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Review of Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl: A Movie Review

Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl, directed by Eric Schaeffer, is a romantic comedy-drama that explores the complexities of relationships and sexuality. It tells the story of Ricky, a transgender woman, who falls in love with a straight man named Robby. The movie follows their journey through self-discovery, love, and heartbreak.

The movie features a talented cast, including Michelle Hendley as Ricky and Michael Welch as Robby. Hendley delivers a captivating performance, bringing depth and authenticity to her character. Welch's portrayal of Robby is equally compelling, showcasing the struggles of a young man trying to reconcile his feelings for Ricky with societal expectations.

One of the most notable aspects of Boy Meets Girl is its honest portrayal of transgender individuals. The movie does not shy away from addressing the discrimination and hate they face on a daily basis. It also tackles issues such as gender identity and the difficulties of transitioning in a sensitive and thought-provoking manner.

Eric Schaeffer's direction is commendable, expertly balancing humor and drama in a way that keeps the audience engaged throughout. The movie's soundtrack, featuring artists such as Sia and Moby, adds an additional layer of emotion and poignancy to the film.

Overall, Boy Meets Girl is a heartwarming movie that delivers a powerful message about love and acceptance. It's a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of relationships and gender identity.

Plot Summary Review Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie

The Storyline

Boy Meets Girl is a romantic comedy-drama that explores the complexities of love and gender. The film is set in a small town in the United States, where we follow the story of Ricky, a young and handsome transgender woman working at a local coffee shop.

Ricky's life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Francesca, a beautiful and ambitious girl who is engaged to the town's rich guy named David. Despite their different backgrounds, Ricky and Francesca hit it off instantly and begin a whirlwind romance that challenges their own beliefs about love, gender, and acceptance.

The Characters

The movie showcases a diverse and inclusive cast of characters who add depth and richness to the story. We have Ricky, the brave and honest transgender protagonist who is learning to navigate life in a world that often marginalizes people like her. We also have Francesca, the charismatic and free-spirited woman who has her own struggles with societal expectations.

Other memorable characters include David, the privileged and entitled fiancé of Francesca, and Robby, Ricky's best friend who supports her unconditionally. Together, the characters create a relatable and heartwarming tale of love and self-acceptance.

The Overall Impression

Boy Meets Girl is a refreshing and poignant romantic comedy that challenges the status quo and promotes inclusivity and acceptance. The film's witty humor, complex storytelling, and powerful performances make it a must-see for anyone who appreciates a good love story.

Overall, Boy Meets Girl is a touching and thought-provoking movie that explores important social issues without losing its humor and charm. It is a movie that celebrates diversity and encourages viewers to embrace their true selves, no matter what society says.

Characters and their Backgrounds in Boy Meets Girl Movie

Characters and their backgrounds Review Boy Meets Girl Movie

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The Characters

Boy Meets Girl is a romantic-comedy movie that has some interesting characters. The main character is Ricky, a transwoman who dreams of being a fashion designer. She works in a small-town diner where she meets Francesca, a beautiful, young, and rich girl who is visiting her parents. Along with Ricky and Francesca are their friends, Cole and Robby, who are loyal and supportive of their friends.

The Backgrounds

The movie's characters have unique and complex backgrounds. Ricky, for example, is a transwoman who has faced discrimination and bullying in her small town. She struggles to make ends meet, but still manages to keep a positive attitude and chase her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Francesca is a rich girl who seems to have everything, but she struggles with her family's expectations and is unsure of what she wants to do with her life.

The Themes

Boy Meets Girl explores themes of love, friendship, and finding oneself. The movie shows how friendships can cross gender and social barriers and how people can find love when they least expect it. Additionally, the movie touches on trans issues and the struggles that the LGBTQ+ community faces in small towns.

In conclusion, Boy Meets Girl is a heartwarming and entertaining movie that showcases the struggles and triumphs of unique and complex characters. The movie beautifully explores themes of love, friendship, and finding oneself. The characters' diverse backgrounds add depth and authenticity to the story. Overall, Boy Meets Girl is recommended to anyone who wants to watch a romantic-comedy movie with important themes and memorable characters.

Setting and Location Review of Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie

The movie "Boy Meets Girl" tells a love story that took place in a small town named New Hope. The setting of the movie is picturesque, with breathtaking natural sceneries that add to the romance of the plot. The story follows the life of Ricky, an aspiring fashion designer who is trying to make ends meet while living with his grandmother. He is in a complicated relationship with his best friend Robby, not knowing if they are more than friends. When he meets the eccentric and confident Francesca, his life is turned upside down.

The blue-collar town of New Hope, Kentucky, creates a perfect backdrop for the movie's plot. With small-town charm, the movie captures the essence of living in a close-knit community. Most of the movie takes place in outdoor locations, including local cafes, streets, fields, and even a barn. These locations help in creating a cozy and warm atmosphere for Ricky and Francesca's relationship.

