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Review: Two Lives Movie

Review of Two Lives Movie

Two Lives Movie Review

The Plot

The movie Two Lives is a captivating thriller that tells the story of Katrine, a Norwegian woman who has built a life for herself in Germany after World War II. Katrine's life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes embroiled in a legal battle to secure her inheritance. As the story unfolds, secrets from both her past and present are revealed, including her role in a covert spy mission for the Norwegian government during the war. The plot is an intricate web of lies, betrayal, and personal sacrifice that keeps the viewer engaged throughout.

The Acting

The movie showcases stellar performances from its lead actors Juliane Köhler and Liv Ullmann. Köhler embodies the role of Katrine perfectly, bringing both strength and vulnerability to her complex character. Ullmann, who plays the older Katrine, delivers a powerful performance with much depth and emotion. The supporting actors also deliver convincing performances, giving life to the intricate plot.

The Cinematography

The cinematography in Two Lives is visually stunning. The movie was shot across several different locations in Norway and Germany, and each scene is captured with great care and attention to detail. The aerial shots of the Norwegian fjords and the countryside landscapes are breathtaking.

The Verdict

Overall, Two Lives is a must-see thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie delivers on every aspect, from the complex plot to the powerful performances and stunning visuals. It is not just another spy-thriller movie, but a movie that reminds us of the human cost of war and the sacrifices of those who fought for their country.

So, if you're a fan of spy thrillers and historical dramas, Two Lives is definitely worth watching.

Plot Summary Review: Two Lives Movie

Two Lives Movie

Two Lives is a dramatic film that tells the story of a young woman named Katrine Evensen who is the daughter of a Norwegian mother and a German soldier. The movie focuses on the aftermath of World War II and the Cold War era, where Katrine is summoned as a witness in a trial against the German government. The trial concerns the withdrawal of compensation for wartime forced labor in Norway by German companies.

Apart from the trial, the story unfolds in parallel, revealing the secrecy of Katrine's past and how she has been living a double life. She has been living as a Norwegian citizen while maintaining her real identity as a Soviet spy. Katrine's past and present collide as she tries to defend herself in the trial. Throughout the film, the audience will witness a range of emotions displayed by the characters, including anger, love, betrayal, and forgiveness.

The film was directed by Georg Maas and Judith Kaufmann and stars Juliane Köhler, Liv Ullmann and Sven Nordin, who all delivered fantastic performances. The storyline of Two Lives is intriguing and has the right amount of suspense to keep the audience engaged until the end. The screenplay is well-written, and the use of flashbacks is cleverly done to provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the characters' motivations and personalities.

In conclusion, Two Lives is an excellent movie that offers an exciting and emotional experience. The way the story develops, combined with the remarkable performances, make this film worth watching. The themes of love, betrayal, and forgiveness will resonate with many audiences, and the cinematography is superb. Overall, if you're looking for a well-crafted movie that will leave you thinking, Two Lives should be on your list to watch.

Review of Two Lives Movie: Characters and Their Backgrounds

characters in Two Lives Movie

Two Lives Movie, a gripping thriller directed by Georg Maas and Judith Kaufmann, showcases a complex set of characters with varied backgrounds. The movie moves back and forth in time, and each character has a backstory that is essential to the plot.

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The protagonist, Katrine, is a Norwegian woman with a German mother. She has a successful career as a lawyer and is happily married with a daughter. However, when her mother dies, she discovers that her mother's history during the Second World War is not what she thought it was. This leads Katrine on a journey of self-discovery and healing, as she comes to terms with her family's past.

Konrad, a former Stasi agent, is another crucial character in the movie. He was tasked with infiltrating the Norwegian intelligence agency and to keep an eye on Katrine. Konrad is haunted by the past and struggles with the moral implications of his actions. He finds himself struggling with guilt and ultimately tries to redeem himself by helping Katrine uncover the truth about her mother's history.

The supporting cast, including Katrine's husband and daughter and Konrad's wife, also adds depth to the plot. Each character has their own journey of self-discovery and must confront the ghosts of their past.

In conclusion, Two Lives Movie is a beautifully crafted movie that delves deep into the complexities of human relationships. The characters and their backgrounds are intricately woven into the plot, making it an incredibly engaging and emotional ride. The movie provides insight into a dark chapter of human history and offers an uplifting message of hope and redemption.

Review of Setting and Location in the Movie "Two Lives"

Setting and Location in Two Lives Movie


The movie "Two Lives" is an intense, emotionally-driven story of secrets and lies set against the backdrop of the post-World War II era. The film is based in Norway and Germany and showcases an intriguing mix of natural and urban locations that add a deeper dimension to the plot.


The movie's setting is primarily based in two locations: Germany's bustling metropolis of Berlin and Norway's rural and isolated landscape. The contrast between these locations is striking and adds to the emotional depth of the story. The filmmakers did an excellent job of capturing the different moods of each location, with Germany's dark and chaotic setting contrasting with Norway's open and serene countryside.

