industri Film dan Masyarakat: Review Mary and Max (2009) Movie

Mary and Max movie poster

Movies have a significant impact on the film industry as well as society. They can shape our perspective, influence our behaviors, and affect the world around us. In this review, we will talk about the 2009 Australian stop-motion animated film, Mary and Max, and how it showcases the power of film.


Mary and Max tells the story of a pen-pal relationship between an eight-year-old girl, Mary, living in Melbourne, and a middle-aged man, Max, living in New York City. The movie explores themes of loneliness, friendship, mental health, and the importance of human connections.

Cinematic Influences

One of the striking features of Mary and Max is its use of stop-motion animation. The detailed and expressive characters bring the story to life, and the use of muted colors enhances the melancholic tone of the film. The movie pays homage to the 1927 film, Metropolis, with its futuristic cityscapes and industrial themes.

Social Commentary

Mary and Max tackles sensitive and complex topics such as autism, depression, and alcoholism. The movie highlights the struggles of individuals dealing with mental health issues and how they cope with them. It also delves into the societal stigma that surrounds mental health and how it affects the people dealing with it.

Mary and Max is an excellent example of how movies can influence the film industry and society. It showcases how the art of filmmaking can be used to tell compelling stories, raise awareness, and start conversations about critical issues. It's a heartfelt movie that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers and a testament to the power of cinema.

Kesimpulan: Mary and Max (2009) Movie Review

Mary and Max is a heartwarming and thought-provoking movie that deals with important themes like mental health, friendship, and acceptance. The animation style is unique and charming, and the voice acting is superb. The story follows the unlikely friendship between Mary, a young girl from Australia, and Max, an older man with Asperger's Syndrome living in New York City.

The film beautifully explores the struggles that Mary and Max face in their daily lives and how their friendship helps them cope with their unique challenges. The movie showcases the importance of true friendship in our lives, how it can transcend boundaries and create a sense of belonging.

I highly recommend Mary and Max to anyone looking for a movie that combines humor, heart, and important societal issues. The movie is an inspiring masterpiece that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

So go ahead and give Mary and Max a chance, and be prepared to be moved by the beauty of this wonderful movie.

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