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Review of Scorned Movie

Introduction Review Scorned Movie

Scorned Movie

Scorned is a 2013 thriller movie directed by Mark Jones and written by Jonas Talkington. The movie stars AnnaLynne McCord as Sadie, a woman who seeks revenge after discovering her boyfriend's affair with Jennifer, portrayed by Viva Bianca. From the movie trailer, it appears to be a typical thriller movie with a scorned woman doing everything in her power to get revenge. But is it worth watching?

The plot of the movie is predictable and lacks depth. It feels like a typical thriller movie where things happen just for plot convenience. The characters are one-dimensional, and the script does not explore their motivations. The movie tries to incorporate elements of dark humor, but it falls flat, and the jokes feel forced.

Even with its shortcomings, the movie has its strong moments. AnnaLynne McCord's portrayal of Sadie is impressive as she brings out the character's inner turmoil and desperation. Her performance helps to elevate the movie beyond its lacklustre script. The movie also has some well-executed scenes that are suspenseful and thrilling.

Overall, Scorned is not a must-watch movie, but it's not entirely terrible either. It's an average thriller that will satisfy viewers who enjoy the genre. If you're looking for something to pass the time, Scorned may be worth checking out.

Plot Summary Review Scorned Movie

Scorned Movie Poster

Scorned is a thriller movie which was directed by Mark Jones. The movie stars AnnaLynne McCord, Billy Zane, and Viva Bianca. The story follows Sadie, played by McCord, who discovers that her boyfriend Kevin (Zane) has been cheating on her with her best friend Jennifer (Bianca). Seeking revenge for their betrayal, Sadie sets off on a twisted mission to ruin their lives.

The movie starts off with Sadie and Kevin driving to a romantic weekend getaway in a remote lake house. However, things take a turn for the worse when Sadie discovers a message on Kevin's phone from Jennifer. From this point on, the movie takes a dark and twisted turn, as Sadie plots her revenge.

The acting in the movie is superb, with AnnaLynne McCord delivering a chilling performance as the scorned girlfriend. The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish with its suspenseful and unpredictable plot. The movie is not for the faint-hearted, as it contains scenes of violence and torture.

Overall, Scorned is a well-executed thriller movie that keeps you hooked until the very end. If you are a fan of the genre, then Scorned is definitely worth watching. However, if you are easily disturbed by scenes of violence and torture, then this movie may not be for you.

Characters and Their Backgrounds Review Scorned Movie

Characters and Their Backgrounds Review Scorned Movie

Scorned movie is a psychological thriller that takes us through the lives of two unfaithful lovers, Sadie and Kevin, who can't seem to resist their carnal desires. The movie is filled with suspense, drama, and unexpected twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The characters in the movie are complex and well-portrayed, making the story all the more intriguing. In this review, we will take a closer look at the characters and their backgrounds.

Main Body

Sadie is the film's lead character, and she is played convincingly by AnnaLynne McCord. Sadie is a complex character, and her background story plays a major role in her development throughout the movie. When we are first introduced to her, we see a woman who is deeply in love and devoted to her partner. However, as the story unfolds, we learn that Sadie's past experiences have left her with deep emotional scars, which play a major role in her unhealthy behavior towards Kevin.

Kevin, on the other hand, is played by Billy Zane, and he is Sadie's unfaithful partner. Kevin's background story isn't explored in as much detail as Sadie's, but we know that he is a man who is driven by his carnal desires. His inability to resist temptation ultimately leads to the breakdown of his relationship with Sadie.

Overall, Scorned movie is a well-crafted psychological thriller that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. The characters, particularly Sadie, are well-crafted, and their backgrounds play a major role in their development throughout the movie. The movie is well-acted, well-written, and well-directed, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Setting and Location Review of Scorned Movie

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Scorned movie setting and location review

In the thriller movie genre, setting and location play a crucial role in setting the tone and atmosphere of the film. The 2013 movie "Scorned" is no different and has a unique approach to its setting and location that adds to the overall viewing experience.


The movie's primary setting takes place in a luxurious lakefront home in Michigan. Throughout the movie, the audience is given a tour of the house, which provides a sense of isolation and dread that lingers throughout the entire film. The screenplay's decision to base the film's location entirely within the house amplifies the tension and suspense.


Although the setting is limited to the house, the location is crucial to the storyline. The house's location on Lake Michigan not only provides a beautiful view but also plays into the plot's climax. Without revealing too much, the location is crucial to the movie's overall plot, and the filmmakers did an excellent job of utilizing it to its full potential.