Location and Cinematography

The movie's cinematography is another highlight, with shots that capture the vibrancy and energy of Berlin, as well as the peace and tranquility of Norway's fjords. Some of the most spectacular shots in the movie include breathtaking vistas of Norway's mountains and fjords, and the use of these locations to represent the movie's plot themes is creative and well-executed.

The setting and location in "Two Lives" play an evocative role that shapes the mood of the story and highlights the emotions of the characters. The mix of urban and rural locations is a masterstroke, bringing an additional layer of depth to an already engaging story. Overall, the sets and cinematography used in the movie are nothing short of superb and offer much to appreciate for viewers who enjoy location-based storytelling.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Two Lives Movie

Two Lives Movie

The Cinematography

The cinematography in Two Lives is spot-on, making the movie visually stunning. The use of color, light, and composition makes every scene stand out in its own unique way. The dramatic mountain landscape, shot by the cinematographer, adds to the emotion of the story. The camera angles are used effectively to create intensity and suspense in the movie. The close-up shots bring out the character's emotions, engaging the audience with the story. The overall lighting and shadow techniques are used exceedingly well to keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

The Visual Effects

The visual effects in Two Lives are subtle but effective. The film does not rely on over-the-top effects to tell its story, but uses them wisely to aid the story. The color grading is terrific, bringing out the essence of the story's locations, which helps the audience to sense the environment the characters are in. The visual effects for Gabrielle's hallucinations are well executed, playing on the audience's senses, making them question reality. The director has used visual effects to highlight specific key points in the film, taking full advantage of it, without being too ambitious.

The Combination

Cinematography and visual effects when combined can create a fantastic result. Two Lives is a great example of that combination, where the two aspects complement each other throughout the course of the movie. The combination of effective cinematography, subtle visual effects, and effective storytelling have crafted the movie into a compelling watch. The stunning and beautiful mountain scape brings out the essence of the story, while the subtle visual effects mainly featuring Gabrielle's World War II hallucinations gives depth and intensity to the story.

In conclusion, Two Lives is an excellent movie that makes effective use of cinematography and visual effects in its storytelling. The visuals throughout the film enhance the story's emotions and the mountain terrain plays a role of its own. The director has taken full advantage of visual effects to its maximum potential and created an immersive experience. The combination of cinematography and visual effects convincingly crafts Two Lives into a compelling watch.

Sound and Music Review Two Lives Movie

Two Lives movie

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack of "Two Lives" is an exquisite piece of art, mirroring the movie's plot, emotions, and messages. The music, composed by a Norwegian musician, is both haunting and soulful, adding depth and texture to every scene. It seamlessly blends orchestral arrangements and electronic sounds, creating a unique atmosphere that captures the essence of the story. The songs' lyrics are also powerful, telling a story of their own and enhancing the characters' feelings. It's a rare achievement to find such an inspiring soundtrack that elevates the film beyond its visual elements.

The Sound Design

The movie's sound design is a perfect complement to the soundtrack, contributing to the immersive experience of watching the movie. It's evident that the sound team did their homework as the sound effects are believable and authentic. For instance, the background noise of the train running through the tracks or the sound of a car's engine starting sounds authentic, making the viewer feel part of the world presented on screen. Additionally, the sound design aids in building tension, creating a sense of anticipation before significant scenes. Overall, the sound design in "Two Lives" is a testament to the significance of sound in film-making.

The Overall Sound and Music Experience

Undeniably, sound and music play an essential role in "Two Lives," helping the viewer to stay connected to the story and empathize with the characters. The remarkable soundtrack and sound design have breathed authenticity and depth into the movie, making it even more enjoyable and emotional to watch. Moreover, it's a testament to the power of sound and music in filmmaking, highlighting their crucial roles in enhancing the audience's experience.

Themes and Messages Conveyed in Two Lives Movie

Two Lives Movie

The Plot

Two Lives is a Norwegian-German drama film that tells the story of the life of Katrine Evensen who is living a peaceful life in Norway until her past caught up with her. The character of Katrine is portrayed as a victim of historical events in which she played a major role. The movie sets its stage in 1990, the year of reunification between Germany and Norway.

Themes and Messages

The film highlights the unaddressed atrocities committed during the Nazi occupation of Norway and serves as a reminder of the long-term effects of such heinous acts on the victim’s family and society as a whole. The two major themes addressed in the movie are justice and identity. The movie shows how Katrine, who had successfully concealed her true identity for years, was eventually caught up in the web of justice. It depicts the importance of uncovering the truth and seeking justice, even when it seems too late.

The Message of Forgiveness

Another message conveyed in the movie is that of forgiveness. The audience is made to understand the need for healing and closure in order to move on from past hurts. It portrays that forgiveness is a crucial step towards reconciliation and creating a better future.

