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Review of Run Raja Run Movie

Introduction Review Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run Movie review

Run Raja Run is a 2014 Telugu-language film directed by Sujeeth. Sharwanand plays the titular role in the film, which also stars Seerat Kapoor, Adivi Sesh, Sampath Raj, and Vennela Kishore in supporting roles. The film was produced by V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod Uppalapati.

The movie is about Raja, a small-time thief who wants to escape the clutches of a dangerous mobster. While on his run from the mafia, he meets Priya, who helps him evade the goons. The story takes multiple twists and turns and eventually ends on a happy note.

The film's strength lies in its storytelling and screenplay, which keeps the audience hooked and engaged throughout. The chemistry between the lead pair is also commendable, and their performances are top-notch.

The music, composed by Ghibran, is another highlight of the movie. The songs are catchy, and the background score complements the narrative perfectly. The cinematography by Madhi is also impressive, capturing the essence of the film beautifully.

In conclusion, Run Raja Run is a must-watch movie for those looking for a complete entertainer. With its engaging storyline, top-notch performances, foot-tapping music, and stunning visuals, the film has all the elements of a blockbuster hit.

Plot Summary Review Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run Movie


Run Raja Run is a 2014 Indian Telugu-language thriller film, written and directed by Sujeeth. The movie centers around Raja, a young thief who falls in love with Priya, a police commissioner's daughter. In order to impress her, Raja decides to steal a precious diamond from the commissioner's house, only to be caught in the act. However, the twist in the story comes when Raja realizes that he has been framed for a crime he did not commit.


Run Raja Run is a blend of drama, romance, and comedy fused with some unexpected twists and turns. The movie takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, leaving them entertained throughout the entire run time. Sharwanand, who played Raja, delivered an outstanding performance, making the character relatable and likable. The chemistry between Sharwanand and Seerat Kapoor, who played Priya, is simply delightful.

The screenplay and direction are top-notch, making it difficult for the audience to predict what will happen next. The movie's music and background score perfectly enhance the scenes, adding to the overall experience. The supporting cast also deserves a shoutout for their impressive performances, especially Sampath Raj, who played the antagonist.

Overall, Run Raja Run is an excellent entertainer with a well-written script, brilliant direction, and amazing performances. It is a must-watch film for anyone who loves a good thriller with a touch of romance and drama. Sujeeth, who was just 23 years old when he directed the film, has proven his talent, leaving the viewers eagerly waiting for his future projects.

Characters and Their Backgrounds Review: Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run Movie review

The movie Run Raja Run is a thrilling Telugu language film that revolves around the life of a conman named Raja. The main character, Raja, is played by Sharwanand, who has done an exceptional job in portraying his role as a cunning thief.

The character of Raja has a complex background, as he is portrayed as an orphan who grew up in the streets. As a result of being an orphan, his character is determined to make something of himself, and he turns to a life of crime to achieve his goals. However, as the story progresses, we see how compassionate and kind-hearted Raja can be, which makes it easy for the audience to root for him.

The supporting characters in the film are also well-developed and add to the overall excitement of the plot. The character of Priya, played by Seerat Kapoor, is the love interest of Raja. Priya is a doctor who is well-educated and comes from a wealthy family, which serves as the perfect foil to Raja's character.

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Overall, the movie Run Raja Run is an enjoyable watch and has excellent character development that keeps the audience engaged throughout the film. The supporting characters are well-crafted and bring out the best in the main character. The narration is fast-paced and has enough twists and turns to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good thriller with well-crafted characters.

Setting and Location Review of "Run Raja Run" Movie

Run Raja Run Movie Setting and Location Review

The Overview

"Run Raja Run" is a Telugu movie that was released in the year 2014. The movie directed by Sujeeth is a blend of action, comedy, and romance. The setting and location of the movie play a significant role in achieving the overall feel of the movie. The locations chosen for the movie are breathtakingly beautiful and very well presented.

The Scenic Beauty

The movie was predominantly shot in two states of India: Andhra Pradesh and Goa. The scenic beauty and the serene atmosphere of Andhra Pradesh is captured wonderfully, giving the audience a glimpse of the beauty of the state. The pristine beaches of Goa added an additional layer of charm to the movie. Especially, the scene where the lead actor and actress meet on the beach takes the audiences to a different world.

