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Review of Starred Up (2013) Movie

Review: Starred Up (2013) Movie

Starred Up Movie Review

Starred Up is a 2013 British drama film directed by David Mackenzie. The movie tells the story of a 19-year-old man named Eric Love, played brilliantly by Jack O'Connell. He's a young offender who has been "starred up" to an adult prison where his father, Neville Love (Ben Mendelsohn) is serving time. Eric's youth and his reckless behavior put him at odds with the prison's authorities.

The movie is gritty, tense, and violent, but it's also incredibly compelling and thought-provoking. It doesn't hold back in showing the harsh realities of life in prison and the way that it can break even the toughest of criminals. It's a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Jack O'Connell's performance as Eric Love is truly outstanding, and it's no surprise that this movie helped to launch his career. Ben Mendelsohn is equally impressive as Neville Love, Eric's estranged father who tries to help him survive in the harsh environment of the prison.

All in all, Starred Up is a must-see movie for anyone who loves gritty prison dramas. It's a raw and powerful look at the reality of life behind bars, and it's sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.

Plot Summary Review Starred Up (2013) Movie

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Starred Up is a hard-hitting British drama that follows Eric Love, a troubled young man who is transferred to an adult prison, despite only being 19 years old. The film explores the violence, politics, and psychology of prison life through the eyes of Eric, as he tries to navigate his way through the dangerous and unpredictable environment.

Eric quickly becomes embroiled in the brutal power struggles between the inmates and the guards, but he also forms an unlikely bond with an older inmate named Neville. Through their relationship, Eric begins to understand himself and the world around him in new, profound ways.

The film's performances are outstanding, with Jack O'Connell delivering a powerful and nuanced portrayal of Eric. Ben Mendelsohn is equally impressive as Neville, bringing a depth and complexity to his character that makes him stand out as one of the most compelling figures in the film.

Overall, Starred Up is a gripping and intense drama that is not for the faint of heart. It's a raw and authentic look at the realities of prison life, and the toll it can take on those caught in its grip. If you're a fan of gritty, uncompromising dramas, this film is definitely worth checking out.

Characters and their Backgrounds Review: Starred Up (2013) Movie

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Starred Up (2013) is a gripping movie about a young offender named Eric Love, brilliantly played by Jack O'Connell, who is transferred to an adult prison where his estranged father, Neville Love, is also incarcerated. Eric's volatile behavior causes conflicts with other inmates and prison authorities, making him a target for violence.

The characters in the movie have well-constructed backgrounds that bring depth to their motives and actions. Eric's troubled childhood with a negligent mother and absent father is revealed in flashbacks that explain his anger and emotional instability. Meanwhile, Neville, played by Ben Mendelsohn, is a manipulative and abusive father who uses his connections in the prison to protect himself and control others.

Aside from the father and son duo, the supporting characters in Starred Up are also noteworthy. Rupert Friend brilliantly portrays Oliver Baumer, a volunteer therapist who tries to help Eric deal with his anger and trauma. Meanwhile, Sam Spruell's character, Deputy Governor Haynes, is a complex figure torn between his duty to maintain order in the prison and his empathy towards the inmates.

Overall, Starred Up is a well-acted and intense movie that explores the destructive nature of institutionalization and the importance of human connection. The characters' backgrounds provide essential context to understand the complexity of their personalities and actions throughout the film.

Setting and Location Review Starred Up (2013) Movie

Starred Up Movie Setting and Location

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Starred Up is an intense British drama from 2013 directed by David Mackenzie. The movie is set in a bleak and violent British prison, which is the perfect setting for a suspenseful and gritty story. The location is a men's maximum-security prison located in an undisclosed part of the United Kingdom. The prison is a miserable and violent place where inmates are forced to share small cells and deal with abusive prison staff.

The director did a great job in giving us an authentic sense of the prison environment. The audience can feel the fear and tension of being locked up in a place where violence could erupt at any moment. The setting is dark, grimy, and claustrophobic, which makes it hard for the inmates to cope with their incarceration. The prison walls are layered with graffiti, and the concrete floors are worn out, creating a dank atmosphere.

The location and setting of the movie serve as the perfect backdrop for the nuanced performances of the actors. Jack O'Connell, who plays the lead character, Eric Love, delivers an intense and emotional performance that captures the brutal reality of prison life. The authenticity of the setting supports his raw and visceral portrayal of a troubled young man struggling to survive in a dangerous environment.