The setting and location in "Scorned" are crucial components of the movie's overall success. The lakefront home in Michigan and its isolated location set the tone and atmosphere for the thriller, while the location's significance directly impacts the plot. For fans of the thriller genre, "Scorned" is certainly worth a watch for its effective use of setting and location.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Scorned Movie

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review Scorned Movie

The Cinematography

Scorned is a thrilling movie that is visually stunning and captivating to watch. The cinematography in this film is brilliantly done, with each shot carefully planned and executed to perfection. The use of different camera angles and perspectives helped to build suspense and intensity throughout the movie. It was impressive how the cinematographer was able to capture the emotions of the characters and convey them to the audience through the camera lens. The picture quality and color balance were also top-notch, making the movie a visual delight.

The Visual Effects

The visual effects in Scorned are simply mind-blowing. It is evident that a lot of work went into creating some of the scenes, and the results are fantastic. The use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) was exceptional and blended seamlessly with live-action footage. From the gory scenes to the creative transitions, the visual effects added a level of depth and dimension to the movie that elevated it to another level.

The Combination of Cinematography and Visual Effects

The combination of the stunning cinematography and the exceptional visual effects made Scorned a film to remember. The use of both elements helped to create a unique cinematic experience that was both entertaining and unforgettable. The seamless integration of the two elements added a sense of realism to the movie, making it more believable and engaging for the audience.

In conclusion, the cinematography and visual effects in Scorned are an excellent showcase of the incredible talent in the film industry. From a technical standpoint, the movie is a masterpiece that deserves recognition. The intricate planning and execution of each shot, combined with the stunning visual effects, make Scorned a must-watch movie for fans of the genre.

Sound and Music Review of Scorned Movie

Sound and Music Review Scorned Movie

The Sound and Music Composition

Scorned is a thriller movie that was released in 2013. It is centered on a woman scorned after discovering that her boyfriend is cheating on her with another woman. The movie has a lot of dramatic twists and turns, and one of the elements that helped bring it to life was the sound and music composition. The music complements the movie's mood, with its dark and eerie tunes and thrilling beats. From the start of the movie, the sound composition grips the viewer's attention and keeps them hooked.

The Sound Effects

The movie also has a lot of sound effects that complement the action and mood. The sound design team did an excellent job of creating an immersive experience for the viewers. The gunshots, the shattering of glass, and the screams of pain were all done skillfully, adding to the realism and intensity of the movie. The sound effects were also timed perfectly in sync with the action on the screen, making them all the more impactful.

The Impact of Sound and Music in Scorned

Scorned would not have been complete without the excellent sound and music composition. The elements all come together to create a movie that is not only thrilling but also immersive. The sound and music perfectly complement the action, mood, and story, which immerses the viewer in the cinematic experience. It is an excellent example of how sound and music can add a whole new dimension to movies.

In conclusion, the sound and music in Scorned played a critical role in creating an immersive cinematic experience. The music composition, sound effects, and the integration between the two elements all played a part in creating a thrilling experience for the viewer. Overall, Scorned is a must-watch movie with exceptional cinematic elements.

Themes and messages conveyed in "Scorned" movie

Scorned movie poster

The plot

"Scorned" is a psychological thriller that follows the story of a couple who decide to spend a romantic weekend in a remote house, but things take a dark turn when the woman discovers her partner's infidelity. Throughout the movie, we witness the woman's descent into madness as she seeks revenge on her partner and anyone who dares to come between them.


One of the main themes in this movie is the consequences of infidelity. "Scorned" shows us how one single act of betrayal can trigger a series of events that can culminate in a terrifying outcome. It also explores the theme of mental illness, as we see the main character struggling with her own demons and trying to cope with a reality that is crumbling apart.


The messages conveyed in "Scorned" are clear: cheating is never a good idea, and the price of betrayal can be too high to pay. The movie also tackles the issue of domestic violence, showing us the devastating effects it can have on the victim's mental health and the importance of seeking help when facing abuse.

All in all, "Scorned" is a chilling movie that will certainly leave you with mixed feelings. While it is certainly not for everyone, it effectively conveys its themes and messages through a compelling plot and powerful performances. If you're a fan of psychological thrillers, this one is definitely worth a watch.

Critical Reception and Reviews Review Scorned Movie

Scorned Movie Reviews

Scorned is a 2013 thriller film directed by Mark Jones that received mixed reviews upon its release. The film tells the story of a woman who seeks revenge against her unfaithful lover by torturing him and his new girlfriend. The movie stars AnnaLynne McCord, Billy Zane, and Viva Bianca in leading roles.