The Cityscape

Apart from the natural landscapes, the scenes in the city were also portrayed well. Hyderabad was primarily used as a city setting. The chaos and the fast-paced life showcased the real Hyderabad. The movie shows Hyderabad as a modern city with a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, the settings and locations of "Run Raja Run" were wonderfully presented, providing a vibrant visual experience to the audience. The picturesque locations, the vibrancy of Hyderabad and the pristine beaches of Goa, all added to the overall feel of the movie. The film manages to capture the essence of the different regions perfectly and adds to the appeal of the movie.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run movie poster

Stunning Cinematography

The cinematography in Run Raja Run is stunning. The film is shot in different locations that showcase the beauty of natural landscapes and urban cityscapes. The camera work is impressive, with well-choreographed movements that capture the action scenes perfectly. The use of lighting and color grading is top-notch, which enhances the different moods and scenes of the movie. The cinematographer gave attention to even minute details, which made the movie visually appealing.

Impressive Visual Effects

The visual effects in Run Raja Run are impressive. They were used in a way that supported the story rather than distract from it. The use of VFX was at its peak during the action scenes, where it helped create an immersive experience for the viewers. The film's use of motion graphics was innovative, as it helped convey information and transitions in an entertaining way.

Overall Verdict

Run Raja Run is a visually appealing movie that showcases excellent cinematography and impressive visual effects. The way the art of cinematography has been used in the movie is commendable. It helps not only to enhance the movie's visual, but also to tell the story in a very effective way. The use of visual effects was done in a way that enhanced the storytelling and created a unique experience for the audience. If you are a fan of visually stunning movies, then Run Raja Run is a must-watch.

Sound and Music Review of Run Raja Run Movie

Sound and Music Review Run Raja Run Movie

The Background

Run Raja Run is an Indian Telugu-language action-comedy film directed by Sujeeth. The film became a huge blockbuster and received critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, and performances. The film's music was composed by Ghibran, a renowned composer in Tamil cinema.

The Sound and Music

The film's soundtrack was a huge hit among the Telugu audiences. The score was composed to fit the film's narrative, and the songs blended well with the script. Ghibran used different sounds effectively to enhance the film's storytelling, and the movie's background score was captivating. The sound designing of the movie was commendable, and the sound effects were used aptly. Overall, the sound and music of the movie were top-notch.

The Popular Tracks

The album has six songs in total, and all of them were hit among the audience. The romantic number, 'Vaddhantune Nenu Vaddhantune', sung by Shakthisree Gopalan, received rave reviews, and the song still tops the charts. Another popular track was 'Bujjimaa', a groovy song sung by Sri Krishna and Harini Ivaturi. The visuals for the songs were also well-conceived, and they complemented the tunes effectively.

In conclusion, Ghibran impressed the audience with his compositions, and the movie's sound and music was one of the significant factors that contributed to its success. Run Raja Run's music was a perfect blend of melody, rhythm, and beats. The soundtrack and background score added a new dimension to the film's narration, and it is one of the best Telugu music albums of recent times.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run is a comedy-thriller Telugu movie directed by Sujeeth. The movie spotlights the tale of Raja, who turned into a token thief after he was expelled from a juvenile correctional facility. The movie's story is both intriguing and engaging, with some subtle themes conveyed that can be relatable to people.

The first theme conveyed in the movie is the importance of freedom and second chances. Raja was given a second chance after being expelled from a juvenile correctional facility, which he used to turn his life around. The movie highlights how people can use their freedom wisely and make better decisions if given a second chance.

Another theme conveyed in the movie is the importance of family. Raja had a loving family, and they supported him throughout his journey. The movie sends a message that people can achieve anything if they have the support and love of their family.

Lastly, the movie shows the consequences of greed and corruption. The characters in the movie who were greedy and corrupt ended up facing severe consequences. The movie sends a warning to people that greed and corruption can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Overall, Run Raja Run is a movie that combines entertainment with subtle messages that can be relatable to people. The movie's portrayal of themes like second chances, family, greed, and corruption is commendable and conveyed in a lighthearted and engaging way.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run movie poster

Run Raja Run is a popular Telugu language film that enjoyed commercial success and achieved positive reviews critically. The film was directed by Sujeeth and released in the year 2014. The movie features Sharwanand, Seerat Kapoor, and Adivi Sesh in prominent roles.

The film gained appreciation for its engaging storyline, witty dialogues, and amazing performances by the cast. Critics lauded the director for his distinct style of storytelling and the balance between humor and action that kept the audience entertained.

