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Review: Paper Planes Movie

Review of Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes is a heartwarming American-Australian family film directed by Robert Connolly that tells the story of a young boy named Dylan Webber, who lives in Western Australia. The film follows Dylan on his journey to compete in the World Paper Plane Championships after he discovers a talent for making exceptional paper planes.

The movie is filled with moments of humor, sadness, and joy. It’s a perfect entertainment for kids and families who want to relish a heartwarming experience. The performances of the cast members, particularly Sam Worthington, Ed Oxenbould, and Deborah Mailman were commendable, adding an extra element of depth to the movie.

The story’s exploration of the dynamics of family relationships is also worth mentioning. Dylan’s relationship with his father, who is struggling with grief after losing Dylan’s mother, unfolds in a way that seems genuine and realistic. The father-son relationship serves as the film’s main anchor, and it nicely navigates through the emotional transformations taking place throughout the story.

The stunning visuals and another mesmerizing aspect of the movie that adds to its charm. The aerial views of Western Australia, Japan, and England are breathtaking and make for a grand cinematic experience. Overall, Paper Planes is a delightful and engaging movie that elicits emotions and leaves a lasting impression on the viewers' hearts.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a feel-good family movie that's genuinely wholesome, Paper Planes is the perfect choice. The movie offers compelling storytelling, excellent performances, and beautiful visuals, making it enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

Plot Summary Review Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes Movie

The Paper Planes movie directed by Robert Connolly was released in 2014. The film tells the story of a young Australian boy, Dylan, who is grieving the loss of his mother and finds solace in his passion for making paper planes. He discovers that he has a talent for it and, with the help of a Japanese competitor, wins a place in the World Paper Plane Championship in Tokyo.

The movie is filled with humor, heart, and a compelling story. Dylan, played by Ed Oxenbould, is a relatable character who captures the audience's heart. His friendship with the quirky and enthusiastic Kimi, played by Ena Imai, offers a delightful display of cultural differences and the language barrier.

As they embark on their journey to Tokyo, they encounter challenges that threaten their dreams of winning the championship. However, with perseverance and support from the people around them, they learn valuable lessons about determination, friendship, and self-discovery.

The stunning cinematography, captivating music score, and heartwarming plot make Paper Planes an enjoyable family movie. It teaches important values and encourages children to pursue their passions and dream big.

Overall, Paper Planes is a must-watch movie that will captivate, inspire, and leave you wanting for more.

Characters and their Backgrounds in Review of Paper Planes Movie

Characters and their backgrounds Review Paper Planes Movie

Paying tribute to the classic story of determination, hard work, and passion, the Paper Planes movie is an outstanding example of a feel-good motion picture. The film pays tribute to the childhood passion of constructing paper airplanes, set in a competitive world, and brings an emotional as well as fun aspects to the storyline.

Characters and Their Backgrounds

The film boasts some of the most relatable and lovable characters. Dylan, the young and aspiring paper plane enthusiast, is the film's protagonist, who builds on his passion and sets his eyes to compete at the World Championships in Japan. His determination and perseverance are as inspiring as they are relatable, and his belief in his potential is infectious.

The supporting cast of characters is also well-thought-out, with each one having a backstory that the audience can relate to. Dylan's father, a single parent, struggles to make ends meet while supporting his son's passions. The world champion from Japan, whose motive isn't just to win but to honor his ailing grandfather, is endearing.

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Cinematography, Music, and More

The movie captures the small-town Australian setting and adds a tinge of nostalgia with the paper plane competition. The visuals are stunning, with footage of beautiful Australian landscapes and interiors of homes and classrooms. The soundtrack is heartwarming, and the main song "Paper Planes" is catchy and upbeat, fitting the context perfectly.

In conclusion, Paper Planes is a must-watch film for all age groups that brings inspiration, childhood innocence, and emotions to the screen. With lovable characters, outstanding visuals, and a memorable soundtrack, the film is an excellent example of a feel-good movie. The movie stands out as a reminder that hard work, dedication, and passion can take you places regardless of where you start from.

Setting and Location Review Paper Planes Movie

setting and location review paper planes movie

Introducing Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a family-friendly, feel-good movie that first premiered in 2014. This movie stars Ed Oxenbould as Dylan, a young boy living in rural Australia. Dylan develops a newfound passion for paper planes after being inspired by the world championships.