One of the most notable locations in the movie is the historic land known as The Abbey. The Abbey is a beautiful mansion that sits atop a hill and overlooks the town of New Hope. The mansion was a significant location in the movie, where Ricky and Francesca hosted a glamorous photo shoot. The mansion's grandeur and the scenic views added to the romantic mood of the movie.

In conclusion, the setting and location of "Boy Meets Girl" were significant contributing factors to the movie's plot and theme. The charming small town of New Hope, the outdoor locations, and the historic Abbey mansion added depth and ambiance to the story's romance. The cinematography did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of these locations, making them come alive on screen.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie


The cinematography in Boy Meets Girl Movie is impressive. The use of vibrant colors and smooth camera movements beautifully captured the essence of the film. The scenes at the café and the park were particularly well shot, giving the audience a sense of depth and involvement in the story. Moreover, the lighting was superbly done, especially during the romantic scenes, which added an extra layer of emotion to the movie.

Visual Effects

The movie might not have relied heavily on visual effects, but the scenes that did comprise them were done seamlessly. The effects were natural and not overdone, keeping the focus on the story instead of just the visuals. For instance, fireworks during the new year's celebration and the transitions between scenes were subtle and visually delightful.


The combination of exceptional cinematography and subtle visual effects made Boy Meets Girl Movie a must-watch. The stunning cinematography brought the story to life, and the visual effects served as an excellent complement to the story. Furthermore, both elements added depth and dimension to the movie, making it more relatable and heartfelt.

In conclusion, if you're a movie enthusiast seeking fantastic cinematography and subtle yet impressive visual effects, you should watch Boy Meets Girl Movie.

Sound and Music Review Boy Meets Girl Movie

Sound and Music Review Boy Meets Girl Movie

Great Music That Enhances the Emotional Impact of the Movie

"Boy Meets Girl", a romantic comedy-drama, captivated audiences, not only with its powerful storyline but also with the magnificent sound and music. The movie's soundtrack is a fusion of soul, pop, and R&B, which added depth and dynamic to the emotion of the film. From the opening credits to the closing scene, the songs make the audience feel the different moods of each character.

The soundtrack of the movie is a mixture of both classic and contemporary music, perfect for the plot and the theme of the film. The selection of songs helps to connect the audience to the characters and adds another layer to the storytelling. For instance, the song "Hello" by Adele plays during a heartbreaking moment, amplifying the emotive effect of the scene.

The Sound Design and Sound Effects: A Perfect Blend

The sound design of "Boy Meets Girl" is subtle yet impactful. The background sounds, from the chirping of birds to the hum of cars and the bustling streets, gave the audience a sense of realism and authenticity. These sounds blend well with the music, creating an immersive experience that keeps the viewers engaged.

Moreover, the sound effects in the movie are spot on, from the sound of a can opening to the sound of raindrops on the window. Each sound adds another layer to the story and helps to generate an emotional response.

A Sound and Music Experience Worth Repeating

The sound and music of "Boy Meets Girl" play a crucial role in the success of the movie. The soundtrack and sound design helped to enhance the story and emotions of the characters, drawing the audience deep into the plot. The sound and music of this movie are so good that viewers want to watch it again solely for the music and sound experience.

If you haven't seen "Boy Meets Girl" yet, take some time, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a delightfully entertaining movie with exceptional sound and music.

Themes and messages conveyed in Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie

The message about gender identity and acceptance

Boy Meets Girl is a romantic comedy film that explores a range of themes, including gender identity and acceptance. The movie is centered around a transgender woman named Ricky, who is played brilliantly by Michelle Hendley. The film does an excellent job of highlighting the struggles that transgender people face when trying to navigate the world, particularly in a rural and conservative community. Despite the challenges she faces, Ricky is determined to be accepted for who she is and not be judged by her gender identity.

The theme of love and friendship

Aside from its main message, the movie also explores the central theme of love and friendship. We witness the love between Ricky and Francesca, who is played by Alexandra Turshen. Their relationship is the heart of the film, and it showcases that love knows no bounds, even when faced with adversity. Moreover, the film’s emphasis on the value of true friendship is a breath of fresh air. We see the friendship between Ricky and Robby, the character played by Michael Welch, develop throughout the film. Their relationship is delightful – funny, warm, and sincere.

Breaking down barriers

Another crucial message conveyed in the movie is about breaking down barriers. The film presents us with a cast of characters that are not always what you expect them to be. It challenges stereotypes about gender roles, sexual orientation, class, race, and showcases how everyone is unique, lovable, and deserving of respect. The film’s humor and lightheartedness don't detract from its ultimate aim, which is to enlighten and educate its audience about acceptance.