In conclusion, the setting and location of Starred Up is an essential element of the movie's success. The grim and oppressive environment creates a sense of realism that enhances the film's emotional impact. The location provides a great backdrop for the actors to deliver their nuanced performances. This movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves gritty dramas set in a realistic and authentic environment.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Starred Up (2013) Movie

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Starred Up is a gritty and raw prison drama that is captivating from start to finish. The cinematography and visual effects in the movie are stunning and beautifully done.

One of the most impressive aspects of the cinematography is the use of lighting. The filmmakers used natural light, which creates a sense of realism and rawness to the movie. The low lighting also adds an ominous feel to the movie, which enhances the tense and daring mood.

Another technique applied in the movie is the use of handheld cameras. The technique adds a sense of urgency and chaos, which helps in creating a compelling portrayal of prison life. The camera movements in Starred Up are not only done with precision, but they also help to tell the story in a visually engaging manner.

In terms of visual effects, the filmmakers didn't rely heavily on it since they focused more on portraying the raw reality of prison life. However, the small amount of visual effects applied in the movie are executed exceptionally well.

Overall, Starred Up impresses and excels in its cinematography and visual effects. It's a compelling and beautiful film that is not only visually stunning but also gritty and raw.

Sound and Music Review Starred Up (2013) Movie

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If there is one thing that can elevate a gritty prison drama to another level, it is a haunting and evocative soundtrack. Luckily, Starred Up (2013) delivers just that with its intense sound design and minimalist score. From the opening scene, you are thrown into the unsettling soundscape of steel doors slamming shut, chains rattling, and prisoners shouting in the corridors. The sound effects and foley work are so well done that you can practically feel the cold, damp walls of the prison closing in around you.

When it comes to the score, the movie takes a less-is-more approach that suits the tone perfectly. Composed by Dickon Hinchliffe, the music is spare and understated, mostly consisting of ominous strings and plucked instruments that create a sense of foreboding and tension. The lack of bombast or melodrama in the score allows the performances and the visuals to speak for themselves, giving them even more emotional weight.

One standout moment in the soundtrack comes during a scene where the protagonist Eric (played by Jack O'Connell) is thrown into solitary confinement. The sound drops out almost completely, leaving nothing but silence and the distant hum of machinery. It is a bold move that pays off brilliantly, as the absence of sound emphasizes the character's isolation and despair in a way that words could not.

Overall, the sound and music of Starred Up are essential elements of its success as a hard-hitting, realistic portrayal of life inside a British prison. They enhance the already stellar performances and direction, and provide a visceral and emotional experience for the viewer. If you are a fan of immersive soundscapes and minimalist scores, this movie is definitely worth a listen.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Review of Starred Up (2013) Movie

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When it comes to showcasing the harsh realities of life in prison, "Starred Up" is a film that chose to be unapologetically raw, violent, and honest that really emphasizes the hardcore and brutal situations within prison walls.

One of the themes conveyed in the movie is the exploration of the relationship between father and son, particularly how it unfolds in the most complex and unusual of circumstances. The protagonist, Eric, played by Jack O'Connell, is shown as a young, violent, and unpredictable individual who has been moved to an adult prison. The situation gets complicated when his biological father, played by Ben Mendelsohn, who is also a career criminal, is also locked up at the same time in the same prison. There is an attempt to reconcile their relationship, but the possibilities of its success are low.

Another theme tackled in the movie is redemption and self-realization. Eric, despite his tough facade, ultimately seeks to change in order to cope with the harsh realities of prison life. Although, his violent past history and parents who are no longer in favor make his journey to redemption not an easy one.

Lastly, the film also has a powerful message about the realities of prison in terms of rehabilitation and reform. It depicts the different views and opinions on how to handle prisoners. The movie does not provide a solution or even suggest one, but it does raise the question: what is rehabilitation, and is it possible?

Overall, "Starred Up" is a gripping and intense movie that can undoubtedly leave an impact on its viewers. It explores complex themes and delivers different messages that make it so much more than your average prison drama.

Critical Reception and Reviews Review Starred Up (2013) Movie

Starred Up Movie Review

Starred Up, a 2013 British prison drama film directed by David Mackenzie, has recently received critical acclaim since its release. The film stars Jack O'Connell as a 19-year-old inmate who is "starred up" to an adult prison where he has to navigate his dangerous new surroundings.

Many film critics have praised the movie for its raw and intense portrayal of prison life. Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film five stars and called it a "brutal, gripping, and well-acted drama". Mark Kermode of The Observer also praised the film, stating that "O'Connell's performance is nothing short of magnificent".

