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Review of Patrick: Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick: Evil Awakens is the kind of movie that will leave you feeling unsettled long after the credits have rolled. Directed by Mark Hartley, this horror-thriller was released in 2013 and tells the story of a coma patient who suddenly awakens and unleashes a deadly psychic power.

From the beginning, the movie does an excellent job of building suspense. The eerie soundtrack and dimly lit scenes set the perfect tone for what's to come. As the story progresses, we see the once-comatose patient, Patrick (played by Jackson Gallagher), using his newfound power to terrorize the hospital staff and patients.

The performances in this movie are top-notch. Sharni Vinson's portrayal of the lead nurse, Kathy Jacquard, is particularly impressive, as she captures the character's vulnerability and strength with ease. The supporting cast does an excellent job as well, bringing a sense of realism to the story.

The plot of Patrick: Evil Awakens is engaging and unpredictable. While there are moments of gore and violence, the movie relies more on psychological horror to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The ending is satisfying and wraps up the story nicely, leaving no loose ends.

Overall, Patrick: Evil Awakens is a must-watch for fans of the horror genre. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to suspense, thrills, and scares. If you haven't seen this one yet, be sure to add it to your watchlist.

Introduction Review: Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens Movie Poster

If you're a fan of horror films, then the name Patrick Evil Awakens might ring a bell. This 2018 Australian horror movie, directed by Justin Price, tells the story of a young woman named Sarah who inherits an old rural estate from her deceased grandparents. However, the house holds dark secrets and a malevolent spirit named Patrick who is awakened by Sarah's presence.

The film opens with eerie scenes that set up the premise of the story. The sound design is impressive and the music score sets an ominous and unnerving atmosphere. We get introduced to Sarah, played by Becca Hirani, who delivers a convincing performance as the protagonist. It's clear from the start that she is dealing with personal issues and has a troubled past.

As Sarah settles into the old mansion, she realizes that something is off. Unexplainable occurrences start to happen, and she begins to see apparitions of a young boy who later turns out to be Patrick. Along with her boyfriend and a local historian, she sets out to uncover the history behind the haunting and the origins of Patrick's malevolence.

The movie has its share of jump scares, but it's the story and the plot twists that make it engaging. The ending is satisfying and makes for an enjoyable experience overall. While it may not be as well-known as other horror movies, Patrick Evil Awakens is definitely worth a watch for fans of the genre.

In conclusion, Patrick Evil Awakens is a well-crafted horror movie with impressive performances, strong storytelling, and effective scares. It ticks all the boxes for a solid horror flick and delivers an enjoyable ride. Give it a try and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Patrick: Evil Awakens - A Spine-Chilling Horror Flick

Patrick: Evil Awakens - A Spine-Chilling Horror Flick

The Plot

Patrick: Evil Awakens is an Australian horror movie directed by Mark Hartley. The film revolves around a young nurse named Kathy Jacquard who takes up a job at a secluded psychiatric ward. The hospital specializes in comatose patients, and Kathy's task is to look after the titular character, who is in a vegetative state. However, strange things start happening at the facility, and soon the nurse realizes that Patrick has some kind of telekinetic connection with her. Moreover, he is gradually waking up from his coma and exhibiting signs of being possessed by an evil force.

The Review

Fans of the horror genre will love Patrick: Evil Awakens as it is a classic example of a spine-chilling horror flick. Even though the plot may seem predictable at times, the film's eerie atmosphere and excellent cinematography more than make up for it. The director manages to build suspense throughout the movie, and the viewer's mind is always on edge, anticipating what will happen next. The film's special effects are top-notch, especially the scenes where Patrick uses his telekinetic powers to wreak havoc.

The Acting

The cast did a fantastic job, especially Sharni Vinson, who plays the role of Kathy. She portrayed the character with conviction and managed to evoke empathy from the audience. Charles Dance, Rachel Griffiths, and Peta Sergeant also played their parts well, portraying their respective roles in a believable and natural way.

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The Verdict

In conclusion, Patrick Evil Awakens is a movie that is tailor-made for horror fans who love old-school horror with a modern twist. The movie manages to scare the audience without relying on jump scares and excessive gore, making it a must-watch. The stellar acting performances, combined with excellent direction and cinematography, make it a memorable horror movie that will stay with you even after the credits roll.

Characters and their Backgrounds Review Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens is a horror movie that tells the story of a family living in a haunted house. The story's main characters are Jack, Sarah, and their daughter Lili, who move into a new house in a small town. Initially, Jack and Sarah seem like a happy couple, but as the movie progresses, we learn about their turbulent past. Jack is an alcoholic who has lost his job, and Sarah's parents died in a car accident, leaving her with a heavy burden of guilt.

The other important character in the movie is the house itself. It has a dark history, and the previous owner, Patrick, murdered several people inside. As the movie progresses, we see Patrick's spirit start to terrorize the family, causing them to question their sanity.

