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Review of the Movie Yasmine

Yasmine Movie: A Review of an Inspiring and Entertaining Film

Yasmine Movie


Yasmine movie is a drama film that tells the story of a young girl named Yasmine. The story revolves around her passion for football and how she works hard to achieve her dreams while also facing societal and cultural challenges. The film showcases the importance of perseverance in achieving one's goals and breaking down gender stereotypes.

Plot and Performances

The story is well-written and executed, with engaging characters and an inspiring message. The lead actress, who played Yasmine, delivered a great performance, portraying the character's determination and drive with depth and authenticity. The supporting actors also did well in their respective roles, bringing the story to life.

Visuals and Soundtrack

The cinematography and music in the film are both impressive. The beautiful scenery and well-crafted shots create a visually stunning experience for the audience, while the soundtrack complements the story's emotional beats, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Yasmine movie is an excellent film that combines drama, sports, and societal issues to create an inspiring and entertaining story. It's a film that tells an important message, especially when it comes to breaking stereotypes and pursuing one's passion. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a heartwarming and uplifting movie.

Yasmine Movie Plot Summary Review

Yasmine Movie Review

Yasmine is a 2014 Indonesian movie directed by Siti Kamaluddin. The movie tells the story of Yasmine (Liyana Yus), a young girl who dreams of becoming a champion in pencak silat, an Indonesian martial art. However, her father, Pak Mahyuddin (Reza Rahadian), is against her dreams and wants her to pursue a more conventional career. Despite her father's disapproval, Yasmine continues to train and compete, hoping to prove herself.

The plot of the movie follows Yasmine's journey as she trains and competes in pencak silat while facing obstacles along the way. She finds support from her coach, Pak Khalid (Alex Komang), and her boyfriend, Helmi (Devon Meadow), who both encourage her to pursue her dreams. However, she also faces opposition from her father, who disapproves of her choices, and from her competitors, who see her as a threat.

The movie is a heartwarming and inspiring story about following your dreams and overcoming obstacles. It showcases the beauty of Indonesian culture and traditions through the depiction of pencak silat. The performances by the cast are impressive, especially Liyana Yus, who portrays Yasmine with sincerity and passion. The cinematography also captures the essence of Indonesia, with beautiful shots of the country's natural landscapes.

Overall, Yasmine is a must-watch movie for those who love martial arts and inspirational stories. It highlights the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving your goals, no matter how challenging they may be. The movie leaves a lasting impression on the viewers and inspires them to follow their dreams.

Characters and their backgrounds Review Yasmine Movie

Yasmine Movie Review

Yasmine is a movie that stands out for its portrayal of not only a strong female lead but also a compelling supporting cast. The titular character, Yasmine, is a young woman who is passionate about pursuing her dream of becoming a boxer in Morocco. With grit and determination, she overcomes the obstacles in her path to conquer her goals. The actress portraying Yasmine, Loubna Abidar, does a commendable job of bringing the character to life and making her relatable to the audience.

The supporting cast members are also noteworthy, each bringing their unique perspectives and struggles to the table. From Yasmine's brother, a devout Muslim who struggles with his sister's unconventional pursuits, to the trainer who sees a chance to redeem himself through Yasmine's success, the characters are well-rounded and add depth to the story.

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The movie does an excellent job of weaving in the cultural and societal context of Morocco, highlighting the struggles that women face in a male-dominated society. Through Yasmine's journey, the audience is shown the harsh realities of poverty, corruption, and oppression prevalent in many countries but often overlooked.

Overall, Yasmine is a movie that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer, not only for its portrayal of a strong, independent woman but also for the overall message of resilience and determination in the face of adversities. It is a must-watch for anyone looking for a meaningful and engaging cinematic experience.

Setting and Location Review of Yasmine Movie

Yasmine Movie Setting and Location Review

Yasmine is a Malay-language film that was released in 2014. It tells the story of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a champion windsurfer. The film is set in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and features some stunning scenery.

The Setting

Banda Aceh is a beautiful city located on the northwestern tip of the island of Sumatra. The city is known for its beaches, coral reefs, and lush rainforest. The film does an excellent job of showcasing the natural beauty of the area. One scene, in particular, features Yasmine windsurfing at sunset, with the stunning mountains in the background. It's a breathtaking moment that captures the beauty of the setting perfectly.

The Location

The film takes place in several different locations in and around Banda Aceh. The most prominent location is Lhok Nga, a popular beach in the area. Many of the scenes featuring Yasmine's windsurfing take place here. Another location used in the film is the Tsunami Museum. The museum was built in memory of the 230,000 people who lost their lives during the 2004 tsunami. The museum is a significant part of the film's story, and the filmmakers do an excellent job of integrating it into the plot.

