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Trance Movie Review: A Mind-bending Psychological Thriller

Trance Movie Review

Trance Movie Review

A Gripping Thriller

Trance is a 2013 British psychological thriller directed by Danny Boyle and starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel. The movie revolves around an art auctioneer named Simon, played by McAvoy, who becomes involved in the theft of a valuable painting. The stressful experience causes him to suffer from amnesia, and when he seeks help from a hypnotist named Elizabeth, played by Dawson, things quickly take a strange turn.

Twists and Turns Galore

The movie's plot is filled with twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The story cleverly weaves between reality and Simon's twisted mind. The audience is kept guessing until the very end, wondering just who is playing whom. The cinematography and soundtrack add to the overall surreal feel of the film, immersing the viewer in Simon's unstable reality.

Impeccable Performances

The movie's cast delivers impeccable performances, from McAvoy's portrayal of a man struggling with his own mind to Dawson's portrayal of a hypnotist whose motives remain unclear. Cassel steals many scenes as the ruthless art dealer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The chemistry between the actors elevates the movie from a simple thriller to a character-driven drama.

In conclusion, Trance is a gripping, psychological thriller filled with suspense, mystery, and intrigue. The impressive performances, tight plot, and surreal feel make it a must-watch for fans of the genre. It may be confusing at times, but the payoff is worth it in the end.

Plot Summary Review Trance Movie

Trance Movie

Trance is a British psychological thriller movie directed by Danny Boyle. It stars James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel in the lead roles. The film follows the story of a young art auctioneer, Simon (played by James McAvoy), who gets mixed up with a criminal gang after he tries to steal a valuable painting.

The movie starts with Simon getting hit on the head and losing his memory of where he hid the painting. He is then taken to a hypnotherapist, Elizabeth (played by Rosario Dawson), who helps him recover his memory through hypnosis. As Simon delves deeper into his subconscious, the viewer is taken on a journey through his memories, fantasies, and hidden desires.

Vincent Cassel plays Franck, the ruthless gang leader who is after the painting. He starts to use Elizabeth to manipulate Simon into finding the painting. As the suspense and tension build up, the main question becomes who will get to the painting first, and what will they do with it once they have it.

Trance is a movie that keeps the audience guessing until the very end. The clever plot twists and turns make it a true mind-bender of a film. The stylish direction by Danny Boyle, combined with the amazing performances by the leading actors, makes Trance a must-watch for fans of psychological thrillers.

Overall, Trance is a brilliantly crafted movie that is well worth the watch. It's a tense, stylish, and intelligent thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll. If you're looking for a movie that will have you thinking long after it's over, then Trance is definitely the movie for you.

Characters and their backgrounds Review Trance Movie

Trance Movie Characters and their backgrounds

Trance is a psychological thriller movie that combines mind-bending visuals and an intricate plot that leaves the audience wanting more. One of the highlights of the film is its strong performances from the cast, particularly James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel, who brought depth and complexity to their respective characters.

James McAvoy portrayed Simon, an art auctioneer who suffered from amnesia after a botched heist. McAvoy's character was a crucial aspect of the movie, and he delivered an impressive performance as he navigated the character's emotional struggles throughout the movie. Rosario Dawson played Elizabeth, a hypnotherapist whom Simon turned to for help in remembering where he hid the stolen painting. Dawson was phenomenal in her role, and she delivered an enigmatic performance that kept the audience guessing about her true intentions.

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Vincent Cassel played Franck, the gang leader who hired Simon for the art heist, and he brought a menacing presence to the screen. Cassel's portrayal of Franck as a violent and cynical character was one of the standout performances of the movie.

Overall, the combination of strong performances from the cast and the intricate plot made Trance a must-watch movie. The characters and their backgrounds were well-developed, and the audience was invested in their journey throughout the film. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, Trance is definitely a movie worth watching.

Setting and Location Review of Trance Movie

Trance movie

Trance is a British psychological thriller film directed by Danny Boyle. The movie is set in London and revolves around an art auction house where a group of criminals attempt a heist. The location of the auction house is a beautiful old building, with ornate features and striking architecture that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the movie.

The setting of the movie switches between the bustling city streets of London and the quiet countryside as the story progresses. The blend of urban and rural locations provides a contrasting backdrop, which offers a unique aspect of the movie. The London setting is particularly impressive, showcasing the diversity of the city and its inhabitants, while the countryside brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to the story.

Aside from the primary locations, the film also explores the concept of the mind and its inner workings. Most of the scenes are set within the characters' subconscious, creating a dream-like atmosphere that's both intriguing and eerie.

Overall, the mixture of the unique setting, contrasting location, and exploration of the mind makes Trance an unforgettable watch. The well-planned location adds to the overall feel of the movie, while the atmospheric setting draws in viewers and holds their attention throughout its run time. If you're looking for a thrilling ride that will challenge both your mind and imagination, Trance is highly recommended.

Cinematography and Visual Effects Review of Trance Movie

Cinematography and Visual Effects in Trance Movie


Danny Boyle's Trance is a beautifully shot movie with an excellent cinematography that captures the essence of the story. From the opening scene, the camera movement is smooth and dynamic, showcasing the gorgeous visuals with its vivid colors, lighting, and stunning shots of London. The film's camera work transitions between static and handheld camera shots, giving the audience a sense of urgency and excitement, especially during the action scenes. The use of closeups and long shots effectively captures the emotions of the characters and the setting, making the audience more invested in the story.

Visual Effects:

Trance also features some impressive visual effects, which are seamlessly integrated into the film. The hallucination scenes are visually stunning, with the use of vibrant colors and graphics, making them feel surreal and dreamlike. The transitions between reality and the subconsciousness are smooth, adding to the movie's overall cohesive visual style.


Overall, the cinematography and visual effects in Trance are top-notch, and they add to the film's overall aesthetic. The combination of excellent camera work, lighting, and special effects, create a stunning visual experience, that's both immersive and entertaining. The visual elements of Trance complement the intriguing storyline, making it a must-watch movie, especially for those who appreciate thoughtful and visually stunning films.

Sound and Music Review Trance Movie
Sound and Music Review Trance Movie

Movie Review

Trance is a film filled with vibrant colors and a thrilling soundtrack. The sound team has done an impressive job in creating the perfect atmosphere for the film. From the background score to the sound effects, everything screams energy and suspense. The music compositions by Rick Smith have elevated the storyline to great heights. His music feels like a character on its own adding depth and emotion to the scenes.

Music Review

The music is well balanced with the dialogues and creates a perfect backdrop for the story. The tracks are alluring and captivating, making it an ideal package for trance-lovers. It’s commendable how Rick Smith has blended electronic sounds with classical themes, without going too overboard with either of them. The composer has carefully crafted every song to complement the visuals and create an overall pleasing audio-visual experience.

Sound Review

Trance is a movie that creates a strong impact with its sound design. The sound team has developed a detailed palette of sounds that go beyond the usual loud explosions and gunfire. The balance between silence and the subtle foley effects is magnificent, creating an immersive experience for the audience. The soundscapes make you feel trapped in the dreamlike state, shifting with the changing moods of the film.

Overall, Trance has delivered a great soundtrack and sound design that perfectly accompanies the story. The music and sound effects play an important role in creating the suspense and tension in the movie. It's a must-watch movie for those who appreciate a good soundtrack and sound design in films.

Themes and messages conveyed in Trance movie

Trance movie

Trance, a psychological thriller movie, has been released recently, and it has received mixed reviews from critics and fans. The movie revolves around an art auctioneer involved in a heist but suffers from amnesia, which puts him and his accomplices in jeopardy.

Themes Conveyed

One of the significant themes conveyed in the movie is the power of the human mind to create illusions, deceive oneself, and suppress memories that are too painful to recall. The movie beautifully shows how the protagonist tries to come to terms with his reality and rediscover his identity.

Another theme showcased in the movie is the role of religion and money in people's lives. The movie shows how religion and money can manipulate and consume individuals to an extent that they lose sight of their real selves.

Messages Conveyed

The movie seems to suggest that the mind is the ultimate master and can create and destroy anything it wants. The movie also conveys how one's actions can have unforeseen consequences and how easy it is to manipulate someone.

Another message the movie gives is that one should not let the past define their present. It is essential to confront one's past demons and move ahead. The movie conveys that by suppressing or forgetting old memories, one risks not only their present but also their future.

In a nutshell, Trance is a movie that uses the themes of illusion, identity, manipulation, and consequences to convey a message about the power of the human mind and the importance of confronting one's past demons to move ahead in life. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves psychological thrillers.

Critical Reception and Reviews of the Movie Trance

Trance Movie Reviews


Trance is a gripping psychological thriller that was directed by the renowned filmmaker Danny Boyle. The movie features a talented cast, including James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel. The film was released in March 2013 to mixed reviews from critics and viewers alike.

Critical Reception

Trance received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. While some praised the movie's stylish direction, intense performances, and intriguing plot twists, others criticized its convoluted storyline and lack of character development. The film currently has a rating of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 170 reviews.

Positive Reviews

Many critics praised the film's stylish direction and intense performances. Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal wrote, "Danny Boyle's direction is superb, the editing is crisp, and the story is thrillingly unpredictable." Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times called the film "a fast-paced, mind-bending thriller that's both atmospheric and entertaining."

Negative Reviews

However, some critics were not impressed with the film's convoluted storyline and lack of character development. Tom Huddleston of Time Out London wrote, "It's style over substance, like an Ikea showroom with nothing behind those shiny, plastic cabinets." Peter Howell of the Toronto Star criticized the film's "deceptive script" and "hackneyed plot twists."

Overall, Trance is a polarizing film that has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. While some praised its stylish direction and intense performances, others criticized its convoluted storyline and lack of character development. Despite its flaws, Trance is still a compelling thriller that is definitely worth watching.

Box Office Performance and Awards Won Review: Trance Movie

Box Office Performance and Awards Won for Trance Movie

Trance is a psychological thriller that was released in 2020. The movie was directed by Anwar Rasheed and starred Fahadh Faasil, Nazriya Nazim, and Gautham Menon. The movie revolves around a motivational speaker who gets involved in fraud and how he tries to redeem himself.

The movie was well-received by the audience and critics alike. It had a good box office performance and grossed around 50 crores worldwide. The movie did particularly well in Kerala, where it was one of the highest-grossing Malayalam films of 2020.

Trance also won several awards for its excellent performance. It won the Best Film at the Critics' Choice Film Awards in 2021 and the Best Actor (Fahadh Faasil) and Best Sound Design at the Filmfare Awards South in 2020. The film was also nominated for several other categories, including Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to the awards won, Trance was praised for its high-quality production values and outstanding performances by the actors. The movie's story and screenplay were also lauded for their originality and gripping narrative.

Overall, Trance was a movie that kept the audience hooked till the end. The film's combination of intense storyline, brilliant direction, and exceptional acting made it a must-watch movie. Its box office performance and the awards won were a testament to the movie's success and excellence.

Conclusion: Review of Trance Movie

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Trance is a psychological thriller directed by Danny Boyle, with a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat! The movie follows the story of an art auctioneer, Simon (James McAvoy), who suffers a head injury during a robbery. After waking up, he realizes he has no memory of where he has hidden the stolen painting. Elizabeth Lamb (Rosario Dawson), a hypnotherapist, is brought in to help uncover Simon's hidden memories. As the story unfolds, it becomes difficult to differentiate between reality and imagination, leading up to an unpredictable climax that keeps you thinking long after the credits have rolled.

The movie portrays an excellent performance by the lead actors - James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson. McAvoy delivers an impressive performance of a man struggling between his conscious and unconscious mind. Rosario Dawson's character is a perfect balance of charm and mastery, adding to the unpredictability of the movie. The cinematography is visually stunning, with the use of vibrant colors elevating the story's themes and emotions.

The plot is crafted in a way that keeps the audience interested, with its frequent plot twists and surprises. The storyline is well thought out, with its use of symbolism and imagery, adding a layer of complexity to the storytelling. Boyle's direction is commendable, transitioning the movie between moments of fast-paced action to introspective introspection with ease.

In conclusion, Trance is a gripping, intense, and unsettling thriller. It is a must-watch movie for those who appreciate a well-written psychological thriller. The movie's unpredictability keeps the audience engaged, and the characters' performances are exceptional. It delivers an experience that leaves an impact long after the viewing.

Review: Trance Movie

Trance is a mind-bending thriller that explores the world of hypnosis and psychological manipulation. The movie follows the story of Simon (James McAvoy), a fine art auctioneer who becomes mixed up in a high-stakes art heist. However, things take a strange turn when he suffers a head injury, which causes him to forget where he stashed the stolen masterpiece.

The movie is directed by the legendary filmmaker Danny Boyle, and he does a fantastic job of keeping the audience engaged throughout. The pacing is perfect, and the use of flashbacks and dream sequences adds to the overall disorienting atmosphere of the film.

James McAvoy gives an outstanding performance as Simon, and his portrayal of a man trapped in his own mind is both haunting and surreal. Rosario Dawson also shines as the hypnotherapist tasked with helping Simon recover his lost memories. Her character is both alluring and mysterious, and her scenes with McAvoy are some of the movie's most intense moments.

Trance is not your typical heist movie. It's a dark, twisted, and unpredictable journey that will keep you guessing until the very end. The film's unique blend of genres - crime, drama, and psychological thriller - make it a refreshing addition to the genre.

If you're a fan of movies that challenge your thinking and keep you on the edge of your seat, then Trance is definitely worth a watch. It's a well-crafted film that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the power of the mind.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for a mind-bending ride.

Until next time, happy watching!

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