One of the strengths of the movie is the development of the characters' backgrounds, which helps to create empathy and understanding for their situations. We see the struggles of a family trying to heal from their past traumas while being haunted by a malevolent ghost.

Another strength of the movie is its use of suspense and jump scares. The filmmakers do an excellent job of building tension and keeping the audience on edge throughout the movie.

In conclusion, Patrick Evil Awakens is a well-crafted horror movie that effectively uses its characters and their backgrounds to create an eerie atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you're a fan of horror movies, this is definitely one to add to your watchlist.

Setting and Location Review of Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

If you're in the mood for a horror movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat, then "Patrick Evil Awakens" is the movie for you. The movie, which is set in a remote and abandoned insane asylum, provides the perfect backdrop for a chilling and scary story. In this setting and location review, I will explore how the filmmakers used the location to enhance the story of the movie.

The Setting

The setting of "Patrick Evil Awakens" is an abandoned insane asylum, which is both creepy and unnerving. The filmmakers made excellent use of the location to create an atmosphere of fear and unease. The abandoned building is decaying and twisted, providing the perfect location for a horror movie. As the story progresses, the setting becomes increasingly more sinister, with dark corners and eerie noises.

The Location

The location of the movie is also an important aspect of the overall story. The isolated and remote location of the asylum adds to the overall feeling of fear and helplessness. The characters are trapped in the facility, surrounded by darkness and the unknown. The filmmakers used the location to provide a sense of claustrophobia and isolation, which made the horror elements even more impactful.

The Conclusion

The setting and location of "Patrick Evil Awakens" are both integral to the overall success of the movie. The filmmakers used the abandoned insane asylum to their advantage, creating a creepy and unnerving atmosphere that adds to the tension and suspense of the movie. If you're a fan of horror movies, then you won't want to miss "Patrick Evil Awakens" – it's a chilling and terrifying experience that will leave you wanting more.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Patrick: Evil Awakens Movie

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Patrick: Evil Awakens Movie

The Cinematography and Visual Effects

Patrick: Evil Awakens is not your typical horror movie, as it focuses on an evil force that possesses a coma patient and creates chaos within the hospital walls. The cinematography of the film was outstanding, with the lighting and camera angles effectively denoting the eerie atmosphere. The creative use of close-ups and Dutch angles effectively created tension and highlighted the evil that lurked within the movie's scenes.

When it comes to visual effects, I was amazed at how well they were executed. The movie does not rely on jump scares or blood and gore to create fear within the viewers but on its excellent use of visual effects. The CGI used to create Patrick's supernatural powers was mesmerizing. The use of shadows and blurs gave the character a unique and truly terrifying effect.

The Overall Effect

The combination of great cinematography and visual effects contributed significantly to the film's overall success. They managed to add depth and texture to the storyline and create a thrilling experience for the audience. The movie's audio, combined with the stunning visuals, created a sense of unease and added to the tension, making the film a must-watch for horror lovers.

In conclusion, Patrick: Evil Awakens is a movie that succeeded in its goal of being a chilling horror flick. Its impressive cinematography and stunning visual effects made the movie more terrifying and added to the overall spooky atmosphere of the film. The movie stayed true to its purpose and left no stone unturned to deliver an unforgettable horror experience to the audience. I would highly recommend this movie to any horror fan.

Sound and Music Review of Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Sound and Music Review Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in Patrick Evil Awakens heighten the suspense and horror of the movie. From the creaking doors to the eerie whispers, the audience is kept on the edge of their seats throughout the film. The sound design team did an excellent job of creating an immersive and creepy atmosphere that adds to the overall chilling ambiance of the movie.

The Music Score

The music in Patrick Evil Awakens is haunting and macabre. The movie's composer masterfully blends different musical themes to create a soundscape that evokes feelings of terror and dread. The use of string instruments and electronic sounds adds to the unsettling tone of the film.

The Sound Mixing

The sound mixing in Patrick Evil Awakens is impeccable. The balance of dialogues, sound effects, and music is well-calibrated, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the nuances of the audio. There are moments in the movie where the sound transitions seamlessly from one track to another without any jarring cuts or disruptions.

Overall, the sound and music in Patrick Evil Awakens are excellently executed. The combined efforts of the sound design team and the composer add a dimension of suspense and terror to the movie that enhances the audience's viewing experience. The film's use of seamless sound transitions, haunting music, and immersive sound effects creates a chilling ambiance that elevates the horror genre.

Themes and messages conveyed Review Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens is a horror movie with a thrilling storyline that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats throughout the entire film. The movie explores several themes and messages that are conveyed throughout its duration. One of the main themes present in the movie is the dangers of blind faith. The character Patrick is depicted as a religious fanatic who believes that he has been chosen by God to deliver justice to sinners. This theme highlights the dangers of extreme or misplaced faith and how it can lead to the downfall of an individual.

