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Review: Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai movie is a captivating crime thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The movie follows the story of Gandhi Babu, played by actor Natraj, who becomes a scam artist to save his family from poverty. His intelligence and wit help him con people out of large sums of money, but it also puts him in danger when he crosses paths with a ruthless gangster.

The movie is directed by H. Vinoth and boasts a talented cast that brings this compelling story to life. The plot is well-thought-out, and the pacing is excellent, keeping the audience engaged from the very start. Natraj's performance is brilliant, and it is a treat to watch him on screen.

The cinematography and soundtrack also add to the overall experience of the film, immersing you in the world of the characters. The film also packs several unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

In conclusion, Sathuranga Vettai movie is a must-watch for fans of the crime thriller genre. It's an entertaining and well-executed film that will leave you wanting more.

Introduction Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai Movie Review

Sathuranga Vettai is a Tamil film that was released in 2014. This movie is directed by H. Vinoth and stars Natarajan Subramaniam and Ishara Nair in the lead roles. The story revolves around a con artist who uses his wit and intelligence to scam people in different ways.

The movie starts with Gandhi (Natarajan Subramaniam) as a young boy who witnesses the death of his father, who is a tailor by profession. This incident changes the course of his life and he becomes a con artist who cheats people using his sharp mind and clever techniques.

Ishara Nair plays the role of a journalist who initially falls for Gandhi's charm but soon realizes his true intentions. The chemistry between the lead actors is incredible, and their performances are top-notch.

The cinematography and direction of the movie are impressive. The director uses a non-linear narrative to keep the audience engaged throughout the movie. The film also touches upon themes of morality and greed, making it more than just a typical con movie.

Overall, Sathuranga Vettai is an entertaining movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The performances, direction, and storyline are all commendable. If you enjoy creative and smart stories with a touch of suspense and thrill, then this movie is a must-watch.

Plot Summary Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai poster

Sathuranga Vettai is a 2014 Tamil language heist-thriller film directed by H. Vinoth and produced by actor Manobala. The movie features actor Natraj, who plays a role of a charismatic conman, Gandhi Babu. The plot of the movie revolves around the life of Gandhi Babu and how he manages to outwit people to get what he wants.

In the opening scenes of the movie, Gandhi Babu's hard-luck story is introduced to the audience. The film quickly moves on to his transformation from a decent man to a professional swindler. His story takes an interesting turn when he gets involved with a gangster, Sella Pandian. Gandhi Babu now has to use all his wit and charm to execute his cons well and keep himself and his girlfriend safe from Pandian.

The film keeps the audiences on the edge of their seats as Gandhi Babu schemes his way into wealth, using his intelligence and shrewdness. The film explores the themes of trust, deception, and survival in a world that does not always have a level playing field. The performances by Natraj and the supporting cast are fantastic, with each character adding something new to the plot.

Overall, Sathuranga Vettai is a well-made movie that manages to keep the audience's attention with its twists and turns. The film is highly entertaining, thanks to its good screenplay and direction. It is a must-watch for all those who enjoy heist-thrillers that are both intellectually stimulating and enjoyable at the same time.

Characters and their Backgrounds Review of Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai

Sathuranga Vettai is a Tamil film that revolves around the main character, Gandhi Babu, played by actor Natraj. Gandhi Babu is a conman who deceives people with his smooth talking skills. The movie showcases his various scams and how he manipulates people into doing what he wants. The acting by Natraj in the film is commendable and he portrays Gandhi Babu's character with ease.

The other significant character in the film is a policewoman named Subbulakshmi, played by Ishara Nair. Her role is critical in bringing Gandhi Babu to justice. Her character is well-etched, and the audience can empathize with her journey.

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Apart from these two main characters, the film has a range of other supporting characters, each with their own backstory and unique traits. From a helpless victim to an adrenaline-fueled financier, the characters in Sathuranga Vettai contribute significantly to the storyline.

The film delves into the backgrounds of these characters and portrays them in a way that makes them relatable. The director's vision, coupled with the excellent acting, makes the movie a compelling watch.

In conclusion, Sathuranga Vettai is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys films with well-etched characters and engaging storylines.

Setting and Location Review of Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai Movie Review

Sathuranga Vettai, a Tamil movie that released in 2014, is known for its exceptional storytelling and gripping performances. The story is set in a rural village of Tamil Nadu, but the movie takes us through different locations and settings. The locations used in this movie add value to the overall movie experience.

The settings in the movie are vibrant and full of life. The beautiful landscapes and the hustle of the city are aptly portrayed in the movie. The movie starts with a young boy from a rural village who moves to the city to make a living. The entire city scene is beautifully captured. The director has done an excellent job in portraying the streets of the city with utmost authenticity.