In addition to the outstanding performances of the actors, the film received high marks for its direction and script. The script, which was written by Jonathan Asser, a former prison therapist, is based on his own experiences. Asser's attention to detail and realism is reflected in the film's gritty portrayal of the prison world.

Overall, Starred Up is a film that has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Its intense, unflinching portrayal of prison life, combined with standout performances from the cast, make it a must-see for fans of gritty drama.

However, some critics have criticized the film for its violence and graphic nature. It is important to note that the film is not for everyone and may be too intense for some viewers. Despite this, Starred Up remains a powerful and critically acclaimed film that is worth watching for those who appreciate well-crafted dramas.

Review of Box Office Performance and Awards Won for "Starred Up" (2013) Movie

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"Starred Up" is a 2013 British drama film that received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of the UK prison system and its effects on both inmates and correctional officers. The movie was directed by David Mackenzie, written by Jonathan Asser, and starred Jack O'Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, and Rupert Friend.

In terms of box office performance, "Starred Up" did not do exceptionally well at the box office. It grossed just over $2 million internationally, which is relatively modest considering the film's critical success. However, the movie's financial performance is not an accurate reflection of its quality.

Despite its lackluster box office performance, "Starred Up" received numerous award nominations and won several awards. It won the Best Actor award for Jack O'Connell at the British Independent Film Awards in 2014 and the Best Actor award for Ben Mendelsohn at the AACTA Awards in 2015. The film was also nominated for Best British Film at the BAFTA Awards in 2015.

The movie's success in terms of awards and critical acclaim can be attributed to its powerful performances, gritty storyline, and realistic portrayal of prison life. The film delves deeper into the prison system's flaws and depicts the consequences of corrupt officers and brutal living conditions.

In conclusion, while "Starred Up" did not make a significant impact at the box office, its critical reception and numerous awards won show that it was a thought-provoking and powerful film. The movie's box office performance is not an accurate reflection of its quality, and it remains a must-watch for fans of British dramas and prison films.

Conclusion Review Starred Up (2013) Movie

Review Starred Up (2013)

"Starred Up" is a raw and powerful film that delves into the darker side of prison life and the complexities of family relationships. The film follows Eric Love, a volatile and dangerous young man who is transferred to an adult prison where he must navigate the harsh realities of the criminal justice system.

The performances in "Starred Up" are outstanding, especially Jack O'Connell who gives a tour-de-force performance as Eric. He captures the character's rage, vulnerability and desperation perfectly, making it hard not to sympathize with him despite the terrible things he's done. Ben Mendelsohn also shines as Eric's estranged father who is also in the same prison, and their tenuous attempts to reconcile with each other are heartbreaking to watch.

Director David Mackenzie does a fantastic job of capturing the gritty and violent nature of prison life without ever glorifying it. The film is uncompromising in its depiction of abuse, drug use, and gang violence, making it a difficult but rewarding watch. The script by Jonathan Asser is equally impressive, weaving together themes of toxic masculinity and the damaging effects of institutionalization with sharp dialogue and poignant moments of introspection.

In conclusion, "Starred Up" is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys intense and thought-provoking cinema. It's a film that stays with you long after the credits have rolled, thanks to its uncompromising approach to storytelling and masterful performances from its cast.

Review: Starred Up (2013) Movie

Looking for a gritty and intense movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Then you definitely need to check out Starred Up. This British prison drama is not for the faint of heart, but it is a triumph of filmmaking that will leave you truly awe-struck.

The film is set in a maximum-security prison, and it follows the story of Eric Love, a 19-year-old offender who is transferred to an adult prison after being deemed too violent for juvenile detention. Once there, he is reunited with his estranged father, who is also an inmate, and together they navigate the brutal and unforgiving prison system.

The standout performance in this movie is undoubtedly Jack O'Connell as Eric. He brings a raw and visceral energy to the role that is truly remarkable. Every moment he is onscreen, you can feel his anger, frustration, and desperation seeping through the screen. His performance is nothing short of mesmerizing.

But the film as a whole is also incredibly well-crafted. The direction, cinematography, and writing are all top-notch, and they work together to create an unforgettable viewing experience. The pacing is perfect, allowing the tension to build slowly until it reaches a boiling point and explodes in the third act.

Overall, if you're a fan of hard-hitting dramas, then you need to see Starred Up. It's a powerful and unforgettable film that showcases some truly exceptional talent both in front of and behind the camera.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and prepare to be blown away by this incredible movie.

Until next time, happy watching!

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Review Starred Up (2013) Movie