Another theme in the movie is the concept of redemption. The main character, Eva, is a former drug addict who was given a second chance at life. She is portrayed as a strong and resilient person who is trying to leave her past behind and start afresh. This theme highlights the power of redemption and how anyone can change their life if they are willing to put in the effort.

The movie also touches upon the theme of revenge. The character Patrick is seeking revenge against those who he deems sinful. This theme highlights how revenge, when taken to an extreme, can lead to catastrophic consequences.

In conclusion, Patrick Evil Awakens is a well-crafted horror movie that explores several themes and messages that are relevant to our society today. The movie highlights the dangers of blind faith, the power of redemption, and the perils of seeking revenge. These themes are conveyed through a thrilling storyline that captivates the audience's attention.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens Movie Review

Patrick Evil Awakens is a horror movie that was released in 2019. The movie was directed by Justin Price and starred Robert Amstler, Jeanne Young, and Khu. The movie is about a group of friends who venture into the forest, only to be hunted down by a supernatural force. The movie had a mixed reception from audiences and critics alike.

Some critics praised the movie's visuals, describing them as "stunning" and "visceral." However, many others criticized the movie's weak plot, lack of character development, and poor pacing. Many also felt that the movie relied too heavily on jump scares and predictable horror tropes. Despite these criticisms, some viewers found the movie to be a fun and entertaining horror flick.

Overall, Patrick Evil Awakens is a movie that received mixed reviews from audiences and critics. While it does have some strong visual elements, it falls short in terms of plot and character development. However, if you're a fan of jump scares and supernatural horror, this movie might be worth checking out.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review of "Patrick: Evil Awakens" Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review of Patrick: Evil Awakens Movie

Box Office Performance

"Patrick: Evil Awakens" did not perform well at the box office, grossing only around $1 million worldwide. The film had a limited release and was overshadowed by bigger releases at the time. Despite this, the film did manage to garner some attention due to its unique take on the horror genre.

Awards Won

"Patrick: Evil Awakens" did not receive any major awards, but lead actor Sharni Vinson was praised for her performance in the film. She was nominated for Best Actress at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in 2014, but lost to Vera Farmiga for her role in "The Conjuring." Despite not winning any major awards, the film did receive some recognition for its creepy and unsettling atmosphere.


"Patrick: Evil Awakens" is a horror film that follows a nurse who begins to suspect that the comatose patient she is caring for is communicating with her through supernatural means. The film does a good job of building tension and creating a creepy atmosphere, but it falls short when it comes to character development and plot. The story is fairly predictable and the characters are not very well fleshed out. However, the film's unique take on the horror genre sets it apart from other horror films and makes it worth a watch for fans of the genre.

Overall, "Patrick: Evil Awakens" may not have performed well at the box office and didn't win any major awards, but it's still a decent horror film that offers something different to viewers. It may not be a masterpiece, but it's definitely worth checking out for fans of horror.

Conclusion Review Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

Patrick Evil Awakens Movie Review

Patrick Evil Awakens is a horror movie that presents an interesting concept of a young man who becomes possessed by an ancient evil entity. However, the execution of the film falls flat, failing to live up to its potential.

The movie lacks suspense and fails to establish a creepy atmosphere that should have been present in a horror film. The acting performances are mediocre at best, with the cast failing to convey believable emotions or reactions to the supernatural events that occur throughout the movie.

The plot is predictable and derivative of other horror movies, offering nothing new or fresh to the genre. The scare tactics used in the film feel forced and cliché, failing to elicit any genuine fear or tension from the audience.

Ultimately, Patrick Evil Awakens is a disappointing horror movie that fails to deliver on its intriguing concept. While its premise may have been promising, the execution of the film falls far short, resulting in a lackluster and forgettable viewing experience.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of horror movies, it's probably best to skip Patrick Evil Awakens and opt for a more well-crafted and genuinely scary film.

Review: Patrick Evil Awakens Movie

If you're in the mood for a good horror flick, look no further than Patrick Evil Awakens. This movie had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end, and left me feeling satisfied and thoroughly spooked.

The premise of the movie is simple: a group of friends decide to explore an abandoned hospital, but soon discover that they are not alone. Patrick, a former patient, has returned from the dead and is seeking revenge on anyone who crosses his path.

The characters are well-developed and the acting is top-notch, which makes the audience care about what happens to them. The scares are not cheap jump scares, but rather, are built upon a sense of unease that is woven throughout the entire movie.

The special effects are also impressive, with some truly gruesome scenes that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled. The cinematography is also noteworthy, with creative camera angles and lighting that add to the creepy atmosphere.

All in all, Patrick Evil Awakens is a must-see for any horror fan. It's well-made, genuinely scary, and the story keeps you engaged throughout. So grab some popcorn, turn out the lights, and prepare to be scared.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, happy haunting!

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