One of the most impressive settings in the movie is the jail that plays a crucial role in the plot. The scenes shot inside the jail are gripping, and the audience can easily feel the tension and anxiety of the characters. Another notable setting is the jewelry store, where the protagonist engages in a scam. The director has beautifully captured the intricacies of the store and added depth to the story.

In conclusion, the movie has an excellent setting, and every location used in the movie brings out the best in the storytelling. From the hustle of the city to the serene village, the movie takes you on a ride of stark contrasts. The director has done an excellent job in capturing the essence of each location and making it an integral part of the story. If you are a fan of gripping stories and beautiful locations, Sathuranga Vettai is a must-watch.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Sathuranga Vettai Movie

An Impressive Show of Cinematography and Visual Effects

Sathuranga Vettai is a Tamil crime thriller movie that boasts of some impressive cinematography and visual effects work. The movie, which is directed by H. Vinoth, features breathtaking visuals that add to the overall impact of the story. The camera work captures the mood of the film very well and is one of the strongest aspects of the movie.

Excellent Use of Visual Effects

The visual effects in Sathuranga Vettai are top-notch and they seamlessly blend in with the rest of the movie. The effects team has done a commendable job in enhancing the visual appeal of the movie without going overboard. From the opening credit sequence to the climax scene, the visual effects add an extra layer of excitement and tension to the movie.

A Meticulous Eye for Detail

The movie's cinematography is characterized by a meticulous eye for detail. The camera work captures the beauty of the surrounding environments and makes them an integral part of the story. The movie's use of color and lighting is also noteworthy, creating a moody and atmospheric ambiance throughout.

A Must Watch for Movie Enthusiasts

Overall, Sathuranga Vettai is a movie that should be watched for its stunning cinematography and visual effects. Director H. Vinoth’s attention to detail and the team's skillful work on visual effects is commendable. The movie is a testament to how great visuals can enhance the movie-watching experience, making it a must-watch for movie enthusiasts.

Sound and Music Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sound and Music Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie


Sathuranga Vettai, a Tamil black comedy-heist film, has garnered not only positive reviews for its story and performances but also for its sound and music quality. The film, released in 2014, is directed by debutant H. Vinoth and produced by actor Manobala.

Sound Review

The sound design in Sathuranga Vettai is commendable, especially the way the background score is used to elevate the story. The film's sound designer, Leon James, has done a fantastic job of keeping the sounds in sync with the visuals. The crisp and clear dialogues add to the film's overall effectiveness.

Music Review

The film's music, composed by Sean Roldan, complements the mood of each scene perfectly. The album's six songs are a refreshing change from the typical dance numbers that dominate Tamil films. The lyrics, written by actor Arvind Swamy, convey the characters' emotions beautifully. The background score, too, is used effectively to create tension at appropriate moments.

Final Verdict

Overall, the sound and music quality of Sathuranga Vettai are outstanding, and it's definitely worth a mention in the film's list of achievements. Leon James's sound design and Sean Roldan's music score have indeed added to the film's success and left an indelible impact on the audience.

Themes and messages conveyed Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Themes and messages conveyed Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai is a Tamil-language heist movie that tells the story of Gandhi Babu, a con artist who aspires to make it big in life. The story explores several themes and delivers messages that make it an interesting watch for audiences of all ages.

One of the primary themes explored in the movie is the corrupt nature of society. Through Babu's various schemes, the movie shows how corruption is ingrained in every social class and the lengths to which some people will go to achieve their goals.

Another essential theme in the movie is the importance of staying vigilant and cautious in life. Babu's character is a masterful manipulator who preys on people's naivety and ignorance to con them. The movie highlights how people can protect themselves from such scammers by staying informed and educated about the world around them.

The message that the movie conveys is that there is no easy way to success in life. Babu's constant search for the big score and his ultimate descent into tragedy shows that shortcuts to success often come at a high price. Hard work, perseverance, and honesty are values that the movie emphasizes and that are crucial to achieving real success in life.

In conclusion, Sathuranga Vettai is an engaging and thought-provoking movie that stands out for its exploration of social issues and its emphasis on values. The movie's nuanced portrayal of life's complexities and the choices we make in it make it a must-watch for anyone looking for meaningful entertainment.

Critical Reception and Reviews Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Critical Reception and Reviews Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai is a Tamil language heist drama movie directed by H. Vinoth and produced by Manobala. The movie was released in 2014 and received critical acclaim from both critics and audiences. The movie has a rating of 8.3/10 on IMDB and 4.5/5 on Google Reviews.

Critics praised the movie for its unique storyline, realistic portrayal of characters, and engaging screenplay. They appreciated the lead actor's performance, particularly the protagonist played by Natraj Subramaniam, who delivered an outstanding performance. The movie's cinematography, music, and direction were also highly appreciated.