Critical Reception

Scorned received negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film currently holds a 15% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 13 reviews. The site's consensus reads, "Not even the campy presence of Billy Zane and wasted opportunities to fully exploit the lurid premise can elevate this tacky, misogynistic thriller." The movie was criticized for its weak screenplay, poor direction, and lackluster performances.


The movie's released was met with scathing reviews from top critics. Mark Olsen of the Los Angeles Times wrote: "Scorned is a dreary, pretentious, and borderline misogynistic revenge thriller that demonstrates how low the straight-to-video market can go." Meanwhile, Jeannette Catsoulis from The New York Times stated that "Scorned is the sort of movie that wants to be edgy and subversive but instead comes across as juvenile and repugnant."

In conclusion, Scorned movie is not worth the time of serious thriller fans who prefer well-written screenplays and quality performances. Despite an interesting premise, the film fails to deliver and falls short of expectations even for a straight-to-DVD production. The negative reviews highlight the problematic use of stereotypical tropes and the lack of originality in the film, ultimately making it a forgettable viewing experience.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review of Scorned Movie

Scorned movie poster

Scorned is an American psychological thriller movie that was released in 2013. The movie is directed by Mark Jones and stars AnnaLynne McCord, Billy Zane, and Viva Bianca in lead roles. While the movie failed to receive favorable reviews from the critics, it did manage to grab some attention at the box office.

The movie opened in a limited release on February 4, 2014, and grossed around $3,500 in its opening weekend. It went on to have a lifetime gross of approximately $14,000 in North America. While the box office numbers may not be impressive, it did earn some recognition in the film festival circuit.

Scorned was nominated for the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards at the Madrid International Film Festival. AnnaLynne McCord, who played the lead role in the movie, won the Best Actress award at the Shockfest Film Festival.

Despite not being a commercial success, the movie did manage to create a buzz with its bold and daring narrative. The performances of AnnaLynne McCord and Billy Zane were praised by some critics and audiences. The movie also has gained a cult following and has become popular among fans of the psychological thriller genre.

In conclusion, while Scorned may not have been a box office hit, it did manage to make a mark in the film festival circuit and earn some recognition for its lead actors. The movie may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it has still managed to build a following among fans of the genre.

Scorned Movie: A Review Conclusion

Scorned Movie Review Conclusion

The movie Scorned is a typical revenge drama that can keep you glued to your seat for most of its running time. The story is pretty engaging and manages to hold your attention for the most part. The climax, however, lacks the punch that it was building up towards, and that can leave some viewers disappointed.

The performances by AnnaLynne McCord and Billy Zane are noteworthy, with McCord displaying amazing range in acting. She portrays an angry and broken character convincingly and captures your attention with her on-screen presence. Zane, on the other hand, does justice to his character and provides the necessary support to McCord's performance.

The cinematography and background score of the movie are on-point and add to the overall experience of the film. The camera work does justice to the story and the setting of the movie.

The movie, however, suffers from a lack of depth when it comes to the main plot. The story seems rushed and could have benefited from some more development in terms of character arcs and relationship dynamics.

Overall, the movie Scorned can be a one-time watch for those who enjoy revenge dramas. It has its moments, but the weak climax and lack of depth in the story could leave some viewers feeling unfulfilled by the end.

Scorned Movie: A Thrilling Ride of Betrayal and Revenge

Looking for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Look no further than Scorned, a gripping thriller that explores the dark and dangerous side of love and betrayal.

The Story

Scorned follows the story of a young woman named Sadie, who discovers that her boyfriend Kevin is cheating on her with her best friend Jennifer. Fueled by rage and a thirst for revenge, Sadie embarks on a mission to make Kevin and Jennifer pay for their betrayal. What follows is a heart-stopping rollercoaster of emotions, as Sadie goes to increasingly extreme lengths to get her revenge.

The story is well-crafted and keeps you guessing until the very end. And while it's not exactly a romantic comedy, there are moments of humor sprinkled throughout that keep things from getting too intense.

The Cast

The real standout in Scorned is AnnaLynne McCord, who plays Sadie with a perfect blend of vulnerability and ferocity. Her portrayal of a woman scorned is both sympathetic and terrifying, and she carries the movie on her capable shoulders. Billy Zane also gives a strong performance as Kevin, and Viva Bianca shines as Jennifer.

The Verdict

All in all, Scorned is a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers. It's well-acted, well-written, and has enough twists and turns to keep you hooked until the very end. So grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and buckle up for a wild ride.

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