Australian Countryside

Australian countryside provides the perfect backdrop for this movie. The green rolling hills and picturesque blue skies truly help to make this movie feel like a breath of fresh air. Moreover, this setting provides an authentic backdrop for the story with vast landscapes that are distinctly Australian.

The World Championships

Paper Planes takes the audience on a journey from Australia to Japan, where the world championships are taking place. The setting takes the form of an indoor stadium filled with participants from all around the world. The contrast between the pristine, modern indoor facility and the humble nature of Dylan's pastime provides a powerful commentary on the power of determination and passion.

Overall, the setting and location of Paper Planes really help to bring the story to life. Whether it's the charming, rustic countryside of Australia or the grand indoor stadium in Japan, each detail is carefully crafted to help the story unfold in a way that is both heartwarming and memorable.

Cinematography and Visual Effects of "Paper Planes" Movie

Paper Planes Movie

Movie Overview

"Paper Planes" is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that follows a young boy's journey to the World Paper Plane Championship in Japan. The film captures the spirit of the competition, the thrill of winning and losing, and the power of friendship and family.


The cinematography of "Paper Planes" is visually stunning and engaging. The use of different camera angles and techniques effectively captures the emotions of the characters, from the excitement of making paper planes to the suspense of the competition. The breathtaking landscapes of Australia and Japan add to the film's charm and appeal. Overall, the cinematography of "Paper Planes" is impressive and adds depth to the film's storytelling.

Visual Effects

Although "Paper Planes" is not a film that relies heavily on visual effects, the few that are used are executed perfectly. One standout example is the use of slow-motion during the paper plane competitions, which adds to the drama of the scene and enhances the viewer's experience. The visual effects in the film may be subtle, but they definitely enhance the storytelling.

In conclusion, "Paper Planes" is a well-crafted film that highlights the beauty and excitement of the World Paper Plane Championship. The cinematography and visual effects play an integral role in bringing the story to life and capturing the attention of the audience. If you are a fan of feel-good movies with stunning visuals, "Paper Planes" is definitely worth a watch.

Sound and Music Review of Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes movie poster

The Soundtrack

Paper Planes is a heartwarming film that tells the story of a young boy named Dylan who dreams of becoming a champion paper plane maker. The film's soundtrack provides a perfect backdrop to this captivating plot. The music, composed by Nigel Westlake, is a great combination of upbeat melodies with emotional undertones that match the sentiment of the movie. The soundtrack features several tracks by indie-pop band San Cisco, whose songs 'Fred Astaire' and 'Too Much Time Together' add a youthful energy to the film.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in Paper Planes are spot on, from the sound of paper being folded and the rustling of paper planes in the wind to the roar of the crowd during the competition scenes. The sound design captures every sound in detail, which makes the audience feel as if they are a part of the movie.

The Cinematic Experience

With excellent sound design and a soulful soundtrack, the Paper Planes movie is a treat to watch in a theater. The sound quality is top-notch, and the audience can hear every detail with precise clarity. The sound effects and the soundtrack enhance the emotional journey of the movie's characters and immerse the audience into Dylan's world.

The Verdict

The sound and music of Paper Planes is a perfect complement to the film's storyline. It creates an immersive cinematic experience for the audience and elevates the emotional journey of the characters. The combination of San Cisco's youthful pop and Nigel Westlake's soulful soundtrack makes for a heartwarming and delightful movie-watching experience.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in the Review of the Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes Movie

Plot Summary

Paper Planes is a 2014 Australian family drama film directed by Robert Connolly, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Steve Worland. The movie follows the story of a young boy named Dylan, who lives with his father in a small country town in Western Australia. Dylan has a passion for making paper planes and dreams of competing in the World Paper Plane Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

Themes and Messages in the Movie

The themes of perseverance, determination and hard work are evident throughout the movie. Dylan is determined to achieve his dream of competing in the World Paper Plane Championships, and with hard work and perseverance, he achieves his goal. The movie also showcases the theme of family, as Dylan and his father have a strong bond, and their love for each other is evident despite the struggles they face.

Another important theme of the movie is the power of collaboration and teamwork. Dylan's journey to Tokyo would not have been possible without the help of his father and his classmates. Through collaboration and teamwork, Dylan learns that he can accomplish more than he could on his own.

Messages Conveyed

The Paper Planes movie sends a powerful message to the audience about the importance of following one's dreams and never giving up. The movie encourages the audience to believe in themselves and to put in the hard work necessary to reach their goals. The movie also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, family, and the power of community.