One of the most admired aspects of Sathuranga Vettai is the way it deals with ethical issues and highlights the consequences of indulging in unethical practices. The movie emphasizes the importance of being honest and the cost of dishonesty, which is particularly relevant in today's world.

The movie's realistic portrayal of the sketchy world of con artists and their tactics to deceive people is remarkable. The critically acclaimed movie is an engaging heist drama, filled with interesting characters, clever plot twists, and thought-provoking themes.

In conclusion, Sathuranga Vettai is a well-crafted movie that has been highly acclaimed by both critics and audiences. It's an intelligently written movie that deals with ethics and morality, and its impact on our lives. The movie's direction, music, and performances are noteworthy, and it provides an entertaining and thought-provoking experience for viewers.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review of Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Box office performance and awards won review of Sathuranga Vettai movie

Sathuranga Vettai, directed by debutant H. Vinoth, was a crime thriller that released in 2014. It featured Natraj Subramaniam as the lead actor and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Let's have a look at the box office performance and awards won by the movie.

In terms of the box office collection, Sathuranga Vettai was a huge success. It grossed around 30 crores worldwide and was declared a blockbuster hit. It did especially well in Tamil Nadu, where it collected about 25 crores from theatres alone.

The film also won several awards and accolades. It was nominated for five awards at the 62nd Filmfare Awards South and won two awards – Best Story and Best Screenplay. The movie also won Best Film at the Norway Tamil Film Festival Awards and Best Tamil Director at the Behindwoods Gold Medal Ceremony.

Apart from the awards, Sathuranga Vettai also received praise for its plot, acting, and direction. The movie was appreciated for its clever writing and convincing performances by the lead actors. It was also applauded for defying the typical Tamil cinema formula and presenting a new form of storytelling.

In conclusion, Sathuranga Vettai was a huge commercial success, and its critical acclaim and award wins are well-deserved. It's a must-watch for anyone who loves crime thrillers or is a fan of the lead actor Natraj Subramaniam. Overall, it's a brilliant film that deserves all the praise it received.

Conclusion Review Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai Movie

Sathuranga Vettai is a brilliant movie that deserves all the praise it has received. The movie is an excellent example of how a well-written script can make a movie phenomenal, regardless of its budget. It is the story of a man who lives his life as a con artist and the challenges he faces along the way.

The movie maintains a perfect balance between being insightful and thought-provoking while also being entertaining. It keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie by using clever strategies. The movie also uses real-life scams, which only makes it more interesting.

One of the strengths of Sathuranga Vettai is its strong performances from the actors. Each actor delivers a perfect performance that complements the story, and every character seems natural. The movie has also done an excellent job of making the characters relatable, which allows the audience to invest emotionally in the storyline.

The background score of the movie and the cinematography are also praiseworthy. They add depth and realism to the story and add more color to the narrative. The movie has been directed skillfully, and it is evident that the filmmakers have put in a lot of effort to create a masterpiece.

In summary, Sathuranga Vettai excels in every aspect that a good movie should have, and it is clear that the filmmakers have put in a lot of effort into creating a beautiful piece of art. It is an insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking movie that keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire run-time. It is certainly a must-watch for movie enthusiasts.

Sathuranga Vettai Movie Review: A Must-Watch for Thriller Fans

If you're a fan of Tamil film industry, then you have to watch Sathuranga Vettai. This blockbuster film was released back in 2014 and has been a hit ever since. Directed by Vinoth, this movie is a perfect blend of drama, action, and suspense that will keep you hooked till the very end.

The story revolves around a con artist named Gandhi Babu, played by the talented actor, Natraj. Gandhi Babu uses his charm and wit to trick wealthy individuals into parting with their money. He does this with ease, never leaving any evidence that would point to him. One day, he meets a beautiful woman named Veera, played by Ishara Nair, and falls in love with her. Veera makes him realize that there is more to life than money and they both set out to change things for the better.

The movie is a rollercoaster ride filled with unexpected twists and turns. The director uses the perfect blend of suspense, thrill, and action to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The performances delivered by the actors are of high caliber and add to the overall appeal of the film.

Sathuranga Vettai is not just a movie, it's an experience that will leave you wanting more. It showcases the world of con artists and the consequences they face as a result of their actions. It's a movie that will make you question your own beliefs and misconceptions about life.

To sum it up, if you're looking for a well-made thriller, then Sathuranga Vettai should definitely be on your list. It's a movie that will leave you satisfied and wanting to watch it again and again.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and immerse yourself in the world of Sathuranga Vettai. You won't be disappointed!

Until next time, happy watching!

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