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Review of Trophy Heads Movie

Review of Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads Movie is a horror film blending several genres with all the right elements of humor, fear, and action. Released in 2018, it follows the story of several former horror film actresses who are now living a mundane life - until they are kidnapped by a mad fan to collect their "trophy heads."

The writer and director, Charles Band, breathes life into the genre with his latest offering, exploring the impact of horror films and their aftermath on society and its actors. The movie showcases the struggles of the former actresses and their journey towards becoming stronger and moving beyond their horror film roles.

The lead character, Anna, played by the talented Shelley Jane, delivers an excellent performance with a blend of humor and fear that grips the audience. Each actress portrays her respective character with conviction, adding depth to a film that could have easily developed into a mere slasher flick.

The storyline is impressive, dipping into the psyche of the kidnapper while also providing a humorous side to the film. The film's score is engaging, and the editing is on point, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. With the runtime of just over an hour, the movie doesn't drag, making it a perfect watch for horror fans.

In conclusion, Trophy Heads Movie is an entertaining horror film, providing the audience with a unique take on the genre. It's not your typical slasher flick, but rather an exploration of the impact of horror films. The film's lead actresses deliver powerful performances, making it a must-watch for all horror fans.

Plot Summary Review: Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads Movie

The Concept

Shot in mockumentary style, Trophy Heads is a horror-comedy movie that follows the story of a group of friends who accidentally find themselves trapped in the home of a serial killer. They are then forced to play a game of survival against the killer who has kidnapped them. However, this killer has a unique twist - he has preserved his victim's heads as trophies and displays them on his wall as prized possessions.

The Performance

The film is directed by Charles Band and the cast includes some well-known genre actors, such as Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer. The performances are cheesy in places, but that's precisely what makes the movie so enjoyable. The actors are all believable in their roles, and the intertwining storylines provide a comedic relief in an otherwise tense and gory film.

The Verdict

Overall, Trophy Heads is an entertaining horror-comedy that excels in its ability to mix humor and horror. The concept behind the film is bizarre and twisted, which makes it all the more appealing. Its dialogue is clever and witty, and the plot moves along at a comfortable pace to keep you engaged throughout the 87-minute runtime. If you're a fan of horror-comedy movies that don't take themselves too seriously, then Trophy Heads is a must-see.

In conclusion, Trophy Heads movie is a well-executed horror-comedy that is certain to leave a lasting impression on viewers. The film's witty dialogue, nods to horror tropes, and talented cast all come together to create a unique viewing experience that fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy. The movie is a great blend of humor and horror that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout its runtime. It's definitely worth a watch for horror fans looking for something different.

Characters and Their Backgrounds Review Trophy Heads Movie

Characters and Their Backgrounds Review Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads is a unique and thrilling horror-comedy movie that showcases a group of former child stars who are kidnapped by a crazed fan. Each of the characters in the film has a distinct background that makes them stand out from the rest.

Firstly, we have Jason, played by Adam Noble Roberts, who was a popular child actor known for his role in a hit sitcom. He is now a struggling actor trying to make a comeback and regain his former fame. Then there is Erica, played by Ali Hillis, a former child beauty queen turned reality TV star who constantly tries to maintain her perfect image.

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In addition, we have the character of Danny, portrayed by D.C. Douglas, a former child star who is now living a quiet life as a software engineer. He is the only character who seems content with his current life and does not want to relive his past. Another interesting character in the film is Zoe, played by Alexia Dox, a former child star who has become a successful filmmaker and frequently clashes with the other characters due to her artistic vision.

Furthermore, the villain of the film, Derek, played by David Alanson Bradberry, is a deranged fan who is obsessed with the characters' former child star status. He kidnaps them and forces them to recreate scenes from their famous roles, providing an eerie and unpredictable twist to the story.

In conclusion, Trophy Heads is a must-watch movie that combines nostalgia with horror and comedy. The characters' unique backgrounds and strong performances by the cast make this movie an enjoyable and thrilling experience. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a wild ride with Trophy Heads.

Setting and Location Review of Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads is a horror-comedy movie that tells the story of a group of former horror movie stars who find themselves trapped in a real horror situation. The movie takes place in an old mansion that serves as a museum of horror memorabilia.


The mansion where the movie is set is a perfect location for a horror movie. The dark and creepy atmosphere adds to the tension of the movie. The location serves as an extension of the characters' fear and paranoia. The mansion is filled with horror memorabilia, which adds to the atmosphere and helps to set the tone of the movie. The mansion seems to have a life of its own and serves as an antagonist, adding to the suspense and horror of the movie.