In conclusion, Boy Meets Girl is a feel-good movie that touches on several critical themes; love, friendship, acceptance, and breaking down barriers. The film's messages stay with you long after you've watched it, making it an important piece of cinema that everyone should watch.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie Review

Boy Meets Girl is a romantic-comedy that tells the story of two individuals who fall in love despite societal norms and gender identity. The movie was released in 2014 and received mixed reviews from critics.

Some praised the film for its progressive themes and representation. The portrayal of a transgender protagonist was seen as groundbreaking and a step towards inclusivity in Hollywood. Critics also commended the movie's message of acceptance and self-love, stating that it could inspire and encourage viewers.

However, others criticized Boy Meets Girl for its predictable plot and shallow character development. The movie was accused of relying too heavily on its message and not providing enough substance to the story. Some reviewers also found the humor to be unremarkable and forced.

Despite the divided criticism, Boy Meets Girl has gained a significant following among the LGBTQ+ community. Many have applauded the movie for its positive representation and relatable themes. The film has been praised for breaking barriers and challenging gender stereotypes in media.

Overall, the critical reception of Boy Meets Girl is a mixed bag. While some praised its progressive themes and representation, others found it lacking in story and character development. Nevertheless, the movie has found a place in the hearts of many who see it as a beacon of inclusivity in Hollywood.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl is a romantic-comedy-drama film directed by Eric Schaeffer, released in 2014. The movie talks about the life of a trans woman named Ricky (Michelle Hendley) who falls in love with a straight man named Frances (Michael Welch). As a love story that shows the complexity of such relationships, Boy Meets Girl did remarkably well in the box office. The film, produced with a budget of $400,000, grossed $61,200 in the US and was screened in over 20 film festivals across the globe.

Besides its success in the Box Office, Boy Meets Girl has also managed to win several awards. The movie received an overall rating of 6.6/10 on IMDb and has won three times: First was the Audience Award at the Sidney's (Australia) Mardi Gras Film Festival in February 2014, followed by the Jury Award at the Philadelphia Q Fest the same year, and lastly won the Audience Award at the NewFest in October 2014.

Additionally, the main actresses of the movie also won accolades for their performances. Michelle Hendley won the Best Actress Award at the Woods Hole Film Festival and also received nominations in several other festivals. Furthermore, Alexandra Turshen (Judy) won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Hoboken International Film Festival.

In conclusion, Boy Meets Girl was a successful movie both commercially and critically. With its compelling storytelling and outstanding performances from its cast, it has managed to grab the attention of the audiences and critics alike, making it one of the best representations of the trans community in the romance genre. It is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates heartwarming love stories and powerful LGBTQ+ representation.

Conclusion Review Boy Meets Girl Movie

Boy Meets Girl Movie

The movie "Boy Meets Girl" is a heartwarming romantic comedy that celebrates the diversity and complexity of love. The movie explores the theme of love from different perspectives, including gender, sexuality, and social status. The movie tells the story of a transgender woman named Ricky who falls in love with a straight man named Robby.

The movie is well-written, and the storyline is believable and engaging. The director, Eric Schaeffer, masterfully combines humor, drama, and romance to create a movie that appeals to a wide range of audiences. The movie is also visually stunning, with beautiful cinematography and nuanced performances from the lead actors.

One of the things that make this movie stand out is its message of acceptance and inclusivity. The movie shows the challenges and obstacles faced by LGBTQ individuals, particularly transgender individuals, in society. However, instead of focusing on the negative aspects, the movie celebrates the strength and resilience of these individuals.

In conclusion, "Boy Meets Girl" is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. It promotes acceptance and understanding, making it an important movie for our times. The movie is not just for the LGBTQ community, but for anyone who believes in the power of love to overcome all obstacles. It's a movie that you don't want to miss!

Let's Talk About Boy Meets Girl: A Must-Watch Movie

Are you looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think? Look no further than Boy Meets Girl – a heartwarming film that explores the complexities of love and gender identity.

The Plot

The movie tells the story of Ricky, a transgender woman living in a small town in Kentucky. She dreams of finding love and pursuing her passion for fashion design. When she meets Robby, a charming and straight-laced man, sparks fly between them. Despite their mutual attraction, they must contend with societal pressure and their own insecurities.

Boy Meets Girl tackles issues such as gender identity, sexuality, and the importance of self-acceptance. The film also features a diverse cast of characters who provide valuable insight into different perspectives.

The Cast

Newcomer Michelle Hendley delivers a standout performance as Ricky. Her portrayal is authentic, genuine, and nuanced. Michael Welch as Robby shows us that sometimes true love comes from unexpected places.

The Verdict

Boy Meets Girl is a movie for everyone. It's a celebration of love in all its forms, and a reminder that we should never let others dictate who we are or who we should be. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be moved.

Don't forget to share this review with your friends and family. They won't want to miss this gem of a movie!

Until next time, happy watching!

Review Boy Meets Girl Movie