In conclusion, the Paper Planes movie is an inspiring story that conveys important themes and messages to the audience. The movie serves as a reminder that with hard work, determination, and support from our loved ones, we can achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality.

Critical Reception and Reviews on Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes is a heartwarming film released in 2014. The movie features an Australian boy named Dylan who has a passion for making paper planes. The movie received critical acclaim around the world for its portrayal of friendship, hope, and resilience. Here are some critical reception and reviews of Paper Planes movie.

Positive Reviews

The movie has received positive reviews and ratings from critics around the world. The New York Times described it as a "lovely family film" that is "sweet and sincere." Empire magazine rated the film four out of five stars and praised its "terrific performances" and "well-crafted story." The Guardian called it a "charming, resonant tale" that will surely "delight kids and adults alike."


While the movie was well-received, some critics have criticized its lack of diversity. The National newspaper described the film's portrayal of its characters as "limited" and "unimaginative," and criticized the film's focus on a white, male protagonist. However, many critics praised the movie for its universal themes of friendship, hard work, and perseverance.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Paper Planes is a charming and heartfelt movie that received critical acclaim for its storytelling, performances, and themes. It's a great film to watch with the family, especially if you're looking for a heartwarming story about perseverance and friendship. Despite some criticisms, the movie remains a favorite among many fans and critics alike.

Review of Box Office Performance and Awards Won: Paper Planes Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won: Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes is a heartwarming film that captured the hearts of many, particularly children and adults alike. It tells the story of the role that imagination and creativity play in the lives of people and the many roadblocks that one might face on their journey to realizing their dreams.

The film grossed over $9 million worldwide and was hailed as one of the most successful Australian films of all time. Given its wide appeal, it comes as no surprise that the film won multiple awards such as the Audience Award and the Best Film for Young People at the Seattle International Film Festival 2015.

The standout performance in the movie was that of the young actor, Ed Oxenbould, who plays the lead character, Dylan. He brilliantly brought his character to life, portraying the joys and frustrations of growing up and dreaming big in a world full of obstacles. Other cast members such as Sam Worthington and David Wenham also delivered stellar performances that helped bring the story to life.

Overall, Paper Planes is a must-watch movie that celebrates the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. Its box office success and numerous accolades are a testament to its quality and ability to touch the hearts of its audience.

Conclusion Review Paper Planes Movie

Paper Planes Movie Conclusion Review

Paper Planes is a movie that captures the hearts of audiences across the globe. It’s a story about a young boy’s journey to fulfill his dreams and the challenges he faces along the way. From the opening scene, the movie draws you in and takes you on a ride full of emotions.

The movie’s star-studded cast, including Sam Worthington and Ed Oxenbould, delivers powerful performances that effortlessly blend humor and drama. The cinematography is stunning, showcasing the beautiful landscapes of Australia and portraying the emotions of the characters with finesse.

One of the standout aspects of the movie is its soundtrack that features songs by artists like One Direction and Imagine Dragons. The songs perfectly complement the plot of the movie and add to the overall enjoyment of the movie experience.

Overall, Paper Planes is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good story about overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams. Its heartwarming message of perseverance and imagination is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who watches it. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, we highly recommend that you do.

Review of the Movie "Paper Planes"

Have you ever dreamed of flying a paper airplane that could travel for miles? The movie "Paper Planes" is all about chasing that dream!

The story follows a young boy named Dylan, who lives with his father in a small town in Australia. Dylan is passionate about making paper airplanes, and his dream is to compete in the World Paper Plane Championship in Japan.

The movie takes you on a journey with Dylan as he develops his skills and learns to believe in himself. With the help of his friends and a mentor, Dylan creates a paper plane that can fly farther than anyone ever imagined.

The movie is heartwarming and filled with valuable life lessons. It teaches us about hard work, determination, and the importance of following our dreams no matter how big or small they may seem. It also shows us the power of friendship and the importance of supporting each other.

The performances by the cast are outstanding, especially the young lead, Ed Oxenbould, who plays Dylan. His portrayal is both charming and inspiring, making it easy for the audience to root for him from beginning to end.

If you're looking for a feel-good movie with a positive message, "Paper Planes" is a must-see. It's a great family-friendly movie that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to chase your dreams. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Thank you for reading, and remember to share this recommendation with your friends and family. Happy watching!

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