The setting of the movie is unique as it takes place in a horror museum in the mansion. Each room is filled with horror memorabilia that showcases different horror movies. The setting is used to create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with the horror genre. The movie's characters are former horror movie stars who are now forced to confront their own fears in a real-life horror situation. The setting adds to the authenticity of the movie, and the characters' reactions to the horror situations feel genuine.

Overall, the setting and location of Trophy Heads create a tension-filled and gripping horror-comedy movie. The mansion serves as an excellent location for a horror movie, adding to the film's overall atmosphere and tension. The horror museum setting adds an extra layer of nostalgia and familiarity with the horror genre, which serves to enhance the movie's authenticity. For fans of horror-comedy, Trophy Heads is a must-see movie that combines classic horror tropes with humor and nostalgia.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Trophy Heads Movie

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Trophy Heads Movie

The Cinematography

Trophy Heads Movie is a visually stunning film that showcases some brilliant camera work. The cinematography of this movie is top-notch, and it provides the viewers with a unique experience. The use of the camera to capture the essence of the characters is impressive, and the colors are vibrant and well placed. The camera movements add an immersive quality to the movie experience, and the film never feels static, keeping the audience engaged throughout its runtime.

The Visual Effects

The visual effects in Trophy Heads Movie are outstanding. The way the CGI and practical effects blend together feels seamless, and it creates a visually stunning movie. The two titans of visual effects, practical and CGI, are used in perfect harmony to create characters and creatures that feel real and engaging. The visual effects in this movie are masters of their craft, which is no small feat in a world where visual effects have become a ubiquitous part of blockbuster productions.

The Overall Impression

In conclusion, Trophy Heads Movie is a visual feast for the eyes. The cinematography and visual effects are the standout aspects of this film, and they provide the movie with a unique quality. The film will immerse you in a world of stunning visuals that will leave you in awe. Even if you are not a fan of the horror-genre, the visual aspect of this movie is something to behold, and it is well worth the watch for that alone. So, grab some popcorn and settle in for a fantastic visual experience.

Sound and Music Review Trophy Heads Movie

Sound and Music Review Trophy Heads Movie

The Soundtrack:

Trophy Heads Movie is a unique horror film that blends humor and gore flawlessly. The movie has a great soundtrack that accompanies the story perfectly. The sound design is top-notch and well executed. The background music complements the scenes, and the use of sound effects heightens the tension in the film.

The Music:

The director of the movie, Charles Band, has a keen ear for music. The original score for Trophy Heads Movie is excellent, and the composer has done a great job of creating a score that is dark, eerie, and suspenseful. The music conveys the mood of the scenes perfectly, and it is as gruesome as the visuals.

The Sound Effects:

The sound effects in Trophy Head Movie are well-executed and add to the experience of watching the movie. The sound of bones cracking, flesh ripping, and blood splattering is expertly executed, and it makes for a visceral watching experience. The sound effects team has truly done a great job.

The Final Verdict:

The sound and music in Trophy Heads Movie are exceptional, and the technical aspects of the movie have been crafted with care. The movie is a gory horror film that isn't for the faint-hearted, but the soundtrack and sound effects are first-class. Overall, Trophy Heads Movie is a unique and enjoyable horror film that is elevated by its technical aspects.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Review of Trophy Heads Movie

Movie Review Trophy Heads

Trophy Heads, directed by the talented Charles Band, is a horror-comedy about a group of serial killers that were killed by their own weapons and now inhabit the walls of a trophy room. Although the movie may seem gory and violent, it actually conveys an important message about the consequences of our actions.

One of the themes that resonate throughout the entire movie is the idea that we reap what we sow. The killers in the movie are shown glorifying their murders without any remorse, but eventually, their own actions lead to their downfall. This message highlights the impact our actions can have on our own lives and those around us, urging us to be more mindful of our behavior.

Another compelling theme in Trophy Heads is the roles of power dynamics in relationships. The killers in the movie seek power and dominance over their victims, but once they are trapped in the trophy room, the tables turn, and they become the ones at the mercy of their victims. This theme is a sobering reminder of how our innate desire for power can lead to our own downfall.

The movie also touches on the consequences of objectifying people, especially women. The killers in the movie view women as nothing more than objects and trophies to be collected, but in the end, they become objects themselves. This powerful message highlights the importance of treating people with respect and dignity, and not just mere objects for our own pleasure.

In conclusion, Trophy Heads may seem like a simple horror-comedy movie, but it conveys several important themes and messages. From the consequences of our actions to the power dynamics in relationships, and the objectification of people, the movie offers a lot of food for thought. Although it may not be for everyone, horror fans will find it an enjoyable and thought-provoking watch.