The background score of the movie by Ghibran received special mention from the critics for its perfect synchronization with the plot. The cinematography by Madhi and the production design by Rajeevan were also commended.

In terms of box office collections, the movie was declared a blockbuster hit, earning high profits for the producers. Its success also made Sharwanand a household name and established him as one of the leading actors in the industry.

In conclusion, Run Raja Run is a must-watch movie for Telugu film enthusiasts, as it offers a perfect blend of humor, action, and an engrossing storyline. The movie became a huge success at the box office and was appreciated by critics for its fresh and entertaining approach. Overall, Run Raja Run is an entertaining and engaging movie that is worth a watch.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review Run Raja Run Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review Run Raja Run Movie

Released on August 1, 2014, Run Raja Run is a Telugu language comedy thriller movie directed by Sujeeth and starred by Sharwanand and Seerat Kapoor. The film was produced by Vamsi and Pramod under the UV Creations banner. From its box office performance to awards and critical acclaim, Run Raja Run marked its success in the Indian film industry.

The film was a box office success in India, grossed approximately ₹25 Crore worldwide, becoming one of the highest-grossing Telugu films in that year. Furthermore, the movie has received several awards and nominations for its outstanding work under different categories. The movie was nominated for the Best Feature Film in Telugu and Best Male Debut at the 62nd Filmfare Awards South.

Run Raja Run is a remarkable movie that combines comedy, romance, and thriller. The film's storyline is well-crafted, and the lead actors' performances, including Sharwanand and Seerat Kapoor, were exceptional. The chemistry between the two lead characters has been praised by critics and audiences alike. Run Raja Run has made an unforgettable impression on Indian audiences with its outstanding dialogue delivery, extraordinary screenplay, and bone-chilling twists.

In conclusion, Run Raja Run is undoubtedly an entertainment package that is worth watching. It has been successful in both box office performance and awards, proving its impact on the Indian film industry. With such an excellent reputation, it serves as a must-see movie for not only Telugu language audiences but also worldwide film enthusiasts.

Conclusion Review Run Raja Run Movie

Run Raja Run Movie Review

Run Raja Run is a Telugu comedy-thriller movie directed by Sujeeth and produced by Uppalapati Pramod and V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy. This movie was released on August 1, 2014, to a very positive response from the audience and critics alike. The movie has been praised for its engaging storyline, brilliant performances, and catchy songs.

The plot revolves around the protagonist Raja, who belongs to a middle-class family and is forced to resort to illegal activities to earn money. He gets involved in a big police case and becomes notorious overnight. The rest of the story follows Raja's quest to prove his innocence and clear his name.

The movie makes excellent use of comedy to keep the audience engaged throughout the runtime. The performances of the lead cast are commendable, with Sharwanand doing an excellent job in the role of the charming and witty Raja. The supporting cast has also done a great job in adding the much-needed flavor to the movie.

In conclusion, Run Raja Run is a well-crafted and entertaining Telugu movie that is definitely worth watching. It leaves you wanting more and showcases the talent of the cast and crew behind the movie. Overall, this movie is a must-watch for both fans of Telugu cinema as well as those who are new to the language.

Run Raja Run: A Film Worth Watching

If you're in the mood for a fast-paced and exciting Telugu movie, then Run Raja Run is definitely worth checking out. Directed by Sujeeth and starring Sharwanand and Seerat Kapoor, this film is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and action.

The Plot

The story follows Raja (Sharwanand), a nice guy who gets himself entangled in a web of deceit by helping his girlfriend Priya (Seerat Kapoor) flee the clutches of a notorious gangster. Raja gets mistaken for a millionaire of the same name and soon finds himself embroiled in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse as he tries to outwit the gangster and clear his name.

The Performance

Sharwanand delivers a standout performance as the charming and endearing Raja. He effortlessly carries the film with his impeccable comic timing and natural acting skills. Seerat Kapoor also shines as the spunky and independent Priya. The chemistry between the two leads is palpable, making their romance all the more enjoyable.

The Action

The movie boasts some thrilling action sequences that are expertly choreographed and executed by Sharwanand. The car chase scenes are especially impressive and will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Overall Verdict

Run Raja Run is a well-crafted and entertaining movie that has something for everyone. It has a fresh and unique storyline, great performances, and stunning action sequences. Whether you're a fan of Telugu cinema or not, this is a film that is sure to delight. So, grab some popcorn and settle in for a fun ride!

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