The Effects of WWII on Society

Two Lives also pulls back the curtains on the long-lasting effects of World War II on society. The movie depicts how war and political upheavals can have a long-lasting impact that trickles down the generations. It puts forth that every action has a consequence and that we should always strive to do good and avoid hurting others.

In conclusion, Two Lives is an emotionally charged movie that highlights the importance of seeking justice, forgiveness, and healing. The messages conveyed in the movie are relevant today and show that even after decades, the ripple effects of atrocities committed during war can still be felt. The movie invokes a sense of empathy and calls for self-reflection and introspection, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves profound cinematic experiences.

Critical Reception and Reviews of "Two Lives" Movie

Movie Reviews

"Two Lives" is a movie that has been in the talks for its rich content and thrilling storyline. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some have applauded the movie for its intricate details, while others have criticized it for being slow-paced and uninspiring.

Critical Reception

The movie has received critical acclaim for its attention to detail and storyline. The performances of the lead actors have been applauded for delivering exceptional portrayals of their characters. The cinematography and direction have also been praised for their ability to capture the essence of the story and bring it to life on-screen.


Some reviews of the movie have been mixed, with some viewers criticizing the slow pacing and lack of action. Some viewers have also complained about the overall structure of the plot, with many feeling that the storylines were not well-developed.

However, other viewers have praised the movie for its ability to delve into complex themes such as identity, belonging, and the consequences of our actions. Many have found the storyline to be immersive and thought-provoking, making it a stand-out movie of its kind.

Overall, "Two Lives" has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, it is worth watching if you enjoy movies that delve into complex themes and are willing to follow a slow-paced and immersive storyline. Despite the criticisms, the movie has received praise for its attention to detail, exceptional performances, and its ability to capture the essence of complex themes.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review Two Lives Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review Two Lives Movie

When it comes to the box office performance and awards won by the "Two Lives" movie, there are several things worth mentioning. First and foremost, the movie was a critical success, earning rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike. It tells the story of a woman who must confront the truth about her past in order to move forward with her life.

On the box office front, the movie performed well, grossing over $2 million worldwide. This was a great result for an independent film without a huge marketing budget. It goes to show how word-of-mouth can really help a good movie find its audience.

In terms of awards, "Two Lives" was a winner, receiving several accolades for its screenplay, direction, and acting. Notably, it was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at both the Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards.

All in all, "Two Lives" is a thought-provoking movie that explores complex themes with great depth and nuance. If you haven't seen it yet, then I highly recommend giving it a watch. It's a shining example of how great storytelling can connect with audiences and earn recognition in the form of critical acclaim and commercial success.

Conclusion Review Two Lives Movie

Two Lives Movie

Two Lives is a gripping and intense movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. The film tells a story of Katrine, who is trying to uncover her family's dark secrets and reunite with her long-lost father. With a cast of talented actors and a well-written script, the movie succeeds in keeping the audience engaged and emotionally invested in the characters.

The film's cinematography is beautiful and the attention to detail in the set design helps to transport the viewer back in time to post-WWII Germany. The soundtrack is also excellent and complements the film's emotional tone perfectly.

One aspect of the film that particularly stands out is the acting. The main actors, Juliane Köhler and Liv Ullmann, give exceptional performances that bring depth and complexity to their characters. Köhler's portrayal of Katrine is especially noteworthy, as she authentically conveys the character's emotional journey throughout the film.

Overall, Two Lives is a must-see movie that combines stunning visuals, a strong script, and exceptional acting to create a powerful and moving film. It is a thought-provoking exploration of family, identity, and the scars left by war that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Two Lives Movie: A Thrilling Journey of Secrets and Deception

If you're looking for a movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat, then look no further than "Two Lives". Directed by Georg Maas and Judith Kaufmann in 2012, this German-Norwegian co-production is a political thriller that explores the consequences of a dark past.


The story follows Katrine (Juliane Köhler), a woman who has built a new life in Norway after being a child of a German soldier during the Nazi occupation of Norway. She has put her past behind her and is now happily married with a daughter. However, her past catches up with her when she is called to testify as a witness in a trial against a man who claims to be her father. Katrine's denial of his claims brings to light a dangerous web of deceit and secrets.


The performances of the cast are phenomenal, especially Juliane Köhler's. She brings a mix of vulnerability and strength to her character that is truly captivating to watch. Liv Ullmann, who portrays the elderly mother of Katrine's former lover, also delivers a powerful performance.

Direction and Cinematography

The direction by Georg Maas is impeccable. The pacing of the movie is just right - not too slow, not too fast. The cinematography by Judith Kaufmann is stunning, with breathtaking shots of the Norwegian countryside.

Final Thoughts

"Two Lives" is a must-watch for any thriller enthusiast. It's a thrilling journey of secrets and deception, with an emotional core that will stay with you long after the credits roll. Don't miss out on this gem!

Until next time, happy watching!

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Review Two Lives Movie