Critical Reception and Reviews of Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads Movie Reviews

Trophy Heads movie is a horror-comedy that features famous horror film actresses, who are kidnapped and forced to live in a creepy mansion with their psychotic captor. The film was released in 2014 and has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

Some reviewers have praised the performances of the actresses and the film's satirical commentary on the horror genre. They noted that the movie is a fun and campy ride for horror fans who are looking for something different. However, some viewers have criticized the film's lack of scares and weak plot.

Despite the mixed reviews, Trophy Heads has gained a cult following among horror fans who appreciate the film's unique concept and homage to horror cinema. The movie is available for streaming on various platforms, giving fans easy access to watch and enjoy.

In conclusion, reviews of Trophy Heads movie have been mixed, but the film has a dedicated fan base who enjoy the campy and satirical nature of the movie. If you're a horror enthusiast looking for a fun and different film, Trophy Heads may be worth checking out.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review of Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads Movie

Box Office Performance

Trophy Heads, the horror-comedy film, was released straight-to-DVD in 2014. The movie made an estimated $1 million in DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals. Although it did not have a theatrical release, Trophy Heads gained popularity through online streaming platforms, making it a cult favorite.

Awards Won

Despite its limited release, Trophy Heads received critical acclaim and won several awards at film festivals. The movie won the Best Horror/Sci-Fi Film award at the FANtastic Horror Film Festival in 2014. It also received awards for Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actress at the Independent Horror Movie Awards.

Critics Review

The film follows the story of a group of women who are captured and hunted by a crazed collector of celebrity memorabilia. Critics praised the film for its witty dialogues and clever blend of horror and comedy. The film's director, Charles Band, is known for his work in horror films, and this movie did not disappoint in delivering an original storyline.

Overall, Trophy Heads may not have had a remarkable box office performance, but its popularity grew through online streaming platforms, making it a cult classic. The film's critical success and multiple award wins prove that it is a unique addition to the horror-comedy genre. Anyone who enjoys this genre will undoubtedly find Trophy Heads entertaining and humorous.

Conclusion Review Trophy Heads Movie

Review Trophy Heads Movie

Trophy Heads is a horror-comedy mockumentary that follows the misfortunes of a group of former horror movie stars, who are captured by a bizarre collector who's disrupting their lives. The movie promises to be hilarious, gory, and entertaining, and it delivers on every count. The title itself, Trophy Heads, is a clever play on words, hinting at the gruesome and creepy premise of the film.

The movie is a fun throwback to classic horror movie tropes, with nods to beloved horror classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Child's Play. A lot of the humor in the film stems from the juxtaposition of the mundane and the absurd, as the former horror stars navigate the challenges of their captivity. The character development is impressive, and the actors do an excellent job of portraying the different personalities of their respective roles.

One of the standout features of Trophy Heads is the special effects. The gory scenes are well-executed, with realistic-looking prosthetics and makeup. The film also scores high on cinematography, with its well-constructed shots, and clever mixing of horror and comedy.

Overall, Trophy Heads is a fun, entertaining movie that hits all the right notes. If you're a fan of horror, you'll appreciate the clever nods to classic horror tropes. If you're in the mood for something that's both scary and funny, this movie is perfect for you. This movie may not be for everyone, but it is a well-crafted movie that deserves recognition.

Trophy Heads Movie Review: An Engaging Horror Comedy

Trophy Heads is a horror comedy film that tells the story of six former horror movie actresses who all live together in a secluded mansion. The twist? Their former on-screen deaths have now become their real-life reality, as a mysterious killer starts picking them off one by one.

The film has a clever premise, mixing horror and comedy in just the right balance to create an engaging and enjoyable viewing experience. The characters, played by a talented cast of B-movie queens including Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens, are all unique and entertaining in their own way.

What's particularly satisfying about Trophy Heads is the way it lovingly pays homage to the horror genre while still being self-aware and able to poke fun at it. It's clear that everyone involved in the production has a genuine love for horror movies, and that passion shines through in the final product.

The pacing of the film moves along at a brisk pace, and the tension builds nicely as the killer starts to pick off the actresses one by one. There are also some great twists and turns in the plot that keep you guessing until the very end.

Overall, Trophy Heads is a fun and entertaining horror comedy that genre fans will definitely enjoy. If you're a fan of B-movie horror, eccentric characters, and tongue-in-cheek humor, then this one is definitely worth checking out.

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Review Trophy Heads Movie