Overall, the setting and location of Yasmine are one of the film's strong points. The natural beauty of Banda Aceh is showcased exceptionally well, and the use of real locations adds authenticity to the film. Yasmine is not only an inspiring story of a young girl's determination to succeed, but it's also a love letter to the stunning Indonesian location in which it was filmed.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Yasmine Movie

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Yasmine Movie

The Cinematography

Yasmine movie is a visual treat for the audience with incredible cinematography. The cinematographer captures the essence of the Middle Eastern culture and the beauty of the desert landscapes. The camera work is so mesmerizing that it transports you to another world. The use of color and lighting is done brilliantly, and it enhances the overall cinematic experience. The camera movements are also impeccable, especially during the action sequences. The director's vision is brought to life through stunning cinematography.

The Visual Effects

The visual effects of Yasmine movie are simply outstanding. The movie has a lot of action sequences, and the visual effects team has done an exceptional job in bringing all of them to life. From the desert car chase scene to the final fight, every action sequence is remarkable. The use of CGI is minimal, and the team has used practical effects wherever possible, which adds to the realism of the movie. The visual effects team has truly raised the bar with their work in Yasmine.

The Overall Result

The cinematography and visual effects of Yasmine movie complement each other perfectly. The stunning visuals and the intense action sequences are brought to life through seamless camera work and exceptional visual effects. The movie is a visual feast for the audience, and it's an experience that is not to be missed. The cinematography and visual effects are a testament to the talent behind the camera, and they have truly done an outstanding job in bringing the director's vision to life.

In conclusion, Yasmine is a movie that has set a new standard for cinematography and visual effects. It's a must-watch movie for anyone who loves action and stunning visuals. The movie will transport you to another world with its breathtaking visuals, and it will leave you wanting more. The combination of stunning cinematography and exceptional visual effects makes Yasmine movie an instant classic.

Sound and Music Review Yasmine Movie

Still from Yasmine Movie

The Music and Scores

The soundtrack of Yasmine Movie is simply amazing and fits perfectly as the background for the whole movie with epic scores that feel like they've been plucked from a heroic adventure story. The music played such an enriched role in the story, blending in so nicely with the overall atmosphere of the movie, depicting the various highs and lows of the main characters.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in Yasmine are very well done. The sound design is impeccable, bringing out the atmosphere and tone of each scene. From the roar of the audience during an intense basketball game, to the chug of the helicopter engine as the main characters are flown over the city. There is no shortage of well-crafted, perfectly executed sound effects in this movie.

The Voice Acting

The voice acting in the Yasmine Movie is top-notch, with memorable performances from every actor. The lead protagonist, Yasmine herself, brings a lot of depth and complexity to her character that shines through in her voice acting. The supporting cast also does an impressive job, with convincing performances from actors in smaller roles.

Final Thoughts

Yasmine Movie's sound and music are an integral part of the experience. The music and sound effects add a sense of urgency and emotional impact to the story, complementing the visuals perfectly. The voice acting brings the characters to life, making it easier to connect and empathize with them. Overall, the sound and music in Yasmine are simply amazing and make the movie an unforgettable experience.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Review of Yasmine Movie

Yasmine Movie Review

Yasmine, directed by Siti Kamaluddin, is a movie that leaves a heartwarming impact on audiences around the world. The movie tells the story of a young woman named Yasmine who is determined to become a professional Muay Thai fighter and faces challenges along the way. The movie focuses on several themes that are both universal and relatable.

One of the primary themes conveyed in the movie is gender equality. Yasmine's character defies traditional gender roles and societal expectations by pursuing her passion for Muay Thai, a typically male-dominated sport. She faces opposition from her family and society but struggles through to achieve her dream. This theme of gender equality and breaking stereotypes is an important message to convey in today's world.

Another message conveyed in the movie is the importance of perseverance. Yasmine faces several obstacles and setbacks along her journey to becoming a professional Muay Thai fighter. However, she never gives up and continues to work hard towards her goal. This message of perseverance is inspiring and encouraging, especially to those who face similar challenges in their lives.

The movie also highlights the importance of family. Yasmine's relationship with her father is a central part of the story and shows the strength of their bond. The movie portrays the positive impact that support from family can have in achieving one's dreams.

