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Review: Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

Seven Psychopaths is a dark comedy crime movie that was released in 2012. Written and directed by Martin McDonagh, this film centers around a writer played by Colin Farrell who finds himself entangled in a dangerous dog kidnapping scheme. Along for the ride are his two eccentric friends, played by Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken, and a cast of truly bizzare villains, all of whom are attempting to claim the same prize.

The movie is cleverly written and full of dark humor, which makes for an endlessly entertaining experience. Each character is well-developed, with their own unique personality traits and backstory. The performances by the entire cast are top-notch, with Sam Rockwell standing out as the standout performer. His performance as Billy, a well-meaning but impulsive thug, is both hilarious and surprisingly endearing.

Overall, Seven Psychopaths is a wild ride that is definitely worth checking out. The combination of witty writing, great performances, and a strong plot all come together to make this a movie that is hard to forget. If you're a fan of dark comedies and crime movies, then this one is definitely worth a watch.

Review of Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

Seven Psychopaths movie poster

Seven Psychopaths, a 2012 dark comedy film directed and written by Martin McDonagh, deserves all the praises it gets and more. From the captivating plot to the impressive performances of the cast, especially from the lead actor Colin Farrell and the supporting cast Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell, the movie becomes unforgettable.

The story follows Marty (Colin Farrell), a screenwriter who gets involved in a dog-napping scheme connected to the criminal underworld in Los Angeles. Soon, Marty finds himself caught up in a world of psychopaths, including his best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell), an oddball actor named Hans (Christopher Walken), and a crazed gangster named Charlie (Woody Harrelson). As their obsession with the plotline grows, the line between reality and the screenplay blurs, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

The dialogue in Seven Psychopaths is witty and sharp, adding to its intelligent humor. This film is a perfect mix of dark humor and brutal violence, and it's a testament to McDonagh's storytelling skills. Additionally, the incredible ensemble cast brings their unique brand of humor and acting skills that only enhance the experience.

Overall, Seven Psychopaths is an excellent film that will keep you laughing and gasping until the end. This movie is highly recommended for those who enjoy dark comedies, and we can assure you that it's not like any other movie you have seen before.

Plot Summary Review Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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The movie Seven Psychopaths is a dark comedy about a screenwriter named Marty who is struggling to write a script for his movie called Seven Psychopaths. His best friend, Billy, is an unemployed actor who is also a part-time dog thief. When Billy and his partner, Hans, steal a Shih Tzu from a dangerous gangster, a series of events unfolds that brings them all together in a chaotic and violent showdown.

The movie is full of twists and turns, with each of the "psychopaths" being revealed in their own unique way. There is the serial killer known as the Jack of Diamonds, the Quaker with a secret past, and the Vietnamese priest seeking revenge. Each one is both hilarious and disturbing in their own way.

In addition to the talented cast, the movie boasts a clever and witty script that keeps the audience guessing until the very end. The film's director, Martin McDonagh, manages to blend the dark humor with the violent action seamlessly, resulting in a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Overall, Seven Psychopaths is a must-see for anyone who enjoys dark comedies or action-packed thrillers. The movie is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, packed with humor, violence, and heart. So, grab some popcorn, put your feet up, and prepare to be entertained.

Characters and their backgrounds Review Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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Seven Psychopaths tells the story of a struggling screenwriter, Marty, who unwittingly gets involved in the world of organized crime when his two friends kidnap a dog belonging to a notorious gangster. The movie features a cast of eccentric characters, each with their own unique background and motivations.

Marty, played by Colin Farrell, is a recovering alcoholic struggling to finish his screenplay, Seven Psychopaths. His best friend, Billy, played by Sam Rockwell, helps him with his writing while also engaging in dog theft to make ends meet. Billy is a free-spirited oddball who has a knack for getting himself and others into trouble.

Christopher Walken plays Hans, an aging con man who partners with Billy in their dog theft scheme. Hans has a tragic past that motivates him to seek redemption and make things right. Woody Harrelson plays the anger-prone gangster, Charlie, who will stop at nothing to get his beloved dog back.

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Other characters include Olga Kurylenko as Angela, a femme fatale who works for Charlie, and Tom Waits as Zachariah, a mysterious figure who shares his own twisted story with Marty. Each character adds depth and intrigue to the plot, and their interactions make for a thrilling ride full of unexpected twists and turns.

Overall, Seven Psychopaths is a darkly comedic and highly entertaining movie that showcases the talents of its exceptional cast. The characters are well-developed, each with their own unique backstory and motivations, making for an engaging story that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. If you're in the mood for a crime comedy with plenty of heart and humor, Seven Psychopaths is definitely a movie worth watching.

Setting and Location Review of Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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Seven Psychopaths is a 2012 dark comedy movie that takes place in the city of Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding desert. One of the first locations that the movie showcases is the iconic Hollywood sign, which sets the tone for the movie's comedic and sometimes absurd tone.

Throughout the movie, the audience is taken to various locations around Los Angeles, including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where a pivotal scene takes place. Another notable location is Runyon Canyon Park, where the characters Hans and Marty go to walk and discuss their screenplay. The movie also features scenes set in a Vietnamese temple, the famous Chateau Marmont hotel, and a cemetery.

One of the most striking elements of the movie's setting is the contrast between the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the barren desert landscape just outside the city. This contrast is particularly apparent in scenes set in Joshua Tree National Park, where characters engage in shootouts and dramatic showdowns against the backdrop of starkly beautiful desert scenery.

Overall, the setting and locations of Seven Psychopaths play an important role in creating the movie's unique atmosphere. The use of real-life locations around Los Angeles adds a layer of authenticity to the film, while the striking visuals of the desert and other locations create a memorable backdrop for the movie's quirky characters and comedic moments.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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If you're a fan of dark comedy and some cliche-busting characters, Seven Psychopaths is a must-watch movie. The movie has a unique way of displaying its remarkable and interesting visuals through its fantastic cinematography. The visuals are so deeply interconnected with the plot that it becomes impossible to disentangle its contributions from its overall success. One can feel the effect of the visuals in the film's overall tone, emotional depth, and the audience's connection with the characters.

The team working behind the scenes on Seven Psychopaths has used many great visual effects in the film. They have superbly captured the characters' twisted moments, the movie's fast-paced scenes, and created fantastic backdrops that run smoothly throughout. This film does an outstanding job of using its visual effects to pull the audience deeper into its dark, chaotic world, which is a hallmark of a well-made cinematic masterpiece.

The cinematography employed in the movie is genuinely astonishing. Every frame is a joy to watch, making it abundantly clear how much time and thought the filmmakers have put into making it all happen. The way the director has used appropriate lighting, depth of field, and camera angles to progress the story and build up tension is truly remarkable.

Overall, Seven Psychopaths is a beautiful testimony to how good directing, cinematography, and visual effects can result in a visually stunning movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It’s a movie that is guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp, and occasionally want to look away, and it does this all with some of the most original and vibrant visuals in recent cinema history.

Sound and Music Review Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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The Soundtrack that Enhances the Scenes

"Seven Psychopaths" offers an impressive soundtrack that successfully enhances the scenes' emotional effect. The music tracks cover a diverse range of styles, showcasing both popular and lesser-known tunes that suit the movie's plot. The interestingly amusing sound effects also complement the movie, establishing a quirky and eccentric atmosphere fitting for the characters. The sound department of this movie is meticulously put together, and the overall audio experience shows remarkable quality that undoubtedly contributes to the film's elevation.

Sound Design that Provides Deeper Characterization

Aside from the music and sound effects, the sound design also adds a deeper level of characterization. The main characters are distinctively portrayed through their individual sound patterns, making each of their voices and manner of speaking memorable. For example, Christopher Walken's voice is uniquely pitched and phrased, and Woody Harrelson's intermittent laughter is recognizable even outside of the film. The sound design in "Seven Psychopaths" is a subtle but powerful tool in conveying the story's essence.

The Integration of Music to the Plot

The implementation of music in "Seven Psychopaths" plays an integral part in developing the storyline. Specific musical cues added emphasizes and foreshadows specific moments and scenes in the movie. The use of original scores, classic movie soundtracks, and alternative rock songs keeps the audience engaged. The music tempo also fluctuates depending on the scene, adding to the film's emotional depth. Overall, the unique integration of music into the story complements the overall aesthetic of the movie.

The Importance of Sound in Enhancing the Cinematic Experience

In conclusion, "Seven Psychopaths" highlighted the importance of sound design and music in enhancing the cinematic experience. It provided an intricately curated audio world that immersed the viewers deeper into the storyline. The movie's sound department deserves recognition for their unmatched quality and dedication to creating a unique and compelling audio experience. By utilizing sound cues and musical composition, the film successfully put an excellent twist on the standard action-comedy genre that stays with you long after the film ends.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Reviewing Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

Reviewing Seven Psychopaths movie

Seven Psychopaths is a black comedy movie that tells the story of a struggling screenwriter trying to complete his screenplay titled Seven Psychopaths. The movie explores several themes and messages that are conveyed through the characters' actions and dialogues.

One of the main themes of the movie is violence, where it highlights the causes and consequences of violent actions. It portrays how violence creates a chain reaction and often leads to unnecessary deaths. The message conveyed through this theme is that violence is futile and only causes more problems.

Another theme explored in the movie is humanity's tendency to create stories and myths as a way of escaping reality. It shows how people tend to romanticize violence and crime and create their own stories to justify their actions. This theme conveys the message that it is essential to confront reality rather than escaping it.

The movie also explores the theme of redemption, where it shows how the characters seek redemption for their past actions. This theme conveys the message that no matter how much we have wronged others, it is possible to redeem ourselves through sincere efforts and actions.

In conclusion, Seven Psychopaths is a movie that explores several themes and messages that are relevant to our society. It portrays the consequences of violence, the tendency to create stories, and the possibility of redemption. Overall, the movie is an excellent portrayal of modern society and its tendencies towards violence and escapism.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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Seven Psychopaths is a 2012 dark comedy film directed by Martin McDonagh. The movie follows a struggling screenwriter, who finds himself entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld. Released to theaters on October 12, 2012, it was met with mixed reviews.

Some critics praised the film’s sharp wit and dark humor. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone called it "a darkly funny journey that takes so many hairpin turns you may stop trying to anticipate where it’s going and just hang on for the ride." Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times praised the talented cast, writing that "Seven Psychopaths is like a revue in which great actors do solo turns that are just fabulous."

However, other critics felt that the filmmakers’ attempt to blend multiple genres resulted in a convoluted and messy plot. Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter criticized the film’s writing, saying that "after an amusing setup, Seven Psychopaths goes every which way and nowhere interesting. Leslie Felperin of Variety also had issues with the story, calling it "a pointless, bullet-ridden shambling mess."

Despite mixed reviews, the film grossed over $33 million worldwide. Its ability to blend dark comedy and action has made it a favorite among fans of the genre. Seven Psychopaths was also nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedic Movie and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

In conclusion, Seven Psychopaths is a unique and entertaining film that manages to combine multiple genres to create a darkly humorous experience. While not without its flaws, it has gained a following among fans of the genre and established McDonagh as a director to watch.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

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Seven Psychopaths, directed by Martin McDonagh, is a dark comedy that was released in 2012. The movie follows the story of a struggling screenwriter who becomes entangled in the criminal underworld when his friend kidnaps a dog belonging to a notorious gangster. The star-studded cast includes Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, and Christopher Walken.

In terms of box office performance, Seven Psychopaths grossed over $33 million worldwide, which was a decent return on its $15 million budget. While it didn't break any records, it was still a financial success for the filmmakers.

However, where Seven Psychopaths really shines is in the critical acclaim it received. The movie was nominated for and won several awards, including the British Independent Film Award for Best Screenplay and the Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor (for Sam Rockwell's performance).

Overall, Seven Psychopaths proved to be a quirky and entertaining film that resonated with both audiences and critics. Its success at the box office and in award shows is a testament to its quality, and it's definitely worth a watch for anyone who enjoys quirky and offbeat comedies.

Conclusion Review Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie

Seven Psychopaths Movie Review

Seven Psychopaths (2012) is an action-packed and witty dark comedy movie directed by Martin McDonagh. The movie revolves around a struggling screenwriter Marty (Colin Farrell), who becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends, Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Hans (Christopher Walken), kidnap a gangster's (Woody Harrelson) beloved Shih Tzu.

The movie takes you on a wild ride with its unpredictable plotline accompanied by the sharp dialogues. The characters are well-written, and each of the seven psychopaths has a distinct personality that adds to the comical experience. The performances by the lead actors were impeccable. Colin Farrell's portrayal of a struggling screenwriter was relatable and endearing, while Sam Rockwell's unpredictable and eccentric performance was a treat to watch.

The dark humor used in the movie works effectively to subvert the typical themes of violence and crime, leading to the movie being an enjoyable experience. The cinematography is visually stunning, with the scenes of the Los Angeles landscape creating an immersive experience.

In conclusion, Seven Psychopaths is an enjoyable dark comedy movie with a twisted storyline. The performances by the lead actors are excellent, the dialogues are sharp, and the characters are well-written. The movie will keep you engaged with its brilliant blend of humor and action, and it definitely deserves a watch if you're looking for a good laugh.

Review: Seven Psychopaths (2012) - A Must Watch Movie for Fans of Dark Comedy and Action

If you're a fan of dark comedy and thrilling action, Seven Psychopaths is definitely a movie you don't want to miss. This 2012 movie directed by Martin McDonagh is both captivating and comical, with a cast that will have you rolling on the floor laughing one moment and biting your nails in suspense the next.

The storyline follows Marty (Colin Farrell), a struggling screenwriter who unwittingly gets mixed up in a dog-napping scheme with his eccentric friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Billy's partner-in-crime, Hans (Christopher Walken). Things get complicated when they unknowingly steal a Shih Tzu belonging to the violent gangster Charlie (Woody Harrelson), leading to a series of unexpected events.

The film portrays seven distinct psychopaths, each with their own bizarre tendencies and idiosyncrasies, making it a truly fascinating watch. Along with the wild characters and plot twists, the dialogue is sharp and witty, keeping you on your toes and thoroughly entertained until the very end.

Colin Farrell's performance as the witty yet vulnerable Marty is spot-on, while Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken deliver compelling performances as the two unorthodox criminals. Woody Harrelson brings his unique energy and charisma to the role of Charlie, making him both menacing and amusing at the same time.

All in all, Seven Psychopaths is a gem that is not to be missed. Its dark humor, clever writing, and unforgettable characters make it an instant classic and a must-watch for anyone who loves action and comedy.

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Review Seven Psychopaths (2012) Movie