In conclusion, Yasmine is a must-watch movie that conveys several important messages and themes. The movie's emphasis on gender equality, perseverance, and family makes it a relatable and inspiring story. The movie is a testament to the fact that with hard work, determination, and support from loved ones, anything is possible.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Yasmine Movie

Critical Reception and Reviews Review Yasmine Movie

Yasmine is a 2014 Indonesian drama film directed by Siti Kamaluddin. The movie, which tells a story about a young girl who dreams of becoming a champion in silat, a Malay martial art, gained a positive response from film critics and audiences.

Many reviews applauded the movie’s excellent cinematography and emotional storyline. The Jakarta Post described Yasmine as a “heartening and inspiring film with stunning visuals depicting rural life in Brunei. Meanwhile, Screen International praised the film’s “beautifully shot and visually stunning nature, adding that Yasmine is “imbued with a sense of atmosphere that suffuses every frame.

The film’s lead actress, Liyana Yus, also received rave reviews for her outstanding performance. Jakarta Globe noted that Yus’ portrayal of a “young girl tortured by loss and failure was “captivating, natural, and heartfelt. Screen Daily similarly praised Yus’ natural acting, stating that she was “a pleasure to watch in every scene and “imbued the character with a real sense of authenticity.

Overall, Yasmine received positive critical reception for its intricate storytelling, stunning visuals, and powerful performance from its lead actress, making it a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good drama film.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review: Yasmine Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review: Yasmine Movie

Yasmine is an Indonesian movie directed by Siti Kamaluddin. The film was released in 2014. The movie's lead actresses, Liyana Jasmay and Reza Rahadian, received critical acclaim for their performances. The film also managed to collect a significant box office revenue and won awards both nationally and internationally.

The movie tells the story of Yasmine, a woman who aspires to become a silat (Indonesian martial arts) champion. However, due to her many setbacks, including her father's disapproval, she struggles to achieve success. Despite the obstacles, Yasmine continues to train in secret with her friends.

The movie's box office performance was impressive, making IDR 19.5 billion, becoming one of the highest-grossing Indonesian films. The movie also won numerous awards. Liyana Jasmay won the Best Actress award at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival, while the film itself was awarded the Best Film award at the 2015 ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards.

Considering that Yasmine explores the theme of female empowerment, the film was well-timed, as it was screened during a time when there was a growing demand for movies that showcase women's struggle, perseverance and strength. The movie's strength lies in its portrayal of a woman who is determined to succeed despite facing numerous challenges.

In conclusion, Yasmine is a movie that has made its mark in Indonesia and beyond. It is a must-see for anyone who appreciates the power of perseverance and determination.

Conclusion Review: Yasmine Movie

Conclusion Review Yasmine Movie

Yasmine is an Indonesian movie that tells a story about a Muslim girl who wants to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. Throughout the movie, we are shown the struggles that Yasmine faces in order to achieve her dream, such as dealing with the expectations of her conservative Muslim family and the challenges that come with working in a male-dominated industry.

One of the best things about Yasmine is the strong portrayal of its female characters. Yasmine herself is a well-developed character, with a complex personality and an admirable determination to succeed. The other female characters in the movie are also given depth and agency, and it is refreshing to see a movie that is so focused on the experiences of women.

Moreover, the movie’s soundtrack is another strong point. Featuring pop-infused Islamic music, the songs in the movie complement the storyline and help to create an immersive experience. The musical performances are also well-directed, with high production values that make them engaging to watch.

Overall, Yasmine is a well-crafted movie that tells an inspiring story of a young girl who defies her conservative upbringing to pursue her dream. Its strong characterisation and excellent music make it a worthwhile watch for anyone looking for a poignant drama.

Review: Yasmine Movie

Yasmine Movie is a heartwarming story that depicts the life of a young Muslim girl named Yasmine, who dreams of becoming a rhythmic gymnastics champion despite facing several challenges.

The movie is set in a small village in Malaysia and showcases the struggles of Yasmine, who comes from a conservative family who does not support her passion for gymnastics. However, her determination and dedication towards her goals are truly inspiring.

The movie is brilliantly directed by Siti Kamaluddin, and the lead actress Liyana Yus seamlessly portrays the character of Yasmine. The film also features a stellar supporting cast, including Reza Rahadian, Christine Hakim, and Nadiya Nisaa.

The cinematography of the movie is breathtaking, capturing the serene beauty of Malaysia's natural environment. The music also perfectly complements the scenes, making the whole viewing experience truly memorable.

Overall, Yasmine Movie is a must-watch for anyone who loves sports, coming-of-age stories, and inspirational cinema. It's a beautiful film that reminds us to never give up on our dreams and to always believe in ourselves no matter what.

So, why not give it a watch? Trust me